October Students of the Month

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October  Students of the Month from the Fine Arts Department

Congratulations to the following SHS students for being chosen as Students of the Month for October.  These Red Devils were nominated by faculty members in the Fine Arts Department.

Michigan Draper, nominated by Mrs. Jensen.  "Michigan brings great energy into the classroom and is welcoming to everyone. He is not afraid to start up a conversation when he sees someone sitting alone and has made many friends in my class since the start of school. He has gained an enjoyment in the visual arts and offers a friendly critique to anyone who would like one and is comfortable asking for advise on how to improve his own pieces."

Camille Unguren, nominated Mrs.  Gwilliam.  "Camille is a dedicated student and actor. She participated on Shakespeare Company and is in the cast of You Can't Take It With You. She has a passion for theatre. It shows in her school work and in her work ethic during rehearsals. Camille is always prepared and is a great example to the other students and cast members."

Jarom Duncan, nominated by Mrs.  Manning.  "Jarom strives to learn as much as he can. He participates in multiple ensembles, learning new instruments, and does it all with a smile on his face. I have never heard him say anything negative about anyone or any situation and he is a very hard worker!"

Seybrielle Dulin, nominated by Mrs. Walker.  "Seybrielle has such a happy attitude! She always sings with great energy, and concentrates on learning the music every moment she is in rehearsal. She is a bright light in our choir."

Kaden Martindale, nominated by Mrs. Walker.  "Kaden comes to class wanting to learn. He knows what he doesn't know, and really seeks knowledge. He works hard at improving his talent."

Sabrina Gonzales, nominated by Mr. Booth. "Sabrina has found her passion in music and has dived head first into it. She continually takes on greater challenges and overcomes them."