March Students of the Month

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March Students of the Month

Congratulations to the following students for being nominated Students of the Month in the Health/PE Department.

Marco Aguayo, nominated by Mrs. Hall.  "Marco works SO hard every single day in class!  He never misses & he pushes himself to his max effort and leaves with a sweaty shirt daily!  He never complains and is willing to learn and work on improving his fitness. He is an inspiring example to everyone around him!"

Magdalena Marquez, nominated by Ms. Thackeray.  Magdalena always gives her best effort in class.  On assignments she goes above and beyond requirements to demonstrate learning.  She is always positive and is a good example to her peers."

Max Silva, nominated by Ms. Chappell.  "Max always has a positive attitude and brings joy into the classroom every day.  Max works hard to stay up on his work and the work he does shows that he is taking the time to understand what is required and fulfill those requirements."

Bria Snyder, nominated by Mrs. Lisa Walker.  "Bria is a prime example of responsibility.  She works hard in class and was suggested by multiple teachers in our department for this nomination because of this quality!  She is always on task and pushes herself daily to be better today than she was yesterday. She is quiet but diligent in her studies and always makes sure to stay up to date and get everything completed.  She doesn't just compete her assignments, she works hard to understand the content!

Brooks Thorpe, nominated by Coach Child.   "Brooks is hard working and respectful."

Veronica Mini, nominated by Mrs. Hall.  "Veronica is a foreign exchange student and has taken weight training the whole year.  Even though English is her second language, it doesn't slow her down one bit and she excels in class!  She works SO hard every day and inspires others around her to push themselves harder through her example,  She is responsible and on top of her school work and hardly misses class unless it's for another school assignment or field trip.  Veronica is respectful and thanks me almost every day on her way out.  She is highly serving of student of the month!"