January Students of the Month

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Students of the Month

Congratulations to the following students who were nominated by faculty from the English Department.

Max Harris, nominated by Mr. Andruski.  "Not only is Max an amazing athlete, an intelligent and hard working student, but he is also one of the kindest people I have ever met. He treats everyone he interacts with with respect. I have no doubt that he will achieve great things, whether that is playing college ball, or anything else he puts his mind to. He is a hard worker through and through, and I am proud to be his teacher."

Taelin Robertson, nominated by Mrs. Jones. "Taelin always has a great attitude and shows enthusiasm for herlearning. She brings light to the classroom. Her schoolwork impresses me as much as her character does. I am grateful to have her in any classroom."

Kimbal McFerson, nominated by Mrs. Ellsworth. "Kimbal is one of the most dedicated and diligent students I've had--and even among over-achieving AP students, he stands out. I love his positive attitude and strong work ethic."

Bella Petro, nominated by Mrs. Jones. "Bella is one of the smartest students I have had the privilege of teaching. I am always impressed by her work quality and dedication to learning. She does her best on every assignment. She is also kind and understanding."

Blaine Bartholomew, nominated by Mrs. Ellsworth. "Blaine is patient, helpful, kind, and so hardworking. His presence makes the class environment better and brighter, and his work is always top notch."

Brynn Cullimore, nominated by Mrs. Callister. "Brynn is an excellent student. She always strives to do more than what's required. She's always nice to everyone."

Kevin Bernal, nominated by Mr. Valeti.  "Kevin is a focused student that always does his best work. Kevin helps create a safe environment for our class to share ideas. He is respectful and hard working."