Red Ribbon Week

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This is Red Ribbon Week! The theme is “Life is Your Journey." Each day has a sub-theme, an activity, and questions which will be discussed in each class. The discussions will include things we CAN do to to help. 

Students, plan on staying for lunch this week for some lunchtime activities. 
Families can also benefit from discussing the questions together each day and talking about what you CAN do. See below for some of the questions and the activities for each day. 

Monday:  “On your journey don’t look back, you’re not going that way.”
- Question: When you have struggles it doesn’t mean you are bad. How can you help your classmates not feel that way? What CAN you do?
- Lunchtime activity: Listen to music from the decades with your fellow classmates. 

Tuesday: “On your journey reach for the stars.”
- Question: I see negative comments on social media that are mean to people.  I don’t want to get in the middle.  What CAN I do?
- Lunchtime activity: Photo op with Star Wars characters from the 501st Legion. 

Wednesday: “On your journey aim for the win.”
- Question: We live in a “selfie” world.  How can I think more about others than myself? What CAN you do?
- Lunchtime activity: Come shoot some baskets with your friends in the gym with prizes for baskets made.

Thursday: “On your journey have fun.”
- Question: One moment doesn’t define you.  How can you get past that moment and see your worth? What CAN you do?
- Lunchtime activity: “Minute to Win it” games in the library. Play a game and get a piece of PIZZA! 

Friday: “On your journey choose to be drug/violence free. CHOOSE KIND!
- Question: Life can be hard but it is worth it.  What can you do to remember this and carry these suggestions with you beyond Red Ribbon Week?
- Lunchtime activity: Wear your “Choose Kind” or “You Make the Difference” shirt. If you don’t have one wear red.