Welcome to SHS Mr. Valeti

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This is Mr. David Valeti’s first year teaching at Springville High.  He was assigned to SHS last year as a student-teacher.  He teaches inclusion English, inclusion Biology and also Study Skills. 

“My vision is to help students realize their true potential and assist them in identifying what their likes and skills are and how they can apply that to a job or their education,” said Valeti.

One of his best experiences was when a student really engaged in a term project, and Valeti watched the student really learn from the experience.  The student did their best and received a high score on the term project.

Valeti is Springville High’s varsity football team defensive coordinator.   We know that part of our Red Devil’s amazing season was due to Valeti’s efforts in working with these dedicated players.  

Valeti is married to Alison and they have four children, three boys and one girl.  His children’s names are Kasanova, who is 9 years old, Shari Siviana who is 7 years old, Tuiono who is 8 years old, and Mataiasi who is 1.  The Valetis love camp, fish, and have extended family over for barbeques.

Welcome to SHS Mr. Valeti!   We hope you enjoy teaching all of our students here.

by Blake Bullock and Gradin Burns, SHS News Writers