Student of the Month

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Pictured are our students of the month for December.  Ashtyn Sparrow, Katelyn Parker, Trevor Grover, Trevin Brown, Brenna Tate, and Abigail Payne.

Congratulations to our students of the month!  

Brenna Tate:

In five years, Brenna sees herself graduating from college and going into video game design.  At the same time, she'd love to do acting on the side.  Her favorite hobbies include acting, singing, dancing, drawing, video gaming, playing the violin, and tabletop games.  If Brenna could have a conversation with anyone from history, she would like to speak to the people who live 16,500 years ago to find out about their culture and how they got to the Americas.

Trevor Grover:

In five years, Trevor will have a college degree and be starting his career.  Trevor likes listening to music, shooting video with his GoPro and drone, then editing said videos.  He likes mountain biking and cars.  If Trevor could speak to someone from history, he would choose Martin Luther King, Jr.  He'd like to get his opinion on the state of country today.

Ashtyn Sparrow:

Five years from now, Ashtyn sees himself in college.  He enjoys playing basketball.  If Ashtyn could have a conversation with someone from history, he would like to talk to Babe Ruth or Stephen Curry.  He would like to know what their motivation was to keep going.

Abigail Payne:

Five years from now, Abigail would like to be finishing up her degree in architectural engineering at BYI.  She loves Calculus, baking, swing dancing, working in the woodshop, and playing ultimate frisbee with her friends.  If Abigail could talk to a historical figure, she would choose Nathaniel Bowditch.  She would ask him how he developed his new navigation technique and what his favorite math concept was.