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Sophomore sponsors anti-underage drinking seminar

Submitted by carey.white on Wed, 2016-11-16 21:15
by Shannon Acor

Springville High Sophomore Reed Gardner held a special Anti-Underage Drinking Seminar for students and community members on November 14 at Springville High School. Gardner planned and executed the event for his Boy Scout Eagle Project in partnership with the school, Springville City, and the Utah County Health Department.

Guest speaker, Mike Cottam, Utah State Office of Education, taught students the dangers of using alcohol before the age of 21. Cottam’s presentation had the students involved and engaged with demonstrations on how our brains receive and transfer messages.  

Gardner received donations and gave out prizes to the captive audience members. The grand prize of a mini-iPad went to an excited Cub Scout in attendance.  Good job Reed and good luck at your Scout Board of Review.