Students of the Month - September

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Students of the month from the Social Science Department:  Johnny Fowler, Analia Boyer, Jackson Blackburn, Talia Tanner, Jaxon Morrison, Abigail Hopkins

The following students were nominated by faculty in the Social Sciences Department:

Johnny Fowler - Johnny always has a smile on his face.  He makes a 1st period class lively and engaged in conversation.  Nominated by Mr. Jacobus.

Analia Boyer - Analia is always prepared and ready to be engaged in class.  Her contributions to class have been greatly appreciated.  Nominated by Mr. Jacobus.

Jackson Blackburn - Jackson is a curious and diligent student with a positive attitude that is a great asset to a classroom.  His sense of humor doesn't hurt either. :)  Nominated by Ms. Anderson.

Talia Tanner - Talia is an absolute treasure to have in class.  She is not only engaged but goes above and beyond to learn about historical events.  She is happy and pleasant and so kind to everyone around her.  I appreciate her hard work as well as her curiosity.  Nominated by Mrs. Wilson.

Jaxon Morrison - He is dependable, enjoys learning and tries to push himself.  He seeks to improve and learn as opposed to just getting a grade.  Nominated by Ms. Anderson.

Abigail Hopkins - She is curious, a thinker and also cares about learning for the sake of learning.  Nominated by Ms. Anderson.