Much Ado Aboot Nothing, eh?

Submitted by carey.white on Fri, 03/04/2016 - 14:43
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Much Ado Aboot Nothing, eh? is a recreation of a William Shakespeare play, which is set in Messina, Canada.  The story begins with everyone visiting Leonato’s cabin, with Hero and Claudio falling in love at first sight.  The villain Dawn John attempts to thwart Hero’s and Claudio’s love which nearly succeeds.  At the same time Don Pedro is attempting to make Benedick and Beatrice fall in love.  Dawn John makes it seem like Hero has been unfaithful in order to thwart the wedding.

Friar the priest helps fake Hero’s death while he investigates whether the claim of unfaithfulness is true.  Friar gets the watch to interrogate several of Dawn John’s henchmen and finds out that Hero was not unfaithful.  Leonato blames the accusations of unfaithfulness on Don Pedro and Claudio.  Claudio goes to Hero’s grave to pay penance, Hero looks on.

Many Modern day Shakespeare plays are “re-located” to somewhere others than the original setting.  Shakespeare loves to add a little drama to his comedy and a little comedy to his drama.

Some of the male roles are being played by female actors.  But the names are kept the same for clarity.

Canucks (Cast)
Don Pedro (The prince), played by Kaden Nissen
Dawn John (His evil sister), played by Gabrielle Hawker
Claudio (The prince’s best bud), played by Jonah Schmitz
Benedick (A funny guy), played by Robert Steed
Leonato (Owner of the cabin), played by Sally Wells
Antonio (Leo’s sister), played by Tristan McAfee
Borachio (A henchman), played by Brady Dolan
Conrade (A henchman), played by Lauren Lyons
Dogberry (Head of the watch), played by Gray Burton
Verges (Old watchman), played by Kyle Paynter
Friar Francis (A priest, available for weddings), played by Joe Gibb
Hero (Leonato’s pretty daughter), played by Rebecca Nissen
Beatrice (Hero’s cousin), played by Becca Hammond
Margaret (Hero’s Friend), played by Brynn Allred
Ursula (Hero’s Friend), played by Heather Woolf
Understudy (A rarity), played by Natalie Stevenson

Weston Murdock, Malie Niu, Zoe Dalley

Tech-ehs (Techies)
Christian Cragun
Stage Manager:
Rachel Baltes
Set Design:
Carson Nielsen, Ethan Beach
Set Construction:
Carson Nielsen, Ethan Beach, Maddie Burns, and Mr. Cragun’s Tech Class
Canadian Consultant:
Ashlyn Allred
Madie Burns, Gray Burton
Carson Nielsen, Chelsey Pinney
Running Crew:
Chandler Packer
Shey Buhler, DeeDee Draper, Brady Dolan
Poster Design:
Luann Hawker
Moose Construction?
Rachel Baltes, Brady Dolan

SHS Spring Play, photos by Kallie Powell, SHS News Photographer