A Long Way from Home

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This school year at Springville High, the students and teachers have been lucky to host a number of foreign exchange students.  One of these students is a Junior named Sandra Bruhn.

Bruhn lives in Pinneberg, Theodor-Hevss-Schule, Germany.  She lives with a small family consisting of herself, her parents, and two sisters.  They like to read and play sports together.  Bruhn has really enjoyed taking school in a new country and her favorite subject right now is Fine Arts, specifically focusing on video.

Bruhn says that school is a lot easier here than in Germany.  The grading system in Germany is based heavily on participation and how often students would answer questions in class.  Their school year starts in August and ends in July; so, it’s almost a full year of school.

Bruhn really enjoys running and playing volleyball.  She also has a love for reading, listening to music, and watching movies.  Bruhn has said that one of the strangest things that she has noticed since she arrived here was how early Christmas decorations and Christmas shopping started.  Before school started, Bruhn had the opportunity to visit Zion’s National Park, and she said it was an amazing experience that she will never forget. 

Bruhn wanted to be a foreign exchange student because she thought it would be fun and she wanted to practice her English skills.  She really loves the mountains and landscape of Springville.

“The city has a lot of school spirit and support for their school,” said Bruhn. 

The weirdest food Bruhn has tried was a s'more which she said “tasted awful” and her favorite color is blue.

By Josh Ornelas, SHS News Writer