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Faculty and Staff


Robert Fleming
Jason Beardall
Assistant Principal (F-M)
Tona Graff
Assistant Principal (N-Z)
Shaun Blakey
Dean of Students (A-E)

Main Office Staff

Connie Parker
Finance Secretary
Teresa Gordon
Main Office Secretary
Rachelle Taylor
Attendance Secretary
Dawn Stoddard
Asst Finance Secretary
Kari Dutson
Assistant Front Office Secretary
Lynise Mason
Assistant Finance Secretary

Counseling Department

Mike Johnson
Counselor (A-C)
Aubrey Thornock
Counselor (S-Z)

Hope Squad Advisor

NataLei Terry
Counselor (M-R)
Corrin Owens
Counselor (D-H)
Karlee North
Counselor (I-L)
Brad Northcutt

Concurrent Enrollment

Room: C-29
Amberley McClean
Jamey Smith
Counseling Secretary


Holli Averett

Financial Literacy,
Head Girls Basketball Coach,
Girls Basketball Website

Room: I-215
Miriam Garcia

CE Bus Ofc Specialist,
CE Web Development,
CE Business Management
Accounting 1 & 2

Room: I - 220
Carey White

CE Computer Programming 1 & 2, Business Communications 1 & 2,
Game Development, CE Computer Science Principles

Room: I - 217
Keith Lue

Digital Business Applications
CE Economics

Room: I-218


Amberly Gricius

English 10 Honors, English 11

English 10 Honors Summer Reading

Room: I - 111
Trent Mikesell

CE English 1010

Room: C - 14
Janelle Frossard

English 10 Honors, AP Literature and Composition
Honors DisclosureAP Lit. Disclosure   

English 10 Honors Summer Reading   

AP Lit and Comp Summer Reading

Room: C - 14
Shanna Daniels

English 10 Honors, 
Literature and Film,
Gothic Literature, 
English 12

English 10 Honors Summer Reading

Room: I - 112
Camille Callister

English 10, English 12 

Room: I - 113
Cathy Richins

AP Language, English 10, English 12

Room: C - 1
Andrea Olsen

English 11, AP Literature

AP Lit & Comp Summer Reading

Room: C-18
Kimberly McKell

English 10,
CE English 1010/2010

Room: I-114
Lanell Rabner

National Honor Society Advisor, My NHS Page

Room: C-3

Family and Consumer Science

Kerrie Crandall

Sewing 1, 2 & 3,
Fashion Strategy,
Interior Design 1 & 2
Outdoor Sports Sewing

Room: C - 13
Kris Kelly

Adult Roles/Financial Lit
Child Development,
Early Childhood Education

Room: H - 7
Kelsey Chappell

Foods 1 & 2,
Pro Start, Advisor FCCLA

Room: C - 17

Fine Arts

Kimberly Ann Ipson

Drawing 1 & 2,
AP Studio Art,
Student Council

Room: E-6
Heidi Israelsen

Ceramics 1 & 2
Ceramics Website

Room: C - 15
Nathan Hawks

Drawing 1, Painting 1& 2, Humanities

Room: E-8
Dallin Wilson

Guitar, Advanced Guitar

Room: H - 5
John Taylor

Chamber Orchestra,
Philharmonic Strings,
Concert Strings

Room: A - 3
Leslie Walker

Chamber Singers, Concert Choir, Vivace, MAN Choir

Room: A - 2
Leanna Crockett

AP Music Theory,
Music Theory

Room: A-2
Kayla Koyle-Hopkin
Drama Teacher

Drama 2, Drama 3, 
Tech Theater 1 & 2,
Film History, Musical Theater

Room: A - 1

Foreign Language

Ray Bishop
Room: G - 7
Drew Weech

Spanish 2 & 3,
CE Spanish 4,

Room: G - 8
Branden Russell

German, American Wars

Craig Jian

Chinese 1-4, Chinese Club Avisor, SHS Chapter of Chinese Honor Society Advisor


Room: G - 4
Ivan Cardenas

ESL, AP Spanish, LIA, Spanish 1

Isabel Tinajero

Spanish 1, Spanish 2

Industrial/Vocational Arts

Beth Hansen

Digital Photography 1, CE Commercial Photography 2, 
Intro to Digital Graphic Arts, AP Art

Student Council, Yearbook

Room: D - 3
Rocco Ruggiero

Digital Media 1, TV Broadcasting 1 & 2, Video Production 1 & 2

The Ville YouTube Channel

Room: D-1
Brian Ostler
Room: B - 5
Scott Billings

Furniture Design 1 & 2

Room: B - 7


Arianna Booth

Math 3, Math 3 Honors, Math 2, Student Council Advisor

Room: I - 210
Wynter Ogilvie

Math 2, Math 1010/1050

Room: E -7
Brad Thornton

Math 3, Math 3 Honors, Math 2,
Pre Calculus

Room: I - 211
Julie Park

Math 2 Honors, 
Math 3

Room: E-5
Valerie Bodily

Math 2
Math 2 Honors

Room: E - 9
Julie Wilding

Math 2, Math 2 Incl

Room: E - 3
Claire Taylor

College Prep, Math 3

Room: E-9

Physical Education/Health

Willy Child
Room: Wt Rm 1
Tara Hall
Room: Weight Rm 2
Karla Palfreyman

Dance 1 & 2, Social Dance, Dance Co.

Lisa Walker ATC

CE Exercise Science/Sports Medicine, CE Medical Terminology/Emergency Medical Response
Athletic Trainer

Room: B - 8


Jeff Roylance


Room: C - 20
Stephen Hylton
Room: C - 12
Wesley Morgan

AP Physics, Ap Physics II, Student Council Advisor

Room: C - 11
Darwin Deming

Physics, Astronomy,
Geology, Environmental

Room: C - 4
Lori Caras

AP Biology/ CE 1610, Biology,
Anatomy & Physiology,
CE Biotechnology, 

HOSA Advisor

Room: C - 7
Mirriam Draper

AP Chemistry, Chemistry, CE Chemistry

Room: C - 9
Brian Fredrickson

Animal Science,
Vet Assist, Ag Science1

Room: D - 4
McKayla Hallows

Bio Ag, Floriculture, Advanced Floriculture
FFA Advisor

Room: D - 5

Social Science

Spencer Eaquinto

US Gov, Sports Psychology, US History

Room: E-2
Jake Jacobus

US History, US History (Incl)

Room: E-4
Robert Lister

CE US History, Am Civil Rights

Room: C - 21
Mandi Wilson

AP World History, World Religions, Teaching as a Professional


Room: C-25
Justin Snell

AP Gov, Psychology, Sociology, Drivers Education, Head Basketball Coach

Amy Anderson

AP US History, Intro to Philosophy Gov,
Debate 1 & 2

Room: C-24

Special Education

Jamin Pace

Math 3 Inc, Math 3 Res
Study Skills

Room: E - 1
Alec Clements

Reading, English 12 Incl, Math 2 Res, Driver's Education

Room: H - 6
David Valeti

Study Skills, Eng 10, 11, & 12 Res
Head Wrestling Coach

Room: H-2
Duane Rice
School Psychologist
Wendy Dahle
Special Education
Room: C-19
Jana Russell
Special Education
Nicole Johns
Special Ed Secretary
Marti Pace
Sped Tech
Roz Mecham
Sped Tech
Jane Shoemaker
Sped Tech
Allissa Roberts
Sped Tech
Misti Mintey
Sped Tech
Alex Adams
Sped Tech
Alma Burrows
Sped Tech
Hannah Ottley
Sped Tech
Steffanie Snow
Sped Tech

Special Services

EJ Lewis

Law Enforcement,
Campus Security

Steffanie Reeder
Speech Language Pathologist
Kristen Morgan
SLP Tech
Bree Heaton
ESL Liaison
Sarah Ferrin
Copy Center/Student Store
Tami Gee
Sped Tech/Tracker
Brenda Cottle
Christine Smith
Mandy Decker
Ofelia Allen
Sheramy Green
Computer Lab Tech
Amie Bair
Library Tech
Jake Olson
Technical Services
Carly Carter
School Nurse
Christina West
Joey Evans
Woodshop Tech

Athletic Coaches

Mark Binks
Athletic Director/Campus Supervisor
Brad Poulsen
Baseball Coach
Greg Templeman
Girls Tennis Coach
Jill Thackeray
Volleyball Coach
Kevin Rose
Boys Tennis Coach
Kim Green
Swim Coach
Mike Schulzke
Boys Soccer Coach
Lyndsey Ashdown

Drill Advisor

Mikun Carter

Cheer Advisor

Room: G Gym
Samantha Ripley
Swim Coach
Jared Ottley
Boys Lacrosse Coach
Adrienne Ottley
Girls Lacrosse Coach


Jeremy Taylor
Head Custodian
Janae Stubbs
Head Night Custodian
Rachelle Randall
Brian Hoschaeur
Max Riche
Adult Sweeper
Brian Freestone
Adult Sweeper
Michael Christensen
Adult Sweeper
Melanie Lindsay
Adult Sweeper

Lunch Program

Sabrina Lowe
Lunch Program Supervisor
Vicki Bonnett
Lunch Program
Sherrane Busby
Lunch Program
Chris Manzanares
Lunch Program
Quincy Bridge