September 2014

UHSAA awards Directors’ Cup to Springville High


The Utah Interscholastic Athletic Administrators have announced that Springville High School has been awarded the Director’s Cup for 4A schools in the state of Utah for the 2013-2014 school year.  The Director's Cup is based on three components: How the school finishes in state competitions; the combined GPA for each program that competes at state competitions, and the UHSSA sportsmanship initiative.

"Congratulations to Springville High School!  Springville High School represents all of the positive outcomes that result from participation in interscholastic athletics. The “Director’s Cup” was awarded to Springville High School by the Utah Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (UIAAA) for achieving the highest cumulative point total in 4A based on state tournament results in all sports (boys and girls) and the successful implementation of the “Raise The Bar” sportsmanship initiative.   "This is an award that rewards excellence in the classroom, on the playing field, and in the way SHS treats others."      Rob Cuff, Director UHSAA

Principal Mike Brown credits the Utah High School Activities Association's (UHSAA) sportsmanship initiative “Raise the Bar” program, which focuses on building character through teaching, enforcing, awarding, and modeling appropriate and ethical behavior. Mr. Brown commented, “This award is a great honor.  It is a whole school/community award.  It should be celebrated by every student, teacher, coach, parent, and community member.  It shows what we have known all along, Springville High School is a great place where we engage, empower, and collaborate with our students for success.”  Springville High School is truly a community centered school.

Principal Brown wants to recognize the contributions of SHS AD, Cathi Jarvis and AP, Scott Johnson, and of course all of our faculty and coaches for putting so much time and effort in our athletic teams and an emphasis on sportsmanship and academics with our student body and athletic teams. 

The Cup will be presented to the school, District, and community representatives at an upcoming school function. The Cup will be on display both at SHS and the UHSAA offices in Salt Lake City.

Red Devil runners start fast

by Taylor Johnson and Molli McConnell, SHS News Writers

Springville High Cross Country boys team is off to a great start this year completing their first race on August 30 at the Grass Relays hosted by American Fork High. 

Josh Ornelas said, “The race was good until I tripped on the last hay bale.”

Although Josh broke his arm on the hay bale, he finished the race and demonstrated endurance to never give up.

Haden Penrod said, “It was great race; it was really exciting and different.   You get to jump over hay bales and having it be like two miles.”

Penrod finished the race in 13th place and had a great time running.

Nick Noorda said, “It was ‘funnest’ race ever. The relay part is fun, but also kind of weird.  You’re not running yet, just watching your team until they reach you.   Then, you run and when you’re out there it’s like you’re the only one until you get to your goal.”

Nathan Karren said that he felt good at the race and had a good strong pace during the race. He felt pretty comfortable but should have pushed himself to go faster.  

Dallan Endicott adds he should have also pushed himself to do better.  He also said he had a good time even talking to the other teams while he was running.

These boys had a great time at the meet and can’t wait for the rest of the season.  Way to go Red Devil runners!