Red Devil Swimmers take 2nd at Region

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Senior Swimmers

Congratulations to the Girls and Boys swim teams who both took 2nd place in the recent Region 7 swim meet.  The following are the results from Saturday's finals.

Girls 200 Medley Relay: 2nd  (Brinley Weight, Kate Brower, Macie Poulson, Ella Brimhall)

Boys 200 Medley Relay: 1st (Logan Hansen, Nick Oman, Easton Mousser, Nathan Anderson)

Girls 200 Free: Macie Poulson 3rd, Lana Nord 10th

Boys 200 Free: Easton Mousser 1st, Nathan Anderson 3rd, George Holm 6th, Jesse Cope 12th

Girls 200 IM:  Kate Brower 2nd, Colbie Weight 9th, Emily Daines 14th, Paige Mottishaw 16th

Boys 200 IM: Nick Oman 2nd

Girls 50 Free:  Ella Brimhall 6th, Haylee Hatfield 12, Karlie Willardson 13th, Haylie Brimhall 15th

Boys 50 Free:  Josh Gee 2nd, Jon Ferrin 6th, John Paapke 14th

Girls 100 Fly:  Brinley Weight 4th, Colbie Weight 9th

Boys 100 Fly:  George Holm 5th, Logan Hansen 7th, Max Baggs 15th

Girls 100 Free:  Ella Brimhall 4th, Haylee Hatfield 7th, Hayley Brimhall 8th, Karlie Willardson 13th

Boys 100 Free:  Jon Ferrin 3rd, Josh Gee 8th, John Paapke 10th, Oliver Bandley 13th

Girls 500 Free: Macie Poulsen 2nd, Sophie Mottishaw 8th, Katherine Jensen 16th

Boys 500 Free:  Easton Mousser 1st

Girls 200 Relay: 3rd (Ella Brimhall, Macie Poulson, Haylee Hatfield, Kate Brower)

Boys 200 Relay: 3rd (Jon Ferrin, John Paapke, Nick Oman, Josh Gee)

Girls 100 Back:  Brinley Weight 3rd, Sophie Mottishaw 7th, Mikaela Allen 8th, Lana Nord 13th

Boys 100 Back:  Nathan Anderson 2nd, Logan Hansen 5th

Girls 100 Breast: Kate Brower 2nd, Tallie Lee 13th

Boys 100 Breast:  Nick Oman 1st, Ammon White 9th, Oliver Bandley 10th, Owen Cornaby 15th

Girls 400 Relay: 4th (Sophie Mottishaw, Colbie Weight, Mikaela Allen, Brinley Weight)

Boys 400 Relay: 1st (Jon Ferrin, George Holm, Nathan Anderson, Easton Mousser)

Pictured are the Seniors at their last home meet.