September Students of the Month

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September students of the month

Congratulations to the following students who were nominated by members of the History Department:

Sully Hall, nominated by Mr. Jacobus.  "Sully has brought enthusiasm to our first period class.  He is always on top of his work and has great insights into World History."

Bridie Harkness, nominated by Mr. Jacobus.  "Bridie is a great classmate who works with those around her.  Her participation in class has helped create a positive classroom environment."

Alex Marshall, nominated by Mrs. Wilson.  "Alex is very well versed in history and able to have great meaningful discussions.  He is always curious and has great comments on any topic."

Maria Ceballos, nominated by Mr. Eaquinto.  "Maria engages with all of her peers in a way that makes them feel comfortable and she helps our English Language Learners with a variety of tasks in class."

Ethan Ure, nominated by Mrs. Wilson.  "Ethan is a great student but beyond that is thoughtful in his thoughts and comments about current events and the world in general.  He is able to see all sides of an issue and react with an open mind and empathy."

Ella Smith, nominated by Mrs. Wilson.  "I got to have Ella as a sophomore and now as a senior.  She has always shown a desire to learn about and really understand different cultures.  She is curious and always open to consider new ideas.  In addition, Ella is an excellent student that cares very much about doing well."