November Students of the Month

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November Students of the Month from the CTE/Business Department

Congratulations to the following students for being chosen as Student of the Month from the CTE/Business Department:

Rhett Fullmer, nominated by Ms. White:  Rhett never misses class and is always on task in Game Development.  Also, he always has a smile and is willing help others.  He always puts his bets effort into his work.

Ali Maynard, nominated by Ms. Hansen:  Ali is always eager to learn and improve her skills.  She is quick to be the first to answer a question I ask the class.  I can tell she puts her best effort into creating and completing her projects.

Keith West, nominated by Mrs. Kelly:  Keith is eager to learn and always has a great attitude.  Keith loves kids and it show in how he prepares quality lessons and works with the children in the preschool.

Lucy Keiffer, nominated by Mrs. Kelly:  Lucy is a very conscientious student.  She works hard to complete quality work.  Her enthusiasm about working with children rubs off on the preschoolers.  She is willing to assist wherever she is needed.

Anson Polgar, nominated by Ms. White and Mrs. Garcia:  Anson has made HUGE improvements this year to his academics and dedication to SHS.  I have Anson in two classes and he's doing very well!  Also, he's a TA for Mrs. Garcia and helps out a lot with various chores!  He is always happy and has a smile on his face.  He's so nice to everyone!

Veronica Mini, nominated by Ms. White and Mrs. Garcia:  Veronica always demonstrates exceptional knowledge about course topics, produces quality work and sets a great example to her peers.  I (Carey White) have Veronica in two classes; she is amazing!