Ms. Camille Callister honored with Crystal Apple Award

Submitted by sarah.ferrin on Fri, 12/02/2022 - 11:15
Ms. Callister receives the Crystal Apple Award.

Congratulations to Mrs. Callister for being the recipient of the Crystal Apple Award this school year.  The following are some of comments from those who nominated her:

"Camille is a very loving teacher.  She goes above and beyond for her students. Camille teaches only Inclusion classes, so most of the students she has, struggle with academics.  She is ever so kind and patient, going over and over instructions several times.  Many of her students don't speak English very well, yet she is able to communicate with them, working one on one.  She is understanding of her students' individual differences because she strives to get to know all she can about them, including personal challenges they face.  You can see by the way she treats her students that she loves and cares about them.  The students can feel this and in return they adore her and try harder to complete their assignments.  I have seen her be able to encourage the most stubborn and apathetic students to actually begin to participate.  Her system of offering positive rewards rather than negative consequences has turned many students into more conscientious contributors.  Congratulations Camille on being an outstanding teacher."

"I have had the pleasure of getting to know Camille through her willingness to help out with IEPs. My students are in a Self-contained classroom so they do not know many of the teachers here; therefore the teachers do not know them. It is hard for someone to walk into a meeting not knowing the students very well. I appreciate the willingness Camille has shown to put herself in that position. I have found Camille to be approachable, kind and always willing to help others. She is always found with a smile and a happy demeanor. I am sure her students feel welcomed and supported in her classroom. I have appreciated the support she has offered me.  Her hard work should be recognized and honored."

"Ms. Callister is a warm welcoming soul that welcomes anyone and everyone! She has a heart for teaching and that is why I felt she deserves to be nominated for the Crystal Apple Award." 

"Ms. Callister having a life full of adventure takes night and day to make sure she is always prepared for her students. Some Sundays at 5 am you will find her sitting in her classroom with her small lamp sitting on her desk grading or setting out work for the next day's students. If you don't see her there, you may see her walking very swiftly back from picking up her copies from Sarah at the copy center with a bag of baked Cheetos and a bottle of water. If she is too quick and you miss her you won't have to look far because she seems to always have a friend or a group of students running up to her just to say hello. Oftentimes when you have small talk with her she will invite you into her room for the rocking party that she throws at lunch every day! She has some pretty amazing movie choices that many have only seen once. But she has been able to open the eyes of the oldies to these youngins! She can relate to just about anyone of our students. You get the biggest of football stars coming in to talk. You have students that have graduated for years coming in and sitting to say hello.  She builds such a loving rapport with many of the students that need just a warm Hello! But, they get more than a Hello, She will always remember your name or a student's name and say,  "Hello, So in so Do you need a treat?"  She won't take no for an answer!!  Take the dang treat!! Not only is she carrying and worrying for the students, she worries for our faculty. She is always asking how teachers are when she is walking past a room. She will offer a small hopeful wish that the year is going well for everyone." 

"Ms. Callister is willing to give her time and family time to help everyone at the school. She may have a small voice but be prepared when she has something that needs to be heard she will never give up on her letting you know how important it is to her."

"I feel that Springville High is a better place because of her!!"