New Digital Media Teacher, Mr. Preston Powell

by Jonathan Young, SHS News Writer

Mr. Preston Powell, a new teacher here at Springville High, is excited to teach students how to become efficient in Digital Media.  Mr. Powell teaches Digital Media I and he’s very experienced teacher.  After graduating from Utah Valley University in the Spring of 2010, Powell did some freelancing until he realized that he loved to teach.  He started by teaching at UVU as a Digital Media professor and moved on from there.  Now, he is teaching his 4th year at Nebo’s Advanced Learning Center and also teaching at SHS.

Welcome to SHS Mr. Valeti

by Blake Bullock and Gradin Burns, SHS News Writers

This is Mr. David Valeti’s first year teaching at Springville High.  He was assigned to SHS last year as a student-teacher.  He teaches inclusion English, inclusion Biology and also Study Skills. 

“My vision is to help students realize their true potential and assist them in identifying what their likes and skills are and how they can apply that to a job or their education,” said Valeti.