Students of the Month - February

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Students of the month from the Math Department

Great job SHS students who were chosen, by the faculty of the Math Department, as Students of the Month in February.

Jeryck McCoy, nominated by Mrs. Wilding.  "Jeryck takes responsibility for his own learning.  He is a self-starter, asks great questions, and strives for understanding. He works in class even when classmates will not.  I am glad he is in my class."

Sophia Ferro, nominated by Mrs. Ogilvie.  "I have been so impressed that I am always finding Sophia helping others students, especially those who are struggling or behind to understand how to do the problems presented in class. If she doesn't understand she come in and asks for help.  She is always attentive, thinking, and asks really great questions.  She is respectful, honest and hardworking.  I am so lucky to have her in my classroom!"

Caitlyn Hirschi, nominated by Ms. Booth.  "Caitlyn is so much fun to have in class.  She brings so much enthusiasm and positivity every day.  I can always rely on her to ask good questions and contribute to the class discussion.  During in-class worktime, I often see her  helping and collaborating with her peers.  I absolutely love having Caitlyn in my class this year!"

Will Emmett, nominated by Mrs. Langford.  "Will is a rock.  He works hard when the assignment is hard.  He works hard when he is having a bad day.  He works hard when the people around him are not working hard.  He works well with anyone and he has a positive attitude that rubs off on others.  I love teaching him!"

Alta Crane, nominated by Mr. Dollar.  "Alta has always been a joy to have in class.  She is a student that I never have to worry about getting things done or asking question if she ever needs something explained.  She also had the highest overall grade in  Math 1050 and the highest score on the final.  She continues to excel in my 1060 Trig class as well!"

Dash Van Zwol, nominated by Ms. Condie.  "Dash is an influencer.  I have noticed his ability to help others to be motivated to do their work.  He has a just a great positive attitude which permeates to those around him.  I don't think he recognizes his influence, but it is real.  It makes the class so much better. He also is always willing to participate in class discussion and ask quesitons when needed."