2000-2009 ALUMNI

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Alexis (Miner) Bassi

  • Graduated SHS: 2000
  • Danced on UVSC Ballroom Tour Team 2001-2003
  • Married Jim Bassi of Houston, Texas in September 2003
  • Graduated with a BS in Biology from UVSC in 2005
  • Live in Dallas, Texas
  • One daughter (Nov 2007), Susan Nannette
  • Webpage/blog: www.bassifamily.blogspot.com 
  • Email contact:  alexisbassi [at] gmail [dot] com 

Brooke (Andrus) Boyd

  • Graduated SHS: 2000
  • Married Brandon Boyd in 1999, divorced in 2005
  • Have 2 wonderful children Warren 6-10-99 & Tayla 10-23-01
  • Studying criminal justice at UVSC.
  • Email contact:  baboyd64 [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Ashley (Bird) Bown

  • Graduated SHS:  2002
  • Married Jeremy Bown in May 2005
  • Received Associates Degree in Office Management from Provo College.
  • Live in Orem now, will be moving to Logan for husband to finish school in 2007.
  • Best address to reach me is still my parents in Springville at 940 S 600 E
  • Email contact:  reception [at] foreverybody [dot] com

Stephanie (Smith) Cahoon

  • Graduated SHS:  2004
  • Married Joseph Cahoon, December 2005
  • Graduated from Taylor Andrews Hair Academy, October 2007
  • My husband is going to school to be a Physical Therapist
  • We are currently living in St. George
  • Email contact: stephcahoon [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Katie (Johnson) Clark

  • Graduated SHS: 2004
  • Married Matt Clark of Columbus, OH in 2005
  • Currently living in Columbus while attending Dental School at Ohio State
  • Welcomed first baby girl, Averi in March 2009
  • Blog: www.clarkcraziness24-7.blogspot.com 
  • Email contact:  katieclark14706 [at] gmail [dot] com 

Sharla (Haderlie) Clark

  • Graduated SHS: 2004
  • Graduated from BYU: 2008 in biology
  • Married Chad Clark of Pocatello, ID in June 2008
  • Graduated Touro University in Henderson, NV studying osteopathic medicine, 2011
  • Currently in MD family practice residency, Pocatello, ID
  • Email contact: hsharla [at] gmail [dot] com 

Bonnie (Terry) & Hector Davila

  • Both graduated from SHS in 2008 - Married in 2015
    Bonnie is currently a student at UVU obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Anthropology/Archaeology
    Hector graduated with a BS in Physics and Philosophy and is currently obtaining his Masters & PHD in Physics at GCU. He currently teaches Physics at Summit High School.
    Live in Murray, Ut - one child (boy) born in 2017.
    Email contact:  http://www.facebook.com/bonnie.k.avila

Camille DeGolyer

  • Graduated SHS:  2001
  • Served LDS mission in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Received Associates Degree from UVSC, transferring to BYU with psychology major
  • Working as a receptionist in Orem
  • Living in Provo
  • Email contact:  cdegolyer [at] storesonline [dot] com

Katie (Hulse) Garner 

  • Graduated SHS:  2002
  • Married Clint Garner in 2003
  • Graduated with an Associate degree from BYU-Idaho in 2004
  • Currently has two children, a girl (July 04) and a boy (Feb 06)
  • Email contact:  KatieAnneGarner [at] gmail [dot] com 

Cassie (Nelson) Geels

  • Graduated SHS: 2005
  • Married Craig Geels in 2008
  • Graduated from Image Works Academy of Hair Design November 2007
  • Currently has 1 child (Lincoln Aug 2010)
  • Working for Pinnacle Security in Orem
  • Living in Pleasant Grove
  • Email contact: cbgeels [at] gmail [dot] com

Jessica Lynn (Jensen) Harmon

  • Graduated SHS:  2003
  • Married Chris Harmon in 2004
  • We have two amazing kids, Kaila and Talon
  • We are living in Provo
  • I am still dancing!
  • Email contact:  superduperj [at] gmail [dot] com 

Serena Anne (Foster) Heileson

Kris (Haderlie) Hill

  • Graduated SHS: 2006
  • Graduated UVU: 2009 in elementary education
  • Married Shawn Hill in May 2007
  • Taught 5th grade at Park Elementary as an intern 2008-09
  • Currently teaching 5th grade at Snow Springs Elementary
  • Email contact:  hill [dot] kris88 [at] gmail [dot] com 

Stephanie Lowe

  • Graduated SHS: 2005
  • Attending U of U in her third year, planning to work in a health field
  • She is a nanny and personal trainer
  • Email contact:  btholmes [at] xmission [dot] com 

Laura (Genther) Moore

  • Graduated SHS: 2001
  • Married Nate Moore in 2004, and have a beautiful one year old baby boy
  • Attending Utah State University for a secondary education degree
  • Live in Logan
  • Email contact:  lauragenther [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Travis Moss

  • Graduated SHS: 2000
  • Served an LDS Mission in Paris France
  • Graduated from BYU in Economics 2006
  • Will be attending medical school in 2007
  • Email contact:  soccerman [at] byu [dot] edu 

Camille (Haderlie) Parmenter

  • Graduated SHS: 2000
  • Graduated from beauty school at Dallas-Roberts Academy
  • Owner/stylist at Naturally Yours in Spanish Fork
  • Married Jared Parmenter of Spanish Fork, November 2002
  • One daughter, Charity (Nov 2007)
  • Webpage/Blog:  www.parmeyblog.blogspot.com 
  • Email contact:  mille_lee [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Caleb M. Perkins

  • Graduated SHS: 2000
  • Married Paige L. Carter, April 2016
  • Currently living in Provo
  • Working on having our first child
  • Employed at Sunergy in Orem
  • Email: sportsnut1981 [dot] cp [at] gmail [dot] com

Sara (Peterson) Storms

  • Graduated SHS: 2000
  • Graduated from BYU-Idaho in 2005 with Elementary Education major
  • Married Sean Storms in June 2001
  • I have two boys, Russell (12-18-03) and Bradley (8-2-05)
  • We live in Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Email contact:  sara_storms [at] hotmail [dot] com 
Jill Roberts Strasburg
  • Graduated: 2002
  • Married David Strasburg of Lindon Utah, March 2009
  • I got an associate degree from UVSC, and received my Real Estate License in 2003 from Utah Real Estate School.  
  • Jill was a full time Realtor from 2003-2009 and is currently a stay at home wife while her husband is pursuing his medical degree at the University of Utah.
  • Currently living in Highland Utah
  • Webpage: www.thestrasburgfamily.blogspot.com & www.thenummylittleblog.blogspot.com
  • Email contact:  jillrstrasburg [at] gmail [dot] comtarget="_blank" 
Heather (Frazier) Tanner
  • Graduated SHS:  2001
  • Married Dustin Tanner
  • Graduated from UVU with BS in accounting
  • Three children
  • Live in Mapleton as homemaker and math tutor
  • Email contact:  heathert2009 [at] live [dot] com

Kimberly (McDonald) Walsh

  • Graduated SHS: 2000
  • Married Joseph Walsh in March 2001
  • We have a daughter, Alaina, born 1-10-02
  • Stay-at-home mom and soon to be published author
  • We live in Washington state
  • Email contact:  jkawalsh [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Chris Wilkins

  • Graduated SHS:  2002
  • Married Renee Knudsen in Oct 2004
  • Graduated with a BS in Psychology in 2005
  • Just had our first baby girl in November '06, Jayda Kailyn
  • Working for Division of Child and Family Services, State of Utah, Spanish Fork
  • Email contact:  ReneeandChris1126 [at] hotmail [dot] com