DECA club organizes 800 Santa response letters

Submitted by carey.white on Fri, 12/18/2015 - 23:37
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This December Springville High’s DECA club organized a “Santa letters” service project.  DECA students visited elementary schools in Springville and decided to be Santa’s Elves. This was a good way to get all the SHS clubs involved; DECA reached out to every elementary school in Springville and the response was astonishing.  The club ended up with over 800 letters to respond to so DECA club members had to act fast.

DECA opened this opportunity for service to all clubs at Springville High.  Everyone who wanted to participate had the chance to discover their fun side with writing to children--telling them things about how nice they have been and that the North Pole was very busy this year.

Once students finished writing the response letters, students decorated the letters and put them in a big present to deliver to the children. Santa’s little helpers went to each school to deliver the great treats. This service project put so many smiles on their faces and was a great present for most of them.  DECA club, with the help of other service clubs at SHS, really enjoyed this service project and hope to continue it throughout the years.

by Jedidiah Barker, DECA Officer