November 2015

Welcome to SHS Mr. Valeti

by Blake Bullock and Gradin Burns, SHS News Writers

This is Mr. David Valeti’s first year teaching at Springville High.  He was assigned to SHS last year as a student-teacher.  He teaches inclusion English, inclusion Biology and also Study Skills. 

“My vision is to help students realize their true potential and assist them in identifying what their likes and skills are and how they can apply that to a job or their education,” said Valeti.

One of his best experiences was when a student really engaged in a term project, and Valeti watched the student really learn from the experience.  The student did their best and received a high score on the term project.

Valeti is Springville High’s varsity football team defensive coordinator.   We know that part of our Red Devil’s amazing season was due to Valeti’s efforts in working with these dedicated players.  

Valeti is married to Alison and they have four children, three boys and one girl.  His children’s names are Kasanova, who is 9 years old, Shari Siviana who is 7 years old, Tuiono who is 8 years old, and Mataiasi who is 1.  The Valetis love camp, fish, and have extended family over for barbeques.

Welcome to SHS Mr. Valeti!   We hope you enjoy teaching all of our students here.

SHS welcomes new U.S. Studies and Government teacher

by: Alex Farrell and Zuki Kaufmann, SHS News Writers

This week we received the opportunity to interview and get to know our new U.S. Studies/Government teacher Mrs. Kara Hernandez.  She is very happy to be here at Springville High.  She attended Brigham Young University before she came to teach at SHS.  She wants to help create a positive and fun learning environment for each of her students.  Hernandez hopes that students will leave her classroom with a clear understanding of why History/Government is important and also learn values of how to be successful outside school.

She has been happily married for one year now to her husband Dave.  Some of her interests are music and physical exercise.  One of her past unusual jobs was teaching flute lessons when she was in high school.  Let’s all give Mrs. Hernandez a warm welcome and a great year at SHS.

Academic All State

photo by Andrew Trevenen, SHS News

Congratulations to the following students receiving Academic All State honors:

Volleyball:  Analyse Fischio, Carmen Payne, Amanda Schultz
Soccer:  Alexis Monson, Meagan Morrill, Alyssa Oman
Boys Cross Country:  Austin Galbraith

Red Devils lose to Leopards in semifinal state game, 42-14

by Carey S. White, SHS News Adviser (photos by Mark Spencer)

Springville’s undefeated Red Devils made their goal—to play at Rice Eccles stadium supported by bus loads of SHS students, faculty, staff, and fans.  In an exciting race to the 4A state football championship, Springville knew getting past East wouldn’t be easy. 

The Red Devils played with high-risk and high-intensity.  In the first half, Springville opted to go for a touchdown instead of a field goal twice in the red zone and came away with zero points both times, which resulted in a halftime score of 14-0, in favor of East.

In the second half of the game, East scored 28 points. East had about a dozen big plays--four of which ended in touchdowns.

Springville was led by Devyn Tate, who rushed the ball nine times for 89 yards and Payton Kelepolo, who rushed for both of the Red Devils' touchdowns.  Kelepolo, the junior running back, scored the Red Devils’ only other touchdown with 59 seconds left in the game--a 3-yard run.

East’s quarterback Jonnie Lang, danced around and through Springville's defense to rack up 280 yards and four touchdowns on just 19 rushes. He was also 3 of 5 passing for 98 yards and a touchdown.

photos by Mark Spencer

Math Dinner for Exceptional Students held at BYU

by Chris Frossard, SHS Calculus Teacher

Last night, November 11, 2015, at Brigham Young University, a recognition dinner was held for Exceptional Math Students from Utah.  Teachers from each high school nominated and invited three students each along with a parent. The three students from Springville High School were Wyatt LeFevre, Garrett Carr, and Dylan Park.

“I have been their Calculus teacher for two years and I nominated them for outstanding work and excellence in higher level mathematics and problem solving,” said Chris Frossard, SHS Calculus teacher. 

Also, several professors gave presentations on cutting edge mathematics and also explained a vision of the growth and use of mathematics in world-wide problem solving in the current and future world.

Senior Student Soldiers in the Trenches

by Megan McConnell & Kallie Powell, SHS News Writers (photos by Megan & Kallie)
Student Soldiers
Students at Attention
Staff Sgt. Tritt from USMC
The Simmons Lift

Last week, the second of a series of year-long activities in a War Literature unit, the SHS library put on a trench warfare simulation to make war novels come to life for seniors. Participants were from Mrs. Lisa Simmons’ AP Literature, College 1010, and English 12 classes, along with Mr. Brett Miller’s and Ms. Jill Thackeray’s English 12 classes.

Students marched into our very own SHS library to discover it had become a battle ground with two “trenches” (upside down tables) and “No Man’s Land” in between. The recruits had to fill out facsimiles of WWI draft cards before they could join the ranks. The soldiers were each given a dog tag and their C-rats, (rations including prepared wet rations, hard sugar candy, a Hershey’s Chocolate Bar, Chiclets and other necessities.)  Outfitted for the battle with tin hats (representing WWI helmets), they sat in their trenches munching on C-Rats, and listening as Staff Sgt. Tritt from the USMC and librarian, Mrs. Lanell Rabner, explained what combat is really like.

The students learned about conditions in the WWI trenches, what soldiers wore, military conduct, and much more. General Rabner gave a presentation on WWI and displayed authentic U.S. Army issued uniforms and equipment. Rabner also shared her experiences in historic battlefields, museums, and concentration camps, to help students gain a realistic perspective. Simmons even got a “lift” from Sgt. Tritt as he demonstrated how they carried out wounded soldiers during a battle.

Students also learned about the things soldiers carried to war, such as letters, pictures, and books. While in the trenches, they read letters from home, as well as letters soldiers wrote to their loved ones, and examined authentic texts of the era, namely WWII Armed Services Edition books that were just the right size to drop in a pocket.

Perhaps one of the most shocking and memorable parts of the simulation was the reality of death. The students, after finishing their draft cards placed them in a bowl. Periodically during the simulation a bell would toll (a reference to Ernest Hemingway’s, “For Whom the Bell Tolls”), and Mrs. Simmons would select a card and pronounce that solider dead. These students were chosen to represent the soldiers who died in battle. Sgt. Tritt would then escort them to sit in the “Dead Zone” or graveyard, for the rest of the presentation. It’s unnerving to be sitting next to your friend in the trenches, only in the next moment for them to be gone forever.

Through it all, the simulation proved to be a very memorable learning experience for everyone involved. It’s sure to be a lesson the students will never forget.

Veterans Breakfast

by Kelty Cope, FFA Officer

On Tuesday, November 10, Springville High FFA club and Student Government teamed up to host a breakfast for local Veterans in honor and celebration of Veterans Day.