Events for the Week of February 13, 2017


Monday, Feb 13:
Sweethearts Week
(1:45pm) Detention Service Project, meet @ cafeteria
(3pm) Sweetheart Interviews

Tuesday, Feb 14:
Sweethearts Week
Valentine’s Day
(11am) Sweethearts Farm Activity
(3:30pm) Boys’ Basketball vs Maple Mountain
(3:30pm) Girls’ Basketball vs Maple Mountain

Wednesday, Feb 15:
Sweethearts Week
Region Strings S/E @ Payson
(3pm) Sweethearts Cake Making
(4pm-8pm) Parent-Teacher Conferences, main gym

Thursday, Feb 16:
Sweethearts Week—Assembly
(9am) Sweethearts Assembly, main gym
(3:30pm) Girls’ Basketball @ Wasatch

Friday, Feb 17:
Sweethearts Week
(3:30pm) Boys’ Basketball @ Wasatch

Saturday, Feb 18:
Sweethearts Week—Dance
Winter Guard Competition @ AF
(8pm) Sweetheart Dance, main gym

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