Red Devils pull out win in double OT

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In the last minutes of the game, Springville had a comfortable lead over visitor Lehi until the Pioneers scored three touchdowns to send the game into overtime. Springville's quarterback Jantsen Thorpe scored on a 1-yard run in the second overtime as the Red Devils topped the Lehi Pioneers in double overtime to improve to 2-0 this season. Thorpe threw a pair of passing touchdowns earlier in the game.  

Bennett Hullinger received for 117 yards backed up by Payton Kelepolo’s 14 carries for 71 yards and one touchdown.  Vili Kolomalu and Cole Bowers contributed to the win with nine and eight tackles respectively.

Pioneer Cammon Cooper threw three touchdowns in the loss for Lehi.

Halftime show included Springville's Marching Band, D'Velles Drill Team, and Cheerleaders.

photos by Jordyn Gillespie, Erin Call and Evelyn Brereton, SHS News Photographers