October Students of the Month

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Students of the month for October

Congratulations to the October Students of the Month, nominated by faculty in the Fine Arts Department.

Andrew Madsen, nominated by Mr. Booth.  "Andrew joined us late in the semester amidst a host of changes in his life including coming to a new school where he doesn't know very many people, if any.  Despite this, Andrew has caught up with the work in Ukulele and is showing he is a capable musician and student all around."

Amelia Parker, nominated by Mr. Hawks.  "Amelia is always happy to not only work hard in class but to actively participate in class discussions and bring a wonderful sense of curiosity and passion about art to our classroom and her classmates.  I always appreciate when we have an opening sketchbook that Amelia is present to share her reaction to the work we present."

Edmund Clay, nominated by Mrs. Manning.  "Edmund is the hardest worker in the band!  He always asks what needs to be done and what he can help with.  He often takes initiative to help before being asked.  The band simply would not function without his incredible work, and he eases my burdens as a teacher daily!"

Emma Potts, nominated by Mrs. Jensen.  "She is such a light in the class.  She is always complimenting everyone and has through her open-mindedness of experimenting and trusting the process found a real joy of expressing herself visually.  Her positivity is contagious, and I love to see her every day."

Riley Taylor, nominated by Mr. Mendenhall and Mrs. Gwilliam.  "Riley is perceptive and attentive during rehearsals.  He is often first to accept challenges and works hard for successful outcomes. He is positive and encouraging to his classmates and helpful to focused rehearsal.  Riley also runs Improv for the Drama Guild and makes sure to run a positive and safe environment for other students to express themselves."

Joanna Howard, nominated by Mrs. Manning.  "Jo is an incredibly hard worker.  Jo consistently is asking for more work to get ahead on music and stays late to practice often.  Jo is highly motivated and has become an exceptional student. Jo is the student every teacher hopes to have in their class!"