Students of the Month

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Students of the Month from the Math Department

Will Emmett nominated by Julie Park. Will is the student you wish every student could be like. He always works hard and is always on task. He asks great questions to get the help he needs. Willing to help others in class, he is supportive, kind, and respectful.

Aspen Larsen nominated by Susan Langford. Aspen is so easy to teach because she is so willing to learn. She works so hard and is truly resilient and persistent. She tries her best and spends a lot of time in the math lab learning all she can.

Efrain Martinez nominated by Wynter Ogilvie. I am so impressed by Efrain. He is always on task, always working, and lets me know when he is not understanding the concepts. With a good, strong Math background, Efrain has worked very hard to understand story problems that are difficult to process when learning a new language.

Braxton Carter nominated by Marie Condie. I have gotten so many compliments from others regarding Braxton’s help in the math lab. He doesn’t have to go to the math lab, but chooses to go there again and again to help other students. He’s a good, hard worker and is willing to go up against the tough subjects, tackling both Calculus and Statistics this year. Willing to meet hard challenges, he is also goes beyond as a TA to help students who are struggling.

Mckenna Bunderson by Brad Thornton. Mckenna has had so much growth and confidence in her math skills. This has enabled her to engage in classroom discussions and to ask questions when she does not understand. She also helps other students.

Judith Chavarria by Arianna Booth. Judith has challenged herself to learn math and English. Her math skills have grown so much this year, to the point where she is able to help other students. She has a strong work ethic and amazing determination.