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Senior Selendra Lewis wins poem contest

Submitted by carey.white on Thu, 2016-11-17 11:16

Selendra Lewis was the winner of the Veteran's Day Assembly Poem Contest. Lewis is the 2016-2017 Springville High English Sterling Scholar.  Her poem entitled, “Different Than You,” follows:

Different Than You

Do you hate me because I’m different than you?
Because my skin,
My clothes,
My talk
Are not exactly the same?

We see things differently
You say white,
I vote it’s red
Who’s to say what’s right?

We do things differently
You walk
I run
Who’s to say what’s better?

We think things differently
You insist it’s left
I believe it’s right
Who’s to decide which way to go?

But all these differences
Between you and me
Are not a cause for fights
And anger

You be you
And I’ll be me
Each in our own way
Together, but different

And I’ll care for you
And you be friends with me
Because we need each other
Together, but different


We’re all on a journey
It’s long
And bumpy
And hot
And we’re tired

But if we work together
We get pink
And we get there
The scenic way

Because peace is better
Than hate
We don’t need any more war

You don’t hate me because I’m different than you
Because my skin
My clothes
My talk
Are not exactly the same

Because you know that we have peace
Because I’m different than you