1990-1999 ALUMNI

McCall (Murray) Adamson

  • Graduated SHS: 1995 (attended senior year at UVSC)
  • Married Evan Adamson of Provo, 1995
  • Mother of 3, Kassadi (95), Keaton (00), Murray (07)
  • Registered Nursing degree from UVSC 2002
  • Email contact: McCalla [at] sfcn [dot] org
Marissa (Bellows) Allen
  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Graduated Snow College: 1997
  • Mother to baby girl, Alexia
  • Email contact: marissa [at] allens [dot] net 
  • Home page: www.allens.net 

Heather (Sperry) Anderson 

  • Graduated SHS: 1998
  • Married Frank Anderson
  • 2 kids Damion (1998) & McKayla (2001)
  • Attended College: Associate Degree graduated in 2000
  • Career in Human Resource Management/Drop-shipping
  • Email contact: heather [at] irebates [dot] nethanderson93 [at] hotmail [dot] comtarget="_blank"

Neal Anderson

  • Graduated SHS 1990
  • Attended UVSC, Graduated from USU 1997 in Illustration and Advertising Design
  • Served an LDS Mission to Corpus Christi, Texas 1992-94
  • Graduated from BYU with a Masters in Public Management, 2004
  • Employed as a worksite learning administrator for the Department of Workforce Services
  • Married Michelle Boyer in 1995, we now have three children, Connor (8), Jake (6), and Kaylee (2)
  • Illustrated the book "Nephi, Nephi, the Scriptures are True" published by Deseret Book
  • Email contact: neal [dot] anderson [at] gmail [dot] com 

Karalee (Lambert) Arnell

  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Spent 2 and a half years teaching English in Russia with ILP
  • Currently attending BYU majoring in Russian Teaching with a minor in TESOL
  • Soon to be the mother of a little boy, due to come in April 2001
  • Email contact: queeey [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Brent Arnold

  • Graduated SHS: 1994
  • Served an LDS mission to the Canada Toronto East Mission
  • Currently enrolled at BYU as a prospective Music Performance Major.
  • Email contact: bdarnold [at] usa [dot] net
Shellie (Bess) Arslanian
  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Served an LDS Mission to Fresno, California 2000-2002
  • Graduated in Business Administration from Utah State University
  • Married Hagop Arslanian Jr., June 2004
  • Currently an insurance underwriter for Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah in Salt Lake City
  • Email contact: shelliebess [at] yahoo [dot] com 
Amanda (Hall) Atkins
  • Graduated 1996
  • Married Jared Atkins of California
  • 4 kids - 2 boys, Noah (98) Isaac (00) 2 girls, Avery (02) Bailee (04)
  • My husband attends the U of U (Electrical Engineering)
  • Currently living in Tooele,UT
  • Email contact: jbatkins [at] hotmail [dot] com

Mel Atwood

  • Graduated: 1993
  • Married Sherry 1995. Father to 5 Children (3 Girls and 2 Boys)
  • CEO of YourSolutions.net, LLC: Internet & Marketing Consultant
  • Graduated Snow College & Attended USU
  • Currently live in Moab, UT
  • Email: mel [at] melatwood [dot] com 
  • Websites: www.YourSolutions.net or www.MetAtwood.com 
Ashlee Averett
  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Currently attending USU
  • Email contact: sl8hk [at] cc [dot] usu [dot] edu 

Jackie Averett

  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • A senior at BYU majoring in English Teaching
  • Currently employed by Geneva Rock
  • Email contact: averettj [at] ed [dot] byu [dot] edu 
Kyle Bake
  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Served Madarin speaking LDS mission to Auckland, New Zealand 1997-99
  • Graduated from the Art Institute of Portland in 2007
  • Employed by Nike since 2004 as an Apparel Production Artist/Designer
  • Married Rebecca Ball of Vancouver, WA in 2000
  • 4 kids; Andrew, Katie, Dylan, and Tyler
  • Email contact: Kyle [dot] Bake [at] nike [dot] com

Joshua Bancroft

Jacob Barnett

  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Graduated from USU in Psychology in 2002
  • Married for 6 years
  • Two boys Landon 4, and Jesse 1
  • Living in Castle Dale, UT for 5 years
  • Just opened up a CleanFlicks video store in March of 2002
  • Email contact: jbar25 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Rebecca (Gauld) Bean

  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • 3 boys, Dalton '98, Braeden '00, and Conner '03
  • Currently attending Purdue University
  • Email contact: rabean [at] purdue [dot] edu 

Jeff Bell

  • Graduated SHS: 1991
  • Graduated from Weber State University
  • Living in Seattle, Washington
  • Working at Harborview Medical Center
  • Email contact:  jeffersonbbell [at] hotmail [dot] com 
Michael Bird

Pamela (Geertsen) Bird

  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • Married:  Andy Craig Bird 1998
  • Children: Dakata (1995, Hunter (1998), Chloee (2002), Rhett (2005), and Maddox (2013.
  • Managed Hollywood Video for eight years until they closed.
  • Crase course in nursing when Rhett was born with Down syndrome and many medical issues.
  • Quality control for Sabinsa and CSB Nutrition, currently an assistant at Tru-Health Distribution in Spanish Fork.
  • Live in Payson, Utah ... and our second home, our house on the hill - Primary Children's Hospital. (We really should own our own wing by now.)
  • Email contact:  mom2rhett [at] gmail [dot] comstyle="font-size: 1em; line-height: 1.5;"

Traci (Rigtrup) Bird

Ashley (Jordan) Bogard

  • Graduated SHS:  1997
  • Married Jeremy Bogard, June 2003
  • Currently living in Daytona Beach, FL.  Also have a home in Spanish Fork
  • My husband is a pilot so who knows where we will end up.
  • Email contact:  ashbogard [at] yahoo [dot] com

Melinda Bolen

  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • Served an LDS Mission in the St. Petersburg Russia Mission
  • Currently attending UVSC but will transfer to University of Utah
  • Email Contact: MINDYBOL [at] hotmail [dot] com
Tracee Bolen
  • Graduated SHS: 2000
  • Spent 6 months in Moscow Russia teaching English with ILP
  • Currently attending SUU
  • Email contact: tracee_bolen [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Jeremy Bone

  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Graduated from UVU Trade School 2000
  • Married Kami Guinn, SHS class of 1995
  • Kids: Marét, Bridger, Zachary
  • Employed at Western States Mechanical
  • Email contact:  jbone@wsmechanical

Kami (Guinn) Bone

  • Graduated SHS in 1995
  • Graduated from BYU 2000, English teaching
  • Married Jeremy Bone, SHS class 1995
  • Kids: Marét, Bridger, Zachary
  • Teaching English at Diamond Fork Junior High
  • Email contact: kami [dot] bone [at] nebo [dot] edu">kami [dot] bone [at] nebo [dot] edu
Nicole Bonnett
  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Currently attending Utah State University
  • Majoring in Political Science
  • Email contact: sl2t0 [at] cc [dot] usu [dot] edu 
Michele (Miller) Brady
  • Graduated SHS: 1992
  • Married Kyle Brady (SHS graduate of 88)
  • Mother of 3 children, Tyler (94), Austin (97), and Alyssa (00)
  • Artistic director and choreographer for Kings County Ballet Company
  • Email: kandm [at] flybrady [dot] com 
  • Website: http://flybrady.com/family
Charmain Walker-Brammer
  • Graduated SHS: 1992
  • Graduated BYU 1995 B.S. Chemistry minor Physics
  • Teaching Chemistry at Lehi High School
  • E-mail contact: brammer [at] stinger [dot] net

Miranda Bridge

  • Graduated SHS: 1999
  • Attended UVSC for 2 years
  • Changed to Provo College in July of 2001.
  • Stuyding to be a medical assistant
  • Email contact: randa8218 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Callie Brink-Lee

  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • Attended BYU 1997-1999
  • Married to Chris Lee
  • Six children
  • Work at Modere as Director of Regulatory Affairs
  • Email contact:  calliebrinklee [at] gmail [dot] com 

Eric S. Brimhall

  • Graduated: 1992
  • LDS mission 1993-1995
  • Graduated from BYU 1999
  • MS in Communications 2009
  • USAF Acquisition Program Manager (Civilian)
  • Married with Three Children
  • Living in central Massachusetts
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/kingsfold

Andrew Brooks

  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Serving LDS Mission in Santiago West Chile
  • Will return in December 1997

Alene (Magnuson) Brown

  • Graduated SHS:  1992
  • Currently living in Salt Lake City
  • Have a 2 yr. old son named Caleb
  • Email contact:  BassAngel74 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Gramdon W. Carter

  • Graduated SHS: 1992
  • Married Tiffany Jackson of Orem in 1996
  • Father of 4 girls:  Samantha, Kristina, Sarah, and Skye
  • Currently self employed:  Carter's Computer Repair
  • Email contact:  lordkirivos [at] msn [dot] com

Rick Chappell 

  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Married Monica Stewart, 1995
  • Two children, living in Springville
  • Attending UVSC, studying aviation science
  • Email contact: Chapperi [at] uvu [dot] edu

Lauren (Wilson) Clark

  • Graduated from SHS 1999
  • Married Logan Clark of Littleton, Colorado in August 2001
  • Attended UVSC for one year
  • Currently live in Mesa, Arizona but will be moving to Lehi in March
  • Two children, Kayla and Landon
  • Stay-at-home mom while husband is finishing degree as Physisian's Assistant
  • Email contact: lolly_shell [at] excite [dot] com 

Rebecca (Gauld) Clark

  • Graduated from SHS 1997
  • Married to Kyle Clark
  • 3 boys, Dalton '98, Braeden '00, and Connor '03
  • I am a Firefighter/EMT-B and a Firefighter Calendar Model
  • I do personal training in Colorado
  • Email contact:  ranneclark [at] gmail [dot] com

Lara (Huff) Clements 

  • Graduated SHS: 1991
  • Married to Shay Clements
  • One beautiful daughter, Caroline who is 18 months old.
  • Lara is getting her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration
  • She plans on starting her own business someday
  • Email contact: HONEYGIRLS [at] hotmail [dot] com

Shay Clements

  • Graduated SHS: 1991
  • Finishing up his degree in psychology and will be going to graduate school
  • Also works at Utah Valley State College, teaching and lecturing and helping out student and professors
  • Email contact: shayclements [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Sara Cloward

  • Graduated SHS:  1995
  • Lives in Logan, UT with 2 beautiful children, Joshua 13 and Jordynne 11.
  • Email contact:  piggyeyes [at] hotmail [dot] com

Jeffrey Coburn

  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Graduate BYU/University of Phoenix: Business/Information Systems
  • Married Debra 1996
  • 3 children
  • Email contact: jeff [at] coburnfamily [dot] org 

Gabriel A. Coles

  • Graduated SHS: 1998
  • Married Alycia Gray of SLC, UT, Sept. 2003
  • Kids: 3 Boys: Brandon (1998-Step-son), Zach (2003), and Chris (2004)
  • Currently Attending: Eagle Gate College (Computer Network Administration)
  • Currently Living: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Email contact: colesgabe [at] gmail [dot] comtarget="_blank"

Marcia Conover

  • Graduated SHS:  1993
  • Received associate degree from UVSC
  • Served LDS mission to Baltimore, MD

Christian Coombs

  • Graduated from Weber State University
  • Divorced, one daughter, Kady
  • Currently working for the Utah Food Bank and the Utah Grizzlies
  • Email contact:  cmcoombs [at] hotmail [dot] com
Michael Crane
  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Attending U of U
  • Majoring in Pre-pharmacy
  • E-mail contact: michael [dot] crane [at] m [dot] cc [dot] utah [dot] edu

Kenny Crewse

  • Graduated SHS: 1998
  • Currently lives in Lewiston, Idaho
  • Email contact:  bhakti_lotus [at] yahoo [dot] com

Adam Cutler

  • Graduated SHS:  1996
  • Married Marcella Hinton from California in 1999.
  • Three boys:  Sean 8, Dillon 5, and Liam 1.
  • Currently living in El Paso, TX.
  • Manager of Oak Express (part of the Furniture Row Shopping Center)
  • Email contact:  acutler0614131 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Jacob Dahle

  • Graduated SHS:  1994
  • Served and LDS mission in France and Belgium
  • Graduated from BYU in 2001 in Electrical Engineering
  • Married Heather Brunson (Broomfield, CO)
  • We have two daughters, Ella 5 and Sophie 2.
  • We live in Tuscon, AZ.
  • I design microchips for IBM, Heather is a dietician for a local hospital.
  • I am almost done with my Masters Degree (EE) from the University of Arizona.
  • http://www.dillydahle.blogspot.com/
  • Email contact:  jacob [dot] dahle [at] gmail [dot] com

Jamie (Harris) Dansie

  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • Married Jake Dansie of Spanish Fork
  • Two boys, Mason (2002) and Parker (2005)
  • Live in Spanish Fork
  • Email contact:  jaimeharris [at] yahoo [dot] com

Don Davidson

  • Graduated SHS: 1992
  • Served an LDS Mission to Montana Billings Mission
  • Associate degree from Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service, 1997
  • Married Joyce Sullivan from Peru, Indiana in 1999
  • Currently an embalmer for a prep center dealing with 1200 to 1500 bodies per year
  • Email contact:

Jeff Davis

  • Graduated SHS: 1998
  • Served an LDS Mission in France 1998-2000
  • Associate degree of science from UVSC, 2001
  • B.S. in Neuroscience from BYU, 2005
  • Married to Lisa Rura Davis of Lakewood, Colorado (married in 2004)
  • Currently attending dental school in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, class of 2009
  • Email contact: jeffdavis [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Kasey (Beardall) DeMarco

  • Graduated SHS: 1999
  • Married Tyler DeMarco in September 1999
  • Proud mother of son Brayden, born July 14, 2002
  • Certified nail technician, but currently enjoying staying at home with my son
  • Email contact:  tyandkase [at] juno [dot] com 

Zhanna (Ignatyeva) Domashenko 

  • Russian Exchange Student at SHS
  • Graduated from SHS 1998
  • Graduated Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, 2005
  • Engineer in Chemical Technology of Refractory Non-metallic and Silicate Materials
  • Married and living in Moscow region, Russia
  • Working as an analyst at the laboratory of Pilkington company glass plant
  • Email contact: zhanna_ignateve [at] mail [dot] ru or zhanna [dot] dmashenk [at] rambler [dot] ru 
  • ICQ # : 276558807

Nicole (Nielsen) Donaldson 

  • Graduated from SHS 1998
  • Attended BYU majoring in Nutritional Science
  • Served Mission in Russia, Moscow 2001-2003
  • Married Joseph Donaldson April 2004
  • Moved to Louisville, KY for Med school (2004-2008)
  • Moved to New Orleans, LA for Ophthalmology Residency (2012)
  • Mother of Elle ('05) and Hyrum ('07)
  • Email contact: hulkolb [at] hotmail [dot] com or nicoleedonaldson [at] gmail [dot] com
Cody John Dunne
  • Graduated SHS: 1992
  • Served an LDS Mission 1994-96 to Capetown, South Africa
  • Attended UVSC
  • Married to Denise Harris 2008
  • Live in Denali, Alaska
  • Executive Chef for Princess Tours
  • Email: phroughdunne [at] hotmail [dot] com

Erik Patrick Dunne

  • Graduated from SHS 1994
  • Served an LDS mission to Johannesburg, South Africa 1994-96
  • Attended both UVSC and BYU
  • Happlily married to Cheryl Kunz of Corvallis, Oregon
  • Two daughters (Michaela and Kylie), and two sons (Levi and Aaron)
  • Living in American Fork, happy to be working from home, owning and operating business with my sweetheart
  • Email contact: Dunne_1 [at] juno [dot] com
Mackenzie (Nelson) Dustin
  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Attended College of Eastern Utah in Price,Utah (1996-1999)
  • Majored in Applied Science(Nursing)
  • Married Kelly Dustin Dec. 1998
  • One child: Riley 12-22-00
  • Email contact: redmaker [at] hotmail [dot] com 
Rex Eagar
  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • Graduated University of Utah: 1999, Bachelors Degree in Political Science, Certificate in International Relations
  • Currently attending Temple University Law School in Philadelphia, PA
  • Email contact: x [at] eagar [dot] net
Ryan Englund
  • Gradutated SHS: 1992
  • Married Kacey Devenish in 1996 and have two sons Kyle and Isaac
  • I have an insurance agency in Provo and am living in Springville
  • Email contact: tejler [at] aol [dot] com 
Becky Lee (Best) Evans
  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Married to Justin Evans, had two boys (Kaelan in Feb 94 and Alec in Feb 99).
  • Attended a bit of college and I now live in Wendover NV, where Justin teaches at the highschool.
  • Here is my website - http://geocities.com/beckylee_00/BeckyLee_00s_Webpage.html 
  • Email contact: beckylee_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com or JBE [at] elko [dot] net 

Greg Felix

  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • At BYU majoring in Electrical Engineering 
  • Email contact: gregf [at] msmlab [dot] byu [dot] edu 
Michael Felix
  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Served an LDS mission in the Italy Padova Mission
  • At BYU majoring in Computer Science
  • Email contact: mikef [at] msmlab [dot] byu [dot] edu 
Suzanne (Larson) Frandsen
  • Graduated SHS:1992
  • Graduated from UVSC in Business Management 1995
  • Widowed -one beautiful daughter, Savannah (4)
  • Work for Wells Fargo Bank
  • Email contact: SFrandsen [at] msn [dot] com 
David Gadd
  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • At BYU majoring in Philosophy
  • Email contact: dgadd [at] courgarnet [dot] byu [dot] edu 

Kate Gadd

  • Graduated SHS 1992
  • Attended BYU-Idaho, UVSC, BYU. Graduated with B.S. in English
  • Worked as a writer and editor for several years
  • Currently working as a self-employed artist
  • Reside in Manitowoc, Wisconsin
  • In the process of adopting
  • Website: www.kategadd.com 
  • Email contact: kate [at] gadd [dot] com 

Jon Gee

  • Graduated SHS: 1990
  • Served an LDS mission to Dresden, Germany (1991-1993)
  • Graduated from UVU in 1996, BS Business Management
  • Employed at Mitey Lite in Orem
  • Email contact: geejond [at] gmail [dot] com

Aimee (Hart) Gillespie

  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • Married Owen Gillespie from American Fork in November 1997
  • Three children: Jordyn (1999), Bailey (2001), and Carter (2003)
  • Live in Eagle Mountain, Utah
  • Email contact: prismaticjeans [at] yahoo [dot] com
Wendy (Robertson) Girot
  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Live in Vernal
  • Graduated from as Dental Assistant
  • Worked as Dental/Orthodontic Assistant until 2003 and now a stay-at-home Mom
  • Maried Ken Girot in 2003. I have two step-children and three of my own. Alex (2001), Kyllie (2002 stillborn) and Breanna (2005)
  • Email contact: sweetieemerald [at] peoplepc [dot] com 
Erica Graves
Robyn (Robinson) Greene
  • Graduated SHS: 1990
  • Married 6 years to Rio Greene of Highland
  • Mother of Marissa Mary Greene 10 months old and pregnant with son, due in april 2002
  • Just bought our first home in Provo
  • Working for Provo Police Dept as 911 Dispatcher
  • Worked for UVRMC for 5 yrs as a Phlebotimist
  • Email contact: rrmgreene [at] yahoo [dot] com ()

Kristina (Gonzales) Grissom

  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Married John Grissom of Brigham City, May 2000, no children
  • Attended: Stevens Henager College, Ogden. Worked on BS in Computer Science
  • Email contact: ninagrissom [at] hotmail [dot] com
Jon Haderlie
  • Graduated SHS: 1994
  • Graduated from UVSC with BS in accounting
  • Graduated from USU with MBA
  • LDS Mission to Portland Oregon
  • Married Jeana Barney of Spanish Fork, 1999
  • 1 daughter, Jessica (Jan 03). 1 son, Layne (Sep 05)
Matthew Hall
  • Graduated SHS: 1991
  • Senior at BYU majoring in Chemical engineering
  • Currently integrating Master Degree Program in Hemotology
  • Email contact: hallm [at] caedm [dot] et [dot] byu [dot] edu
Richard Hart
  • Graduated SHS: 1999
  • Served a mission to Guatemala 00-02
  • Graduated from UVSC in 2006 with a BS in Social Work
  • Matriculating through Organizational Leadership master's program with Southern New Hampshire University (graduation date 2016)
  • Commissioned from BYU AFROTC a 2nd Lt in 2006. Obtained rank of Captain in 2010 and is going up for Major's board in 2015.
  • Currently stationed at Ramstein AB, Germany as a Personnel Officer
  • Deployed to Afghanistan in 2010, currently deployed to Qatar (2015)
  • Married Tracey Dawn Lang in 2011
  • Email contact: richhart007 [at] yahoo [dot] com 
Tesha Harvey
  • Graduated SHS:1992
  • Alive and well in San Jose, California
  • Currently employed at SAP Labs
  • Email contact: teshamb [at] yahoo [dot] com 
Mike Hatch
  • Graduated 1998
  • Married Jamie Essig of Broomfield, CO in Jan 2000
  • One daughter, Hannah Lynn born Dec 2004
  • Currently M1A2 tank commander in btrp 1-3 acr
  • Have served one year in Korea, 2 year-long tours in Iraq
  • Email contact: mike762414 [at] yahoo [dot] com 
Dean aka Pat Hawley
  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • I live in Temecula, CA now.
  • I am working as an EMT for Pala Indian Reservation.
  • I did four years in the US Marines.
  • Going to school for my Paramedic trying to get Pre-Med out of the way right now.
  • Email contact: pdeanhawley [at] aol [dot] com 
Celeste Robinson Heaps
  • Graduated SHS: 1998
  • Married with one child, Danielle
  • Lives in Lindon
  • Email contact:  KCDHEAPS [at] aol [dot] com 
Esther (Bartsch) Helser
  • German Exchange Student at SHS
  • Graduated SHS: 1994
  • Graduated Technische Universitþt Berlin Germany 1997
  • Bachelors in Musicology
  • Married and living in Mesa, AZ since 1997
  • Mother of little boy, Briggs
  • Email contact: platinumdesign [at] uswest [dot] net 

Celeste (Minch) Hepworth 

  • Graduated SHS: 1998
  • Married to Wayne Hepworth of Mesa, AZ in 2004
  • Daughter, Anne 3, and daughter Melisande 2.
  • Currently at Ft. Hood, Texas (my husband is in the Army)
  • Proud stay-at-home mom
  • Email contact: onethinkitty [at] yahoo [dot] com

Matt Hilton

  • Graduated SHS: 1998
  • Attended Utah Valley State College & Clackamas Community College (Oregon City, Oregon)
  • Currently living in Portland, Oregon
  • Employed at Oregon Health and Science University
  • Email contact: revgremlin [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Cody S. Hoagland

  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • Professional photographer traveling the world
  • Married to Emily Parker from Texas
  • We live in Santaquin, Utah
  • Email contact: porter_rockwell [at] juno [dot] com 
Stephanie (Peterson) Holdaway
  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Married Bruce Holdaway in 1998
  • 3 kids: two girls and one boy; Bailey '99 (10), Morgan '02 (7) and Owen '04 (5)
  • Currently living in Springville where I babysit kids!!
  • Email contact: stephanie_holdaway [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Scott E. Holloway

  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Will attend USU in Fall 1999 after mission
  • Email contact: ScottHolloway [at] juno [dot] com 

Doug Holm

  • Graduated SHS, 1996
  • Served in Ohio Columbus Mission, 1996-1998
  • Attended Snow College, 1999-2000
  • Married Heather Frost of Monticello, Utah, 2002
  • Graduated University of Utah, BA in Political Science, 2003
  • Currently Employed by Zions Bank
  • Email Contact: kevendholm [at] netscape [dot] net 
Jeff Holmes
  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Graduated from BYU, BS in Computer Science, 2003
  • Married Ciara Wiest in June 2005
  • Currently employed by the US Department of Justice
  • Email contact: jeff_holmes [at] byu [dot] net 
Zach Houser
  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Served a mission in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Graduated from BYU in zoology
  • Married high school sweetheart, Amie Davis
  • Attending Case Western University School of Dentistry in Cleveland, OH
  • Have a daughter, Sebrina
  • Email contact: zachouser [at] yahoo [dot] com 
Jill (Best) Hulce
  • Graduated 1994
  • Married Brian Hulce (class of 1995) in November 1996
  • 3 boys, Andrew (1998), CJ (2001), and Jackson (2004)
  • We live in Mapleton and I stay home and take care of our children
  • Email contact:  jills_76 [at] peoplepc [dot] com 

Crystal (Cox) Hurst

  • Graduated SHS 1998
  • Married to Justin Hurst, 2001
  • Two children, Ryan (2004) and Kara (2007)
  • Live in Alaska
  • Family website: http://thehurst.com 
  • Email contact: cryhurst [at] gmail [dot] com 

Melinda Gibbons Husby

  • Graduated SHS: 1994
  • Married Norwegian, Andreas Husby, in 2005
  • Lives in Norway
  • Email contact:  melinda760 [at] hotmail [dot] comstyle="font-size: 1em; line-height: 1.5;"

Joe Hylton 

  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Freshman at BYU majoring in Electrical engineering
  • Email contact: hyltonj [at] caedm [dot] et [dot] byu [dot] edu 
Jeremy Hurren
  • Graduated SHS: 1990
  • Currently employed at Microsoft Corp. as a Software Development Engineer.
  • Email: jeremyh [at] microsoft [dot] com 

Michael Hurren

  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Graduated UVSC: 2003
  • Married Anna Karli Gulbranson (2002)
  • Children: Porter (2003), Walker (2005)
  • Email contact: mikehurren [at] gmail [dot] com 
  • Blog: www.mikehurren.vox.com  

Tiffany (Larsen) Irvine

  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Married Todd Irvine
  • Mother to Ambri (1996) and Megan (2005)
  • Email contact: tiffanylarsen [at] msn [dot] com 

Adrienne Jackson

  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Currently attending USU
  • Majoring in Special Education Mild/Moderate
  • Email contact: slp54 [at] cc [dot] usu [dot] edu 

Melissa (Bolen) Jackson

  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • Married Daniel Jackson
  • One cute boy named Kaden and one on the way
  • Email contact: dpbolen [at] fiber [dot] net  (Subject:Missy)

Peter Jay

  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • Served an LDS Mission in the St. Petersburg, Russia Mission
  • Graduated from BYU in 2005 with BA in Political Science and Minors in Russian and Business
  • Married Kira Wilcken, from Texas
  • Pursuing JD/MBA at the University of Alabama
  • Email contact: peterajay [at] gmail [dot] com 
  • website: www.peter-jay.com 
Gina (Harmer) Jenkins
  • Graduated 1995
  • Graduated BYU 2000
  • Married Tom Jenkins (Phoenix, AZ) in 1998
  • I am currently a stay-at-home to three children: Abigail 9, Emma 8, and Aaron 5
  • Currently living Princeton, NJ while my husband is attending school for his PhD in Plasma Physics
  • Email contact: tgjenkins [at] gmail [dot] com 
Lauralyn Jensen
  • Graduated SHS: 1992
  • Graduated from BYU in Conservation Biology/Wildlife Management
  • After 17 years, still trying to figure out how I ended up at BYU
  • Taught High School biology for 2.5 years and barely survived
  • Working as an Environmental Scientist, wandering the U.S. and Mexico
  • Married since January 2008 to Stephen J. Quinn of San Diego, CA
  • Residing in the Sacramento, CA area
  • Email contact: enviroscientist [at] hotmail [dot] com or envirodrumgirl [at] yahoo [dot] com or find me on Facebook
Bryan Johnson
  • Graduated 1995
  • Served LDS mission in Quito, Ecuador
  • Graduated from BYU
  • Currently attending University of Chicago
  • Married with two children
  • Email contact: bryan [at] everleaf [dot] net 

Burr Johnson 

  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Served LDS mission in the Canada Toronto West Mission
  • Graduated from BYU: 2000
  • Employed as a 3D animator for Humongous Entertainment in Seattle, WA
  • Father of 2 girls: Madelyn and Deirdre
  • Email contact: burrjohnson [at] yahoo [dot] com 
Bo (B.J.) Jolley
  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Married Clarissa Clifford (2003)
  • Live in Denver, Colorado
  • Work for NTT/Verio Inc. as an IT Manager
  • 1 dog (Newf) - Tonka, no kids yet
  • Email contact: boholio [at] gmail [dot] com 
Rachel (Harvey) Jones
  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Married Brian Jones in 1997, an SHS graduate from 1988
  • Live in Mapleton with four children: Chaliece 11, Kendon 6, Aspen 4, Ryder 9 months
  • Received massage therapy license in 1996 but currently a stay-at-home-mom
  • Brian works for Jones Paint & Glass
  • Email contact: brrack6 [at] yahoo [dot] com 
Bill Justesen

Shannon Young Kallaker

  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Graduated BYU: 1997 with BA in European Studies
  • Graduated Stockholm University: 2002 with an MS in International & Comparative Education
  • Married Kristian Kallaker (former exchange student at SHS 1991-92)
  • Three children: Hannah ('98), Emilie ('00), and Erik ('03)
  • Currently back in Springville and working at BYU advising grad students
  • Email contact:  shankallaker [at] yahoo [dot] com">shankallaker [at] yahoo [dot] com, or find me on Facebook

Bobbi (Peterson) Kassel

  • Graduated SHS: 1990
  • Married Kevin Kassel from Las Vegas, NV in 2008
  • Graduated from UVU with a BS degree in Criminal Justice in 2002
  • Currently working at UVU in the Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Department as an Academic Advisor
  • Have two sons: Austin and Tanner; four step-children: Jenna, Carson, Haley, Calli
  • Currently living in Springville, UT
  • Email contact: bkassel [at] uvu [dot] edu 
Spencer D. Kelly
  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Attended Southwest A.T.C. in Cedar City, UT for 6 weeks truck driving course
  • 2 years 4 months experience as an over the road truck driver
  • Served an LDS mission to New Mexico Albuquerque Mission 1998-2000
  • Married Allison Gibson from Nephi, UT, Oct 13, 2001
  • Have attended UVSC for about a year and will continue to attend with a major in accounting, with plans to transfer to BYU
  • Email contact: uskellys [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Erin (Peterson) Kidd 

  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Married Guy Kidd from West Valley, November 2004
  • One son, Parker
  • Live in American Fork, Utah
  • Email contact: angel_e [at] hotmail [dot] com
Janeece (Bell) King
  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Living in Seattle, Washington
  • Married Ken King in August of 2000
  • webpage: http://www.janeecerules.com 
  • Email contact:  janeece8 [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Andrea Lynn (Shultz) Koroma

Brent Kynaston 

  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Married Danyelle Proffitt (San Diego)
  • 4 children: Brent Jr 10, Naomi Ruth 8, Emma Lynn 6 and Joseph James 3.
  • Attended College: UVSC, University of Utah, and DOD Defense Language Institute (Graduation with honors)
  • Career in computer software development in Washington, DC
  • Email contact: bkynaston [at] gmail [dot] com 

Thomas Larsen

  • Graduated SHS:  1992
  • Currently in the Navy stationed in Keflavik Iceland
  • Homepage:  www.geocities.com/drnkonrum/
  • Email contact:  larsent [at] nctskef [dot] navy [dot] mil
Sara (Erickson) Laub
  • Graduated SHS: 1998
  • Graduated UVSC 1999 with an associate degree
  • Married Kevin Laub: a tile setter and firefighter
  • Three children: Samantha (2002), Derrick (2003), and KayDee (2006)
  • Bought a house in Gunlock, Utah
  • Employed as stay-at-home Mom
  • Email contact: kslaub [at] gmail [dot] com 

Rani Law

  • Graduated SHS:1995
  • Graduated Snow College: 1997
  • Lived in Japan for a year and a half, teaching English and was an exchange student.
  • Currently at the U of U majoring in Linguistics with a minor in Japanese.
  • Email contact: rani_law [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Rebecca (Young) Law 

  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Graduated from UVSC in 1997 with major in Political Science
  • Two children, Kennedy (1999) and Ethan (2003)
  • Live in Salt Lake and working as a Mezzo. Singer for the Utah Opera Company and Intercontinental Hotels Group
  • Email contact: becabooicu [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Katie (Bird) Levanger

  • Graduated SHS: 1991
  • Served a mission to Bordeaux, France
  • Graduated from Utah State University with a BA in English, Minor in French
  • Currently working a data processor at Digital Matrix
  • Married with two children, Parker (age 5) and Megan (age 2)
  • Live in Las Vegas where husband is fine arts department head at Swainston Middle School
  • Email contact: klevanger [at] juno [dot] com 

Brent Lewis 

  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Married Malynda in 1995
  • Have three children: Codie (1998), Camie (2006) & Austin (2001)
  • Live in Spanish Fork
  • Email contact: v2brle [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Michelle (Cooper) Lewis

  • Graduated SHS: 1999
  • Graduated from Weber State College in Radiology
  • Work at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
  • Married to Ian Lewis
  • One son (Dec 2005) and one daughter (May 2007)
  • Currently living in Utah while husband finishes at BYU then on to medical school
  • Email contact: freedom100680 [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Richele Ann Loveridge

  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Currently attending BYU Majoring in Finance
  • Served an LDS mission to Bangkok, Thailand
  • Email contact: ral26 [at] email [dot] byu [dot] edu 

Garrett Lowe

  • Graduated SHS: 1999
  • Served a mission to Bucharest Romania 1999-2001
  • Currently enrolled at U of U Medical School
  • Married Jessica Passanante
  • 1 baby boy born Oct 2006, Gabriel
  • Email contact: btholmes [at] xmission [dot] com 

Ray Mackley

  • Graduated SHS:  1997
  • Served a mission to Fiji Suva then New Zealand AucklandI
  • Email contact:  Rpl1257 [at] hotmail [dot] com 
Jonathon Manning
  • Graduated SHS: 1990
  • Married Carole Lang of Marshall, TX, 1991
  • Proud father of five boys
  • Attended Westminster College, Computer Science
  • Network Engineer for SuperValu (Albertsons)
  • Email contact: iamjmann [at] gmail [dot] com 
Jodi (Haderlie) Mantilla
  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • Graduated from UVSC 2006 in Elementary Education
  • Completed MEd in Learning and Technology, WGU (2008)
  • Completed second MEd in Mathematics Education, SUU (2008)
  • Nearly completed PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, USU (Dec 2014)
  • Teaching 5th grade at Larsen Elementary in Spanish Fork
  • Married Glen Mantilla from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
  • Two daughters, Madison (Aug 2000), Makayla (Aug 2001) and one son Josh (May 2008)
  • Email contact: jodi [dot] mantilla [at] nebo [dot] edu 

Amy (Stradling) Marble 

  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Married Spencer Marble in 1998
  • 1 son - Jackson (4/2004)
  • Live in Highland, Utah
  • Received Property & Casualty Insurance Agents Licence in 2001. Currently employed at Granit Insurance Agency in Salt Lake
  • Email contact: amymarble [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Jessica (Laws) Marshall

  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Graduated from BYU with a major in Food Science and a minor in Chemistry: 1997
  • Married Riley Marshall (Payson 1993): 1996
  • Two Children: Spencer (9/9/00) and Camille (9/30/97)
  • Work as a Technical Inquires Specialist at Morinda, Inc. in Provo
  • Email:  jessicam [at] morinda [dot] com jessicam [at] morinda [dot] com%20">
  • Webpage: www.rileygmarshall.com 

Nathan Marshall 

  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Married Stephanie Taylor
  • Graduated BYU with BS in Zoology:Conservation Biology Emphasis
  • Graduated San Diego State University with MS in Biolgy
  • Attending University of Idaho: PhD in Biology
  • Have three children: Taylor, Chase and Mariahy
  • Email contact: dracaonoides [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Audra (Mortensen) McHoes

  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Graduated BYU: 1996 in Elementary Education
  • Married with 3 children: David (97), Mikinna (98), and Brianna (01)
  • Email contact: audra_mchoes [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Jennifer (Young) McNeil

  • Graduated SHS: 1992
  • Married Troy McNeil in 1999
  • Served LDS Mission in Fresno, Ca
  • Graduated from UVSC in 2003
  • Two children, Madeleine and Eric
  • Living in Madera, CA
  • Email contact is: troy_jenmcneil [at] yahoo [dot] com or troy_jenmcneil [at] msn [dot] com 

Stephnie (Gray) Mead

  • Graduated SHS: 1994
  • Married Dell Mead in November 1994
  • Graduated Bon Losee Hair Academy in 1999
  • We have three daughters: Sabryna (8/98), Mychigan (3/02) and Daisy Mae (10/03)
  • We live in the Price, Utah area
  • Currently I am loving being a Mom
  • Email: purcy_brella [at] hotmail [dot] com purcy_brella [at] hotmail [dot] com ( )

Richard Miller

  • Graduated SHS: 1998
  • Live in St. George, Utah
  • Married for two years
  • Employed at Wal-Mart Distribution Center
  • Will attend Dixie State College in the Spring 2002 with a major in architechture technology

Andrew Miner 

  • Graduated SHS: 1999
  • Served LDS Mission to Munich, Germany 2000-2002
  • Married Callie Haggard (SHS class of 1996) August 2004
  • Graduated in Neuroscience from BYU 2005
  • Attending medical school at University of Texas Southwestern until 2009
  • Email contact:  agmine [at] gmail [dot] com 

Callie (Haggard) Miner 

  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Served LDS Mission to Donetsk, Ukraine 1999-2001
  • Graduated in Zoology from BYU 2002
  • Married Andrew Miner (SHS class of 1999) August 2004
  • Graduated from BYU Law School 2005
  • Currently an attorney in Dallas, Texas
  • Email contact:  agmine [at] gmail [dot] com 

Eddie Miner

  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Molecular Biology major at BYU
  • Served an LDS mission in Ukraine and Belarus
  • Email contact:  jam [at] utah [dot] uswest [dot] net 
Jonathan Miner
  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • Molecular Biology major at BYU
  • Email contact:  jam [at] utah [dot] uswest [dot] net 
Jennifer (Hickman) Miskin
  • Graduated SHS:  1992
  • Married Theron Miskin in 1994
  • Two children: Zane (16) and Harper (13)
  • Currently studying for my AS:CIS at Southwestern Community College
  • Live in San Diego
  • Email contact:  theronsgirl [at] cox [dot] net 

Nicolai Momotenco

  • Graduated from SHS 1998
  • Graduated from University of Hohenheim, Germany with Diploma in Economics in 2006
  • Happily married since 2006, have a son Maxim
  • Work as a teacher in Stuttgart, Germany
  • Email contact: neal [dot] anderson [at] gmail [dot] com
  • ICQ: 122327799
  • Skype:  lenkrad81

April A. (Averett) Murray 

  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • Married Neil J. Murray (from Orem, UT), former Marine
  • Worked as a chiropracter's assistant
  • Now a mother of two children: Rhett and Samantha
  • Webpage:  www.myspace.com/48358949 
  • Email contact:  littleblondepixie [at] gmail [dot] com 

Kathryn Munk

  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Currently attending USU
  • Email contact:  SL5MT [at] cc [dot] usu [dot] edu 

Miranda Murdock

  • Graduated SHS:  1995
  • Currently attending USU
  • Majoring in Special Education Mild/Moderate
  • Email contact:  SLM59 [at] cc [dot] usu [dot] edu

Wendi Nelson

  • Graduated SHS:  1995
  • Graduated Utah State University 1999
  • Currently living in Virginia
  • Employed doing promotions for an architecture firm
  • Email contact:  wendijeannelson [at] hotmail [dot] com

Chad Nielson

  • Graduated SHS: 1992
  • Married Tasha Hart 1995
  • Masters in Accounting, BYU, 1999
  • Employed by Ernst and Young in Houston, TX
  • Two children Porter and Sophie
  • Email contact:  1nielsci [at] uvu [dot] edu or at home: nielsoncar [at] aol [dot] com

Cari Nielson

  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • A senior at majoring in English
  • Works at Central Bank and Trust in Provo
  • Email contact: nielsoncar [at] aol [dot] com 

Jason Nielson

  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Served an LDS mission to Ireland 1997-1999
  • Married Britney Strong of Payson
  • Currently live in Payson
  • We have three girls and 1 boy
  • Web site:  www.thenielsons.blogspot.com 
  • Email contact:  jasonnielson711 [at] hotmail [dot] com 
Jill (Barnes) Nielson
  • Graduated SHS:1995
  • Recently graduated from BYU in Social Work and am now in Washinton D.C.
  • While at BYU my husband and I did internships in Kiev, Ukraine and East London South Africa
  • Email contact:  jill_nielson [at] yahoo [dot] com jill_nielson [at] yahoo [dot] com%20">
Melanie (Cooter) North
  • Graduated SHS 1991
  • Attended UVSC and UofU
  • Served a mission in Hamburg, Germany (94-96)
  • Married to Gregg North with 2 children (Micah '01 and Abby '02)
  • Living in Tooele, UT
  • Email contact:  northfam4 [at] yahoo [dot] com 
Toby O'Hara
  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Student at Indiana University, Indianapolis
  • Majoring in Business with a concentration in Computer Information Systems
  • Served a signing mission to Los Angeles, CA and NY, NY (1996-1998)
  • Currently living in Indianapolis
  • Email contact:  canspell [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Aaron Oldroyd

  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Majoring in Electronics Engineering At Devry in Phoenix
  • Should be going on mission some time around June 1.
  • Email contact:  aoldroyd [at] student [dot] devry-phx [dot] edu

Martin Overly

  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • Masters of Forensic Science (SUU) 2009
  • Live in Morgantown, West Virginia
  • I teach at West Virginia University/Forensic and Investigative Sciences
  • Not Married.  No kids.
  • Email contact:  Over3520 [at] comcast [dot] net

Megan (Boyer) Overton

  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Senior Class secretary
  • Work as permanent make-up technician
  • Three children, 2 girls and 1 boy
  • Email contact:  mckaydada [at] aol [dot] com

Nicole (Evans) Parker

  • Graduated SHS: 1996, one year early
  • Weber State, Computer Science Information Systems
  • Married Devin Parker of Orem, Utah
  • Owner of online digital scrap-booking business, Stuff to Scrap
  • I currently run my business from home and am a digital designer and do photography
  • I play roller derby with the Happy Valley Derby Darlins as Pain in the Nikki
  • Four children:  Brayden (1999), Madison (2002), Chloe (2007), and Sadie (2010)
  • Currently live in Springville
  • Email contact:  parker [dot] nicole [at] gmail [dot] com">parker [dot] nicole [at] gmail [dot] com 

David Perry

  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • LDS mission to Tucson, AZ 1999-2001
  • Bachelor of Science WSU 2004
  • Currently in medical school KCOM, class of 2011
  • Email contact:  runningqh [at] gmail [dot] com
Heather Peterson
  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Attended Dallas Robert Acadamy of Hair Design and graduated dec 1997
  • Married R. Jason Noonan of San Diego, CA April of 1999
  • Currently working in American Fork at "Salon Cachet"
  • Email contact:  noonanj [at] davencourt [dot] org 
Kristi (Morgan) Peterson
  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Married to Scott Peterson, a 1995 SHS graduate
  • Mother of three boys and a girl, Taylar, Michael, Kobe, and Aaliyah
  • Attending UVSC: Major in History, graduating Fall 2008 then applying to law school
  • Live in Spanish Fork
  • Email contact:  tmka98 [at] hotmail [dot] com 
Keri (Anderson) Pittard
  • Graduated 1997(at another SHS, actually SSHS--Sugar-Salem High School in Sugar City, ID)
  • Graduated from BYU Dec. 2003 with Math Education and Civil Engineering degrees
  • Moved to Tucson, Arizona, and work at Raytheon Missile Systems
  • Married Matthew Pittard--a Mechanical engineering major at BYU--July 2000
  • URL address: www.pittard.org 
  • Email addresses:  keri_pittard [at] hotmail [dot] com or Keri_L_Pittard [at] raytheon [dot] com 

Tara Pope  

  • Graduated SHS: 1998
  • Mother of two wonderful children, Cody and Chloe
  • Email contact:  tara102379 [at] yahoo [dot] com 
Debbie (Ruff) Rasmussen
  • Graduated SHS: 1990
  • Have 3 children
  • Live in Seattle Area
  • Served mission in Fukuoka, Japan
  • Email contact:  debbieas [at] hotmail [dot] com  
Lars Rasmussen
  • Graduated SHS: 1992
  • Lives in Seattle Area with lovely wife and 3 gorgeous children
  • Served in the Brazil Curitiba mission
  • Technical Trainer at Conversay
  • Email contact:  larsa99 [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Amber (Larsen) Reese

  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • Married Jason Reese of Spanish Fork
  • One Girl, Averie (2009) 
  • Jason has 2 kids, one boy Haiden (2001)one girl Macie (2003)
  • Live in Spanish Fork
  • Email contact:  Ambereese10 [at] gmail [dot] comAmbereese10 [at] gmail [dot] comtarget="_blank" style="font-size: 1em; line-height: 1.5;"

Stephanie (Allen) Reeve

  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Married Aaron Reeve June 1996
  • Have 2 kids Kelsey May 1998 and Aaron "AC" June 2000
  • Currently live in Emery County helping with the family business of Horses and Farming!!
  • Email contact:  stephreeve [at] hotmail [dot] com stephreeve [at] hotmail [dot] com ( )

Diana (Sumsion) Reichert

  • Graduated SHS:  1990
  • I have been married for ten years now
  • I have 3 children. Larissa 8 yrs. Jacob and Jeremy 5 yrs. (Identical twin boys)
  • My husband has been an Arabic Linguist for the military for the past 9 yrs
  • We have lived in Monterey California, Ft. Hood Texas, and we just returned from a BEAUTIFUL 5 year tour in Southern Germany
  • Email contact:  Reichert5 [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Jennifer (Binks) Reid

  • Graduated SHS:  1993
  • Married Jonathan Reid, 3 boys and 1 girl
  • Graduated University of Utah 1995
  • Lived in Japan for 1.5 yrs., now back in Springville
  • Busy mom!
  • Email contact:  Rockymountainlaw [at] aol [dot] com

Jonathan Reid 

  • Graduated SHS: 1990
  • Mission to Tokyo, Japan 1991-93
  • Graduated BYU, with major in Japanese, 1996
  • Juris doctorate from University of Utah, 1999
  • Self-employed attorney/real estate investor
  • Lived in Japan for 1.5 years, now back in Springville
  • Married Jennifer Binks, 3 boys and 1 girl
  • Email contact:  Rockymountainlaw [at] aol [dot] com 
Norman Rentschler
  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • coached cross-country and track at SHS
  • Called on LDS mission to Vekateringburg, Russia
  • Entering into MTC on January 29, 1997

Mitchell Rogers

  • Graduated SHS: 1994
  • Graduated from Utah State University, 2003, BS Computer Science
  • Married Tara Horrocks (Craig, CO), 1999
  • Two children - Preston and Audrey
  • Software engineer at Western Governor's University in Salt Lake City
  • Email contact:  Mrogers2 [at] wgu [dot] edu 
Shanda (Nyman) Ross
  • Graduated Spanish Fork High in 1994 but attended SHS all but senior year
  • Attending Columbia College of Missouri majoring in business management
  • Work for Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office
  • Married, one daughter (01), Jaisha
  • Email contact:  sross [at] slco [dot] org 
Loren Roundy
  • Graduated SHS:  1990
  • Married Cari Prince of Katy, TX (1995)
  • Father of 3 sons
  • IT Systems Administrator
  • Email contact:  lorenroundy [at] gmail [dot] com
Suzanne Steffens Rowley
  • Graduated from SHS: 1995
  • Attending Utah College of Massage Therapy
  • Married Luke Rowley
Dallen Rozema
  • Graduated 1993
  • Married with 2 children, Jentri and Logan
  • Graduated with B.S. in Accounting
  • Work at Century Equipment Co., as Store Manager
  • Live in Benjamin, Utah
  • Email contact:  dallen [dot] rozema [at] centuryeq [dot] com 

Candice (Idle) Rushton 

  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Mother to Mia (1998), Luka (2001), and Liam (2003)
  • Financial analyst with local Utah bank
  • Lives in Cottonwood Heights, Utah
  • Email contact:  candacerushton [at] comcast [dot] net 

Shondra (Russell-Wynings) Russell

  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Graduated Univ. of Utah: 1998
  • Masters degree from Oregon State University
  • Married, with one son
  • Email contact: arussell_wynings [at] msn [dot] com 
Erika (Scholz) Scarpino
  • Graduated 1998
  • 1 daughter: Gabrielle
  • Licensed Nail Technician
  • Email contact:  scarpino1831 [at] hotmail [dot] com 
Amy Hanks Scharman
  • Graduated SHS: 1991
  • Living in Nashville, TN as my husband goes to Vanderbilt Law School
  • Married with 3 kids
Benjamin D. Schmidt
  • Graduated from SHS: 1990
  • Associate Degree in Architectural/Structural Drafting
  • Currently employed as a Senior Electrical designer with Chicago Bridge & Iron
  • Live in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Email contact:  benjamin [dot] schmidt [at] comcast [dot] net
Lindi Sines
  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Currently attending Utah State University
  • Majoring in Nursing
  • Email contact:  slkcb [at] cc [dot] usu [dot] edu 
Heather Jo Skabelund
  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Currently attending Utah State University
  • Majoring in Social Work
  • Email contact: sljl1 [at] cc [dot] usu [dot] edu
Brent Smith
  • Graduated SHS: 1991
  • Served an LDS mission in Houston, Texas
  • Married Charlene Acuna (Portland, OR) in 1997
  • 2nd degree Black Belt
  • BS in Molecular Biology, BYU 1997
  • Doctor of Chiropratic at Western States Chiropractic College 2001
  • Currently practicing in Salem, Oregon
  • Live in Salem, Oregon with Charlene and son, Braden
  • Email contact:  drbrentsmith [at] comcast [dot] net 
Sarah (Swenson) Smith
Brooks Sorensen
  • Graduated SHS: 1999
  • Email contact:  zorro [at] dogomania [dot] com 

Becky (Anderson) Speck

  • Graduated SHS 1993
  • Marrie Jason Speck (Ohio) - two children
  • We live in Washington, DC
  • Attorney/work-at-home mom
  • Email contact:  beckispeck [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Calleen Child Spencer

  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Gradulated BYU in 2000
  • Married to Mike Spencer
  • Mother to Madison(96) and MIchaela(98) and new baby on the way(Sept. 2001)
  • Email contact:  Calleen2000 [at] yahoo [dot] com 
Michael Spencer
  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Graduated with BS from UVSC 1998
  • Planned Graduation with Masters from Utah State 2002
  • Married to Calleen Child
  • Children-Madison(96) Michaela (98) and new baby(sept. 2001)
Stacie (Lowe) Steel
  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Married Chris Steel in November 2000
  • Expecting first child February 2003
  • Attended UVSC pursuing teaching degree through colleges that we are stationed by
  • Have lived in Texas, Mississippi and now in North Dakota
  • Husband is in the AirForce
  • Email contact:  btholmes [at] xmission [dot] com 

Miranda (Loveless) Sticht

  • Graduated SHS in 1990
  • Graduated U of U in 1994 with Bachelor of Music Education (percussion emphasis)
  • Graduated University of Phoenix in 2005 with Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Married Alan Sticht from Texas in 1992 and have 3 daughters, Stephanie, Katie (profoundly deaf with cochlear implant) and Melanie and one son, Aaron Daniel
  • Working as an orchestra teacher at Clearfield High, North Layton Jr. High and various elementary schools throughout Davis District.
  • Living in Clinton, UT
  • Email contact:  mirandasticht [at] msn [dot] com 

Jennifer (Iker) Stowell

  • Graduated SH: 1996
  • Graduated BYU: 2008 BS in Geography
  • Working as a research fellow at Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA
  • Married Sean Stowell in 1998
  • Three boys:  Caleb (1999), Carter (2002), Zachary (2005)
  • Planning to pursue PhD in Environmental Science and Occupational Health (start 2011?)
  • Email contact:  stowelljen [at] gmail [dot] com">stowelljen [at] gmail [dot] com

Kristen (Pickering) Streadbeck

  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • Married Matthew Streadbeck in 1999
  • Graduated from BYU in 2000, majored in Marriage, Family, Human Develoand and minored in Music
  • Mother of three beautiful girls: Hannah (01), Kathryn (03), Elizabeth (05)
  • Currently living in Southern California (Matthew is an accountant for Ernst & Young, LLP in Los Angeles)

Nichole (Bird) Sutherland

Amy (Puckett) Taufer

  • Toured to England with the Ballroom Dance Team at UVSC
  • Married Jason Taufer from Ohio
  • We have one son, Joshua who was born in October of 1999
  • We now live in SLC
  • Email contact:  atbuckets [at] juno [dot] com 
Sandra Terry
  • Graduated SHS: 1991
  • Married her sweetheart in 1992
  • Has four sons
  • Is a stay-at-home Mom
  • Still living in Utah
  • Email contact:  annie_1992 [at] hotmail [dot] com 
Rachel Wilson Tew
  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • I moved to San Diego in 1999
  • Graduated from San Diego State, 2005 in Geography with emphasis in Environmental Studies
  • Currently working at a land use/real estate consulting firm
  • Email contact:  racheltew [at] gmail [dot] com 
Randy Thomas
  • Graduated SHS: 1991
  • Attended UVSC and BYU
  • Married Robin in 1998
  • Three sons born in 1999, 2001 and 2005
  • Live in West Jordan, Utah
  • Software engineer for Rastar
  • Email contact:  ununiquied [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Danielle (Argyle) Thompson

  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Married Tim Thompson - math teacher at Mapleton Jr. High
  • I'm a stay-at-home mom with 5 kids: McKenzie ('97), Madison ('98), Carter (2000), Laityn ('03) and Jace ('04)
  • We live in American Fork
  • Email contact:  danielleathompson [at] yahoo [dot] com 
Nate Thorstrom
  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Served a mission to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 1997-1999
  • Married Sarah Blakley (Spring City, UT) in 2000
  • A.S. Computer Science, Snow College 2001
  • B.S. Computer Science, BYU 2004
  • Work for Northrop Grumman as Software Engineer
  • Live in Colorado Springs, CO
  • Email contact:  natesarah2 [at] msn [dot] com 

Sean Tolman

  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Served an LDS mission in Dusseldorf, Germany (96-98)
  • Married Hillary Seegmiller (Provo, UT) 2001
  • 3 kids; Anthony,Opal and Zane
  • Graduated BYU: 2002, (BS Mechanical Engineering)
  • Mechanical Engineer at Collision Safety Engineering, Orem, UT
  • Currently living in American Fork, UT
  • Email contact:  Sean_Tolman [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Tara (Workman) Tulley

  • Graduated SHS: 1994
  • Student at the Utah College of Midwifery
  • Email contact:  tara [at] utahmidwife [dot] com 
Jeff Tulley
  • Graduated SHS: 1992
  • Graduated from BYU in Computer Engineering in April 1999.
  • He is currently employed at Novell
  • Email contact:  jtulley [at] gmail [dot] com 

Alison Miner Van Orden

  • Graduated SHS:  1991
  • Graduated from BYU in 1994
  • English teacher at Timpview HS
  • Email contact:  vanorden [at] mail [dot] sisna [dot] com

Matt Vernon 

  • Graduated SHS: 1998
  • Completed a BS degree in chemistry at BYU
  • Served an LDS mission to Maracaibo, Venezuela
  • Married with two sons: Isaac and Jonathan
  • Currently living in St. Paul, MN completing residency training in radiation onconology
  • Email contact:  mv [at] byu [dot] net 

Emily Versluys

  • Graduated: 1996
  • Graduatated from Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho): 1998
  • Graduated Southern Utah University: 2001
  • Teaching 2nd grade in Las Vegas for 5+ years
  • Working on a Masters in Education in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. Will graduate in Fall 2006
  • Email:  emilyv_44 [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Lindsay (Jones) Waters

  • Graduated SHS:  1995
  • Served LDS mission in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Graduated from BYU in 2001 with a degree in Community Health
  • Married John Waters from Manassas, Virginia in 2003
  • Currently living in Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Email contact:  lindsaywaters [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Denise (Hone) Watson 

  • Graduated SHS: 1991
  • Currently married, living in Maryland, and working as a Dental Assistant
  • Email contact:  KWatson272 [at] aol [dot] com 

Amy Weight

  • Graduated SHS:  1995
  • Graduated from BYU 2001
  • Second grade teacher in Orem for five years
  • Will receive Master's Degree in Math Education this summer
  • Live in Orem, UT
  • Email contact:  amy_weight [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Lori (Judd) Whitcomb

  • Graduated SHS:  1994
  • Married to Chris Whitcomb
  • Have two Children Andrew (1999) and Heather (2001)
  • Studying Interior design
  • Living in Northern Virginia
  • Email contact:  honicomb [at] erols [dot] com 

Shauni Whittaker

  • Graduated SHS:  1997 (attended senior year at UVU)
  • 1998:  Graduated UVU with AS degree in Aviation Science
  • 2001:  Graduated University of Utah with BS, Major in Political Science, Minor in Accounting
  • 2003:  Graduated University of Utah, David Eccles School of Business with Executive MBA
  • Employed with Aerospace Technologies Group, 1996-1999 (Utah)
  • Employed with Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Committee, 1999-2002 (Utah)
  • Employed with Gandolfo's New York Delicatessen, Franchisee/Owner, 2003-2007, (Utah)
  • Employed with Odd Molly North America, CEO, 2007-2010, (California)
  • Email contact:  shauniw [at] aol [dot] com
  • Web:  http://www.facebook.com/shauni.whittaker
  • Professional:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/shauniwhittaker

Chey Whittle

  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Graduated U.V.U.  in Computer Science in 2002
  • Worked for Novell Inc. as a Network Engineer for 9 years.
  • Currently Employed as a Network Engineer at U.V.U. and I own my own Consulting Company
  • Currently pursuing my Masters degree in Computer Science from University of Utah
  • Father of three beautiful children
  • Email contact: whittlechey [at] yahoo [dot] comtarget="_blank"

 Randy Wilde

  • Graduated SHS: 1996
  • Served LDS mission in Taichung, Taiwan
  • Graduated DeVry University: 2004
  • Working as a Systems Engineer for nQueue, Inc in Tempe AZ
  • Email contact:  rwilde [at] cox [dot] net 

Amber (Banks) Willson

  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Married Adam Willson from Sandy, UT
  • Live in Draper, UT
  • I have 3 kids, one boy and two girls. Bailey age 4, Kenadie age 3, and Mercedez age 5mo.
  • Email contact:  Adam [at] utahweb [dot] com 

Tara (Eves) Wilson

  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Married Shalemar Wilson of Odgen, UT
  • Mother of 2: Kambrei (1), Wysean (10)
  • Associated degree from Dixie Collge and attending Weber State University to achieve Bachelors degree in Human Resources Management
  • Currently living in Riverdale, UT
  • Currently employed with Comcast Cable, Inc.
  • Email Contact: bombredhead [at] comcast [dot] net

Nate Winget

  • Graduated SHS: 1995
  • Served mission in Leeds England
  • Employed with Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Denver, CO
  • Married to Courtney McKinnon Winget from Orlando, FL
  • Email contact: natewinget [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Matthew Wolsey

  • Graduated SHS: 1992
  • Served LDS Mission in Moscow, Russia (93-95)
  • Married Katya Sitnova, 2 children; Leeza and McKenzie
  • Graduated BYU: BA Russian
  • Diplomatic Security Special Agent (U.S. Department of State)
  • Worked in Moscow, Russia; New Delhi, India; Kabul, Afghanistan; currently in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Email contact: thewolseys [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Wayne Woodfield

  • Graduated SHS: 1994
  • address and phone number the same since graduation (temporarily living at home)
  • Email contact:  wsw [at] osm7 [dot] cs [dot] byu [dot] edu 

Chris Wright

  • Graduated SHS:  1990
  • Married to Marquita Wright
  • We live Birmingham, Alabama
  • Graduate of Herzing College
  • I have been working in the information technology field since graduating
  • I am currently an IT manager for a large Birmingham law firm

Joni (Sorenson) Wright

  • Graduated SHS: 1998
  • Graduated from Utah State University: 2002
  • Married Rocky Wright
  • Email: jonilynn [at] gmail [dot] com 

Mindi (Huff) Wright

  • Graduated SHS: 1993
  • Served a Mission in Okayama Japan where I met my husband Chris Wright
  • I am a Database Administrator and work at e-automate
  • Email contact: gomindi [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Jonathan E.Young

  • Graduated SHS: 1997
  • Served LDS mission to Florianoplis Brazil
  • Graduated from the College of Eastern Utah 2003
  • Graduated from Utah State University with a B.F.A. 2007
  • Married Jessica Low, April 28, 2007
  • Currently living in Spanish Fork, Utah
  • Working for LDS Philanthropies
  • Email contact:  jonathan [dot] young [at] ldschurch [dot] org