Sunni Holmberg Interned at Intermountain Hospital

by Rebekah Faber and Andrew McDonald, SHS News Writers

Sunni Holmberg, 17 year old senior at Springville High, participated in an internship at Intermountain Hospital.  She studied and helped in the Radiology Technical department at the Hospital.  Holmberg was in charge of the x-rays that they took of patients. 

“. . . saw a lot of variety,” Holmberg said when she was asked what she liked about her internship.  “There were lots of patients not specific to a certain disease or symptom, and I saw a lot of the hospital,” said Holmberg.

SHS Senior Interns as Physical Therapy Assistant

by Molli McConnell and Taylor Johnson, SHS News Writers

Nick Noorda is a sports medicine intern at PSTS Physical Therapy in Springville.  His position is to assist the physical therapist.  He helps out with patients who are trying to recover from injury.  He'll work with the people in the gym and help by getting ice; he also cleans the office.  He enjoys this internship because, he says, “it’s better than class.” 

Noorda says, “It’s a lot of fun.”

Dominic Edwards Interns at Art City Rehab

by Jonathan Haws and Cameron Church, SHS News Writers

At Art City Rehab, Dominic Edwards interns as a nursing assistant. Her duties are to help the residents with their activities and daily living. What she likes about her internship is helping people and keeping them healthy.  She is considering this field as her career.  She plans to save money for a year and attend a college in Las Vegas.

Camilla Dunn, Intern Spotlight

by Alex Farrell, Tanner Gervais, and Teyler Hone, SHS News Writers

Camilla Dunn inters at Art City Elementary school. Her position is assistant teacher. What does she do to help out?  She puts together packets for the class and helps grade papers. What does she like about this internship is that she gets to work with children and loves to see how they improve throughout the year. She is still considering this career for the future.  In fact, she plans to attend Brigham Young University and obtain a teaching degree.