December 2016

Welding students create unique projects

photos by Jordan Gillespie and Kelton Hartvigsen
Dakota Meyer and Caleb Earl using the CNC Plasma machine to cut designs into a firepit
Carson Bracken preparing to strike an arc
Jesus Lopez working on a T-Joint
Mark Gallagher and Levi Ruf using the pedestal grinder on their project
O'Shea Settle, bending the frame of his drift trike using the powered roller

Springville High has one of the best welding programs in Nebo District headed by instructor Mr. Brian Ostler.

SHS students teach and play with preschool children

photos by Gage Carter
Alexis Pool Reading to Preschool Children
Cambria Ball and Mitch Snelson with Preschool
Tersadie Nuttall reading to Preschool Child
Brooklyn Day with Preschool Children
Alexis Pool and Cambria Ball teaching preschool
Allissa Huffaker, Preschool Teacher
Allissa Huffaker, Preschool Teacher

Springville High has a preschool taught by Miss Allissa Huffaker.  SHS students not only play with, but also teach these cute children.

Red Devil alumni to SHS secretary

by Kelton Hartvigsen, SHS News Writer

Kara Stoddard is a Red Devil alumni working as one of our front office secretaries. Stoddard worked for SHS for the past three years during the summer, but now she is one of our new staff members in the front office during the day.   Stoddard graduated in 2013 and many of her past teachers are now her new co-workers.

Stoddard looks forward to being able to meet all the students and have them enjoy coming to Springville high. Stop by the front office and say “Hi” to our new office secretary, Kara Stoddard.