Students of the Month

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Students of the Month from the English Department

Omar Nunez is an awesome honors English student. He has a great attitude, which includes working hard & asking great questions. Omar is fun to be around and adds a lot to our class. - Frossard

Oliver Wood was the first student who came to mind when we were asked to nominate a student of the month. I teach many amazing students, but Oliver stands out from the crowd, and not just because he is an A student. He simply lights up the room when he walks in with his infectious smile! Oliver never EVER complains. He sees the work we do in English as the learning opportunity that it is, and he takes full advantage of it. He doesn’t just “participate” in class discussions, he takes them to the next level. His thoughts & ideas propel our discussions to a deeper or, in Oliver’s words, a more profound level. He is also super polite and kind. Oliver is the ideal student that every teacher wishes they could duplicate and keep year after year, and he has most definitely earned this honor! - Olsen

Mickell Leavitt is one of those students who uplifts those around her simply by being who she is. She is always quick to share a smile or a joke, and as a result the other students in the class she has with me look to her as a leader.  She is a great student academically but what truly makes her stand out is that she goes above and beyond to make others feel welcome and involved in class. I have enjoyed having her in my class this year.” - Gricius

Milos Sines-  I have had the pleasure of teaching Milo this school year in our CE 1010 class. Milo is a dedicated student whose natural talents and leadership have gotten him praise as both a student and a classmate. I have observed how Milo's classmates come to him for insights on a topic or when they are struggling with a concept. He is always willing to help and is a leader who guides not just by word, but through his actions as well. Milo is a resourceful young man who is bright and hardworking. He is an absolute pleasure to have in class and has a wonderful wit and wisdom that he brings everyday. Plus he has a near encyclopedic knowledge of the Star Wars universe which is impressive. - Bailey

Avery Sorenson is a student who shines in a small class size. She seems to enjoy a challenge and the reward from tackling it. She will always give an encouraging smile to me and those around her. - McKell

Emma Wright is a hardworking student who strives to better herself. She poses meaningful questions that show she is looking to improve her education. She has a positive attitude that infects the people she interacts with in class. - McKell