Students of the Month

Submitted by sarah.ferrin on
Students of the Month from the Foreign Language Department.

Spencer Hall nominated by Branden Russell. Spencer Hall has gone above and beyond in both my German 1 and American Wars classes. I am glad this award came closer to the end of the year because it's more of a Student of the Year award for my classes.

Juan Escalate nominated by ivan.cardenas [at] (I)van Cardenas.  Juan is an excellent student. After the first semester, Juan turned around and changed some habits that have helped him succeed in AP Spanish. He is respectful, participates in class and is diligent with his work. I have verbally commended him for his efforts and today is a great day to recognize the work he has done this year. I consider myself lucky to have him in class and I wish the best for him and his future endeavors.

Payton Evans nominated by Sarah Brough. I nominated Payton Evans. She is so kind to her peers. She seems to be able to reach and connect with peers that are struggling with ease. I appreciate her humility and positive attitude. I am also grateful for her service as our ASL club President. 

Sabrina Macias nominated by Ray Bishop. I nominated Sabrina Macias for my student of the month because she has been such a consistent student all year long. She does really good work. She picks up new ideas very quickly and is always prepared. She is very pleasant and kind to everyone. She definitely deserves to be student of the month.

America Espino nominated by Craig Jian. America is very hardworking. She always tries hard to understand the content and complete the assignment. And America is very sweet and respectful. 

Cris Noriega nominated by Drew Weech. Cris Noriega is such an excellent student in all of his classes and I've been fortunate to witness his strong work ethic, his desire for developing his talents, and his kind and professional demeanor in action.  He is the ultimate team player who strives to help others around him.  I can put him in any group of fellow students knowing that he will work hard and bring out the best from his colleagues.  He is so polite and on the ball, and I'm thrilled to offer him this recognition!