SHS Newsletter: Oct 21-25

Here is the SHS Newsletter for Oct 21-25th!  It’s Red Ribbon week. In conjunction, activities will be held at lunch daily. We have 2 special evening events this week as well. Mon. is a mental health presentation by Dr. Christy Kane about helping teens navigate life and Wed. is a motivational presentation by coach and author “Coach Brez”. NHS Induction is on Tues at 6pm. Lastly, term ends this Friday!

SHS Newsletter: Oct 7-12

Here is the Oct 7-11 SHS Newsletter! This week is College Application Week and Hope Week. The newsletter has info on these events as well as info on ordering Senior T-shirts. Tues. is the Fall Orchestra Concert and Makeup Pictures are on Thurs.

Parent Information Night

Upcoming Parent Information Night on Oct 21st: Progress vs. Perfection with Dr. Christy Kane

Nebo is offering another class for parents called, “Progress not Perfection.” 

When: October 21, 2019, at 7:00 p.m.
Where: Springville High, 1205 East 900 South

In this presentation, Kane talks about the difficulties teens face in today’s complex social media world as they sort through the journey of progress versus perfection.

➡  Anxiety is the number one issues facing teens.
➡  Depression rates are higher now than ever before.
➡  Teenage suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death.
➡  This is the 20% face of mental health.

Student Council serves Student Council


August 30 Springville woke up excited for Game Day! Word spread quickly that our traveling opponents for that day’s game, Bountiful were dealing with a disastrous fire. Hundreds were evacuated and 3 homes were lost. After last year’s fire that affected some of our own students, Springville’s Student Council wanted to do something that showed our support and understanding for Bountiful. They quickly brainstormed and came up with the idea to try and raise even a little money to donate however Bountiful High School saw the greatest need. Donation buckets were placed at entrances and Student Council members went around at half time asking for spare change or dollars. They were able to raise a little over $400, half of which came from the student section alone and the rest from the community. After the game, the money was given to Bountiful’s Student Council to take back to their school. When all the post-game crowds cleared out, the Bountiful students stayed and cleaned up the trash in our bleachers. A big thanks to both Student Council’s for showing kindness, support and serving one another’s community.