Student of the Month

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Pictures of Students of the Month: Cooper Heaps, Liesel Scott, Nandin Sosa, Ashley Garcia, Carter Grover and Jennifer Gomez.

In five years, Cooper hopes to be in college, pursuing a degree in Art education and trying to accomplish the dream of becoming an art teacher.  Some favorite hobbies include making art in general and making pots in ceramics class.  A conversation with is Grandpa Jack would involve asking how he started his peach company.

In five years, Jennifer sees herself as a strong woman who did everything possible to achieve her goals.  She enjoys eating with her family and listening to music.  In a conversation with Frida Khalo, Jennifer would love to tell her that she admired her strength and confidence in herself and wishes all women could feel the same.

In five years, Ashley would like to be opening a bakery.  Some favorite hobbies include cooking, band and marching band, and painting.  A conversation with Frida Kahlo would include asking what made her paint and where she got her inspiration from.

Five years from now, Nandin will either be working or in college.  Some hobbies include ceramics and going to school.  He would love to have a conversation with John White and ask him "where did you and the others go?"

Five years from now, Carter hopes to be in college, growing and education.  Participating in productions of musicals and plays, while using his vocal ability for the community and organizations, would also be part of the plan.  Favorite hobbies are:  acting, singing, dancing, spending time with family and friends, and traveling.  Carter would like to have a conversation with Walt Disney, specifically asking if Walt Disney ever thought his idea of an animation studio would make it big and if he would've ever known how big his amusement park idea would become, even spreading around the world.

In five years, Liesel says she will be five years older (unless something terrible happens to her).  Her favorite hobbies include deep sea diving, stunt diving, racing penguins across the Arctic, and maybe lying about her hobbies.  But actually, she loves music and plays 9 instruments and counting!  She would love to have a conversation with Anne Sullivan to ask how she figured it all out.  Her resilience and determination with Helen Keller, even when everyone said communicating with her was impossible, is just remarkable.