Springville High and Sarah Ferrin Earn the Nebo #Hashtag Award

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Mrs. Ferrin holding award
Mrs. Ferrin holding award

Congratulations to Springville High School, in Nebo School District, and their school PR Ambassador, Sarah Ferrin, for earning the Nebo #Hashtag Award. This award is given to the school that communicates to their parents and students, in a variety of ways, the events and important news items happening at school. Springville High has posted 20 stories this past month and hundreds of stories this year. The school also has over 2,400 followers on Facebook and over 4,000 followers on Instagram with approximately 188% of their student enrollment connected on social media to get the latest news from the school. Go check out all the wonderful things that are happening at Springville High School:

When receiving the award, Sarah Ferrin said, “Social media is an awesome tool to share with students, parents, and the community of all the amazing things that happen at Springville High School. I love being able to highlight all of the talented scholars, athletes, musicians, actors, artists, and students who excel in so many unique ways. I enjoy being in contact with coaches, teachers, advisors, and administration to get the word out about how many great opportunities exist here. We publish information about the school on our website, shs.nebo.edu, in our newsletter and on Facebook and Instagram, @shs_reddevils. I enjoy working with Beth Hansen, the Student Council, and our administrator over PR, Tona Graff, as doing PR at the High School level is a group effort because there is so much going on! Go Red Devils!”

“Sarah Ferrin has really helped our community be able to get information about school events and celebrate our student’s success. She has gone the extra mile to work with our faculty and staff to seek out these opportunities. Thanks, Sarah, for showing us what being a Red Devil is all about!” exclaimed Assistant Principal Tona Graff.

Lana Hiskey, the Nebo Communications Administrator, presented the award to School PR Ambassador Sarah Ferrin, Assistant Principal Tona Graff, and Assistant Principal Jason Beardall. Congratulations on a job well done!

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Lana Hiskey