Katelyn Cooper

Submitted by kari.dutson on Mon, 08/23/2021 - 08:54
Faculty Spotlight

Hello!  My name is Katelyn Cooper.  I'm the new college access advisor for Springville High from the Utah College Access Corps (UCAC).  I'll be here 40 hours a week to help seniors and their families with college exploration, financial aid, applications and more!  I'm a transfer student, having started my college at the U and transferred to BYU to take advantage of their American Studies and Family History and Genealogy programs.  I may or may not be a first-generation student, depending on how you count it--my mom finished her BA just one year before I did!  I graduated in May and I'm excited to help the seniors start their own college journey.  I truly believe that a higher education degree can be a wonderful way to build the life you want, and that it's accessible to all, regardless of background, income, status, or GPA.  Find me in room C-29.

In my free time, I love to watch new tv shows or listen to podcasts with my husband, write research papers about women's history, read, sew and bake!  I especially love all things historical.