Students of the Month - January

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Students of the month from the English Department

Congratulations to the January Students of the Month chosen from the English Department.

Nixon Rapier, nominated by Mrs. Jones.  " Nixon is a very hard worker in English.  He contributes to all discussions and takes the role of a leader.  He clearly cares about his work."

Keirra Riches, nominated by Mrs. Jones.  "Keirra is wonderful to have in class.  She is driven and cares about every assignment, doing each thoroughly.  She is a good example to her peers."

Kanyon Sonnenberg, nominated by Mrs. Olsen.  "Kanyon was the first student who came to mind when we were asked to nominate a student of the month.  I teach many amazing students, but Kanyon stands out from the crowd, and not just because he is an A student.  He is a hard working- get down to business - kind of student. Kanyon never EVER complains.  He sees the work we do in English as the learning opportunity that it is, and he takes full advantage of it.  He is proactive and ensures his assignments as completed - even through surgery!  He is super polite and kind.  Kanyon is the ideal student that every teacher wishes they could duplicate and keep year after year, and he has most definitely earned this honor!"

Afton Ogles, nominated by Mrs. Ellsworth.  "Afton works so hard and studies harder.  I can trust her to rescue the class from awkward silences after I ask a hard question, and she always participates and contributes to class in wonderful ways.  Her essays and test scores are outstanding, and she's the one everyone wants in their group for projects or review games.  She's an AP Language rockstar!"

Trevin Felix, nominated by Mrs. Downs.  "Trevin has shown great determination and effort in all times of his life and he is someone who works hard and is willing to seek for help when he needs it.  With everything that he has to juggle in his life, he is handling it well."

Kristine Bartholomew, nominated by Mrs. Olsen.  "Kristine - where to start?  I can't say enough about how amazing she is!  I am lucky enough to have taught her two years in a a row, and she is an absolute delight.  Kristine even introduced me to a rhetorical device that I don't recall ever learning!  Sometimes she gets a bit frustrated with standardized tests when the "correct" answers do not make any sense.  She yearns to understand why and will discuss these testing questions with me (or Ms. Ellsworth) until she is satisfied... if that's possible.  :)  Not only is Kristine a brilliant student, but she also has a heart of gold.  She is consistently looking out for her peers and their well being.  She give hugs to her peers who need them and bakes cookies for them to let them know they're special.  She is genuine when it comes to how others are feeling.  Kristine is the epitome of what it means to be student of the month!