2020-21 Sterling Scholar Finalists

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Congratulations to our 2020-21 Sterling Scholar Finalists!

This Year Springville High School had four students qualify for Sterling Scholar Finalist. We are so poroud of these students and all of our Sterling Scholars!

Pictured left to right...

Chase Johns - Chase is a Finalist in the Business and Marketing Division. Chase has invented his own product and is working on bringing it to market. He decided to run for Sterling Scholar his Senior year. He thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase his business skills and creativity.

Elizabeth Sorenson - Elizabeth is a Finalist in the Skilled and Technical Education Division. Elizabeth is very talented  in 3D printing and has been doing this since she was in 8th grade. She decided to run for Sterling Scholar her Senior year. She saw this as an opportunity to showcase her 3D printing skills.

Jane Wilson - Jane is a Finalist in the Visual Arts Division. Jane grew up watching her older sisters be Sterling Scholars and  when she completed the 8th grade she knew this was something she wanted to do. She set a goal for herself and felt this goal set her up for success as she has prepared to be a Sterling Scholar. You may have seen Jane’s work first hand as she has designed several T-shirts for the students and staff at SHS.

Kaden Paxton - Kaden is a Finalist in the Computer Technology Division. Kaden has wanted to be a Sterling Scholar since he was in the 6th grade! Since that time he has been working towards this opportunity. Kaden is excellent with computer Technology and has a great interest in Robotics and plans to study Robotics after he graduates from SHS.

Also pictured is Principal Mr. Fleming. We greatly appreciate the support Mr. Fleming gives to our students at SHS!