April 2016

State Competitors for Solo and Ensemble

by Andrew Trevenen, SHS News Writer

Springville High is proud to send four soloists, Ciara Snapp, Quinn Gleave, Haylee Markham, and Addie Provost, to the state solo and ensemble competition this Saturday at Orem High School.

These singers are sure gonna give their competitors “treble” state this year.  All four are talented artists who have worked hard for this accomplishment.

Snapp said, “The style of music that you were supposed to sing was not what I normally sing; so, I had a lot of help to perfect a different style of singing.”

Solo and ensemble requires soloists to prepare a classical piece that may be new for some singers.

Provost said, “Yeah, I had to do an Italian piece, but it was a lot of fun, I’m used to doing things in other languages, but this was a particularly challenging song that actually made me work.  The challenge itself was fun.”

PROM Royalty 2016


Prom King: Danny Salazar
Prom Queen
: Taylor Sweeten

Prom Prince: Michael Monney
Prom Princess
: Emily Bird

Prom Duke: Jake Erickson
Prom Duchess
: Claire Pexton

School Events for April 25-30


Monday April 25th:

  • FFA in Logan

Tuesday April 26th:

  • FFA in Logan

  • Baseball @ Uintah

  • Softball @ Salem Hills

  • Tennis home vs. Uintah

  • Soccer @ Spanish Fork

Wednesday April 27th:

  • FFA in Logan

  • Region Large Choir @ MMHS

Thursday April 28th:

  • Baseball home vs. Uintah

  • Softball home vs. Maple Mountain

Friday April 29th:

  • Career Fair (1 hour long lunch)

  • Track @ Nebo Invitational (MMHS)

Saturday April 30th:

  • State Solo and Ensemble @ Orem High School


Window on the Workplace Speaker, Dan Wilcox

by Brad Northcutt

Dan Wilcox, owner of Elite Fuel, spoke to the students of Springville High on Friday, April 15.  In his extremely animated style, he wowed the crowd with his humor while dispelling many of the myths surrounding personal nutrition.  He kept the students rapt with great stories about his many clients and many inconsistencies about food.  The large crowd enjoyed the time with Mr. Wilcox.

School Events for April 18-23

 Tuesday April 19th:

  • USU Eastern representatives in room C-29 (during lunch)

  • Dance Company auditions

  • Marching Band information meeting (6:30pm)

  • Baseball @ Wasatch

  • Softball @ Spanish Fork

  • Tennis @ Salem Hills

  • Soccer @ Uintah

Wednesday April 20th:

  • Honors Breakfast for 4.0 students (terms 1,2,3 this school year) 7:15 a.m.

Thursday April 21st:

  • Baseball home vs Wasatch

  • Softball home vs Payson

  • Tennis @ Wasatch

Friday April 22nd:

  • Track @ Davis Invitational

  • Soccer @ Payson

Saturday April 23rd:

  • Track @ Davis Inivitational

  • Prom @ UVU Convention Center


Red Devil Track Team Competes at Copper Hills Invitational

by Alissa Huffaker, SHS Track Coach

It was a windy meet, but the athletes were able to perform at their best. We had Chris Ohman who jumped 6'1" which was a personal record in the high jump this year and he qualified for state. Sean Stapel was also able to have a personal record in his high jump performance.

The girls 4x100 team took first and the boys 4x100 team took 2nd. Ceci Sumsion had a personal record throw in the Javelin. Overall, it was a good meet for Springville and there is a lot more we expect to see this season.

Track Meet was held on Saturday, April 16.

Red Devil Boys Tennis in Full Swing

by Addie Provost and Andrew Trevenen, SHS News Writers

Springville High's boys tennis team has many goals for this season.

Hunter Rogers (singles) said, “We just got a new tennis coach this year, so we have been working to improve the tennis program and build unity.”

Johnny Hammond said, “To build a program not just a team, and to build something that all the younger guys can work for and look forward to being part of the Springville tennis program.”

Jacob Rogers, who has been playing since 6th grade, said that their team goals are to win regions and have their whole varsity team go to state.

Austin Galbraith said, “Maple Mountain is gonna be our toughest competition to beat this year for sure.”

Galbraith has been playing since before Jr. High and is currently playing singles.

Cole Monson, who plays singles, said, “Maple Mountain will definitely be hard this year.”

On a side note (just for fun)…. Hunter Rogers said that a “grilled cheese would win in a fight against a taco,” so did Hammond, Jacob Rogers, and Monson. Wesley White, Ethan Bird, Jake Levitt, Galbraith, and Chambers all thought a taco would win.

Varsity Tennis Roster:
Matthew Dwiggins, Austin Galbraith, Sam Hansen, David Harding, Cole Monson, Jackson Murphy, Maxwell Nadauld, Hunter Rogers, Jacob Rogers, Kevin Sumsion, and Wesley White

Boys Tennis Roster:
Ethan Bird, Matthew Boggess, Jackson Chambers, Matthew Dwiggins, Austin Galbraith, Andrew Hammond, Johnny Hanks, Sam Hansen, David Harding, Tyler Jesse, Jacob Leavitt, Cole Monson, Jackson Murphy, Maxwell Nadauld, Cole Porter, Hunter Rogers, Jacob Rogers, Benson Shafer, Kevin Sumsion, and Wesley White

photos by Addie Provost, SHS News Photographer

Red Devil Boys Soccer

photos by Addison Provost, SHS News Photographer

On Tuesday, April 12, the Red Devil Varsity Soccer team matched up with the Golden Eagles at home ending in a Maple Mountain victory, 5-1.

Come support Springville’s Boys Soccer team at their next home game on Tuesday, May 3, when they host the Wasatch Wasps.