Bike Team

Submitted by kari.dutson on Wed, 11/10/2021 - 11:54

Congratulations to the Red Devils on the Nebo Bike Team who competed at the 2021 Bike Championships!

Jack Johnson (JV A Boys) - 6th place (out of 203)

Annie Low (Freshman Girls) - 12th place (out of 99)

Jaxson Hadlock (Freshman A Boys) - 57th place (out of 98)

Connor Monfredi (JV B Boys) - 66th place (out of 97)

Trevor Grover (JV B Boys) - 68th place (out of 97)

Rett Gierisch (JV A Boys) - 115th place (out of 203)

Jaime Tolley (JV A Girls) - 128th place (out of 142)

Brady Muzquiz (JV A Boys) - 156th place (out of 203)