May Students of the Month

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Students of the Month

The following students were chosen by faculty as Students of the Month for May.

Aleck Graves, nominated by Mr. Pickett.

Lydia Burnah, nominated by Mr. Pickett.

David Jones, nominated by Mr. Pace.  "David is a joy to have in class.  I have gotten to know him in math and history this year.  He is engaging and he cares about his work.  He has a strong work ethic and plays along great with all of my jokes."

Brynley Levin, nominated by Mr. Valeti.  " Brynley is great to have in class.  Our English class is smaller so participation is vital!  Brynley is always wiling to help out and participate.  She is always smiling and helps our class collaborate and share ideas.  Brynley is a very dependable student and really invests in her education."

Brandon Buddle, nominated by Mr. Pace and Mrs. Dahle.  "Brandon has been awesome to have in US History! He works hard and always has a good comment or two to make in class!"

Karalie Harris, nominated by Mrs. Kemper and Mr. Pace.  "Karalie has been great to have in class! She works hard and handles a room full of colorful personalities with grace!"