February Students of the Month

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February Students of the Month

Congratulations to the following students chosen by faculty in the Math Department:

Junior Aguilar III, nominated by Mrs. Malzl.  "Junior is a hardworking dedicated student. I have been impressed with his work ethic and determination to excel in my class. Not only does Junior do well academically, but he is always kind and respectful towards his peers and myself. It is a pleasure having him in my class and he is very deserving of student of the month."

Jocie Fellows, nominated by Mrs. Langford.  "Jocie has a very positive outlook on life in general and her enthusiasm is contagious. Math is a hard subject. Often times when students are presented with difficult material, they complain about it and consider it a hardship. Not Jocie. Jocie is always excited to learn new stuff and embraces every lesson as a new opportunity. She catches on quickly and helps the students around her. Her enthusiasm quickly spreads throughout the class. Her positive attitude makes my job as a teacher so much easier."

Jayden McDonald, nominated by Mr. Dollar.  "Jayden is a junior in my 1050/1060 class, enough said. But honestly he has excelled in the class doing very well and knowing already or grasping any new material very quickly. Very bright and gifted student."

Sophia Melendez, nominated by Mr. Peterson.  "I have always been impressed with her dedication and determination to understand and to problem solve. If she doesn't understand she will work through it to the best of her abilities, but she is not afraid to ask for help. She is always attentive and asks really good questions. She is respectful, honest, and hardworking. Love having her in class."

Brenden Roberson, nominated by Mrs. Ogilvie.  "I am so grateful for Brenden! He is my TA in a class full of struggling learners. He is so willing to go above and beyond to help them and thus helping me! He is proactive in helping the students, and always shows patience and kindness when he is helping them. In this class there is always someone to help, but he never complains, and always helps with a positive attitude. He knows the math, and I never have to explain to him how to do it. I can honestly say that he has changed my life for the better!"

Ashley Johns, nominated by Ms. Condie.  "Calculus is difficult, and Ashley continues to work hard to understand. I'm so impressed with her work effort and determination to not give up."

Micah Lozano, nominated by Mr. Pickett.  "Micah works hard to do the best that he can in Math 2. He often stays late after school with Mrs. Wilding to better understand what the class is learning. Micah is willing to ask questions when needed and with his extra efforts, is able to consistently perform will on assignments and tests. He is an example to those around him."