April Students of the Month from World Languages

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April Students of the Month

Ethan Rock, nominated by Mr. Bishop.  "Ethan is always prepared.  He's the one I can always count on to have a great response when I ask question in class.  He's very respectful, a hard worker and is very deserving of recognition as Student of the Month."

Madelyn Walker, nominated by Mr. Russell.  " Madelyn consistently demonstrates a strong command of German, earning high marks on assessments and engaging in thoughtful discussion in class.  Her dedication to mastering the material, positive attitude, and willingness to help their classmates, make them an excellent candidate for the Student on the Month award."

Nate Westerman, nominated by Mr. Cardenas.  "I am always impressed with Nate's interest in Spanish language.  He is always asking questions to better understand what we are learning and he always applies it when given a chance.  His work is always impeccible and he also has fun when he writes in Spanish."

Yubin Kim, nominated by Mr. Weech.  "Yubin is awesome!  She has a gift for learning languages.  She speaks English, Korean and Spanish.  I moved her up from Spanish 2 to Spanish 4 because she was able to pick it up so fast.  She is doing an awesome job in my Spanish 4/2010 Concurrent Enrollment course and works extremely well with everyone.  Yubin is always a dependable student whom you can trust to help every single one of her colleagues.  She puts a lot of  thought and effort into all of her projects and I am expecting amazing things from her."

Patrick Clay, nominated by Ms. Yuan.  "He is always willing to help with teachers, students and I am so proud of him for going to use his 12 years Chinese learning skills in his mission soon in England.  He has been good examples for his other siblings as Chinese learners too."

Audree Clark, nominated by Mrs. Brough.  "I am very impressed with Audree's knowledge of ASL, and her self dedication to learning.  Audree has won two awards at our annual ASL State competition.  She is very kind to her peers.  She is self motivated, and works well with her peers.  I appreciate how prepared she comes to class, and her willingness to participate in class discussions."