March Students of the Month

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Students of the Month

Congratulations to the following students for being nominated Student of the Month from the PE/Health Department:

Brayden Smith, nominated by Coach Child.  "Brayden is a hard worker and pushes himself and his classmates to get stronger. Brayden is always helping his teammates and fellow students."

Damariz Romero Ortiz, nominated by Ms. Thackerary.  "Damariz has been an excellent student in Fitness for Life. She is a hard worker, attentive while receiving instructions, and helps other students in class. She is on top of assignments and has a positive attitude. She makes the class fun for everyone!"

Sebastian Corona, nominated by Coach Child.  "Seabstian is one of the hardest workers in all of my classes and has become one of the strongest kids in the school. Sebastian always has a smile on his face and respectful of teammates and teachers."

Grace Wilson, nominated by Mrs. Palfreyman.  "Grace is so much fun in class. She is always on time with a smile on her face. She works hard and produces quality work on assignments."

Max Smith, nominated by Coach Hall.  "Max is taking co-ed elective PE for a 2nd time and he's been such a leader in our class. He is always smiling & willing to help in class. He always tries his best & inspires others in the class to do their best through his example. He is kind and respectful to everyone. He is always willing to try something new & helps uplifts the class to make our activities more enjoyable. I'm grateful for his positive attitude & his example every day!"

Kaleia Caldwell, nominated by Coach Hall. "Kaleia works SO HARD! She never complains and is always willing to try her best and improve daily. She is a great help to her peers as she uses her experience and knowledge to assist them in their efforts to improve in their skills. She leads by example and inspires the people around her to try harder because they see her trying her best. I'm grateful for her example and I too am inspired by her grit and determination to be her best consistently!"

Eddie Rodarte, nominated by Mrs. Kemper/Ms. Callister.  "Eddie has been new to class this term and has done amazing. He is willing to ask for questions if he is struggling. He is very willing to work in groups and state his opinion."