1980-1989 ALUMNI

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Tamara Aldridge

  • Graduated SHS: 1982
  • Graduated from BYU with a BS in Geography in 1987
  • Married in 1988 to Brent Johnson of Burley, Idaho
  • Lived extensively in Europe and overseas as my husband is a pilot in the USAF. 
  • Have 3 children
  • Email contact:  ironmum [at] yahoo [dot] com

Andrea Allred

  • Graduated SHS: 1984
  • BS: University of Maryland, Psychology
  • MS: University of Maryland, Health Care Administration
  • Divorced: two children (Kyle and Lorren)
  • Enjoy fitness, interior design, boating and outdoor activities
  • Employed with American Healthways: Andrea [dot] Allred [at] healthways [dot] com 
  • E-mail contact: aallred4 [at] cox [dot] net

Adria (Morris) Arafat

  • Graduated SHS:  1980
  • Graduated from Weber State in English
  • Westminster College, Master of Education
  • Married with four children, two of whom are living in Utah
  • Currently living in Cairo, Egypt.  High school English teacher at a very chic private school.  Husband teaches tennis.
  • Email contact:  adriaarafat [at] gmail [dot] com

David Arbon

  • Graduated SHS: 1988
  • Graduated from UVSC in Information Systems
  • Currently working for Dentrix in American Fork
  • Married MariAnn McCune from Orem in 1997
  • Have four children (2 girls, 2 boys)
  • E-mail contact: notcreative5 [at] gmail [dot] com   

Christi (Conover) Babbitt

  • Graduated SHS: 1985
  • BA: Utah State University 1989 in Journalism
  • Full-time Mother of one
  • Does some stringing for The Deseret News in the Arts/Entertainment section
  • Was the Arts/Entertainment Editor for The Daily Herald before becoming a mother

Ray Babbitt

  • Graduated SHS:  1984
  • Married Christi Conover
  • BS: University of Phoenix 1996 in Business/Information Systems
  • Currently working on an MBA/TM (Technology Management emphasis)
  • Worked with WordPerfect Corp/Novell for 8 years.
  • Project Manager in Novell's IS&T department.

Craig W. Bachler

  • Graduated SHS:  1989
  • Living in Peoria, AZ with wife JoAnna (SHS 1992) and daughters Marissa 5, and Corainne 2.
  • Sales Manager for Tempe Dodge
  • Home page forthcoming
  • Email Contact:  bachlers [at] access1 [dot] net

Bruce Baird

  • Graduated SHS: 1986
  • BA: Columbia University 1992
  • Presently working on Doctorate in Japanese Lit. UCLA
  • Home page forthcoming
  • E-mail contact: Baird [at] ucla [dot] edu
Will Barnhart
  • Graduated SHS: 1984
  • Married to third wife, Rose East
  • Two daughters, Lauralee Lattrelle and Felicity Rose
  • Attending College of the Redwoods
  • Working in TV and film in Northern California
  • Plan to continue college at Humbodlt State University and then to LA to work in film
  • E-mail contact: will_lawrence1966 [at] yahoo [dot] com or will_barnhart1966 [at] yahoo [dot] com
Gene Bassett.
  • Graduated SHS: 1981
  • B.S. at BYU in 1987; Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in Astrophysics in 1993.
  • Research scientist at the University of Oklahoma developing severe weather computer forecast system.
  • Married to Janna Palmer and have 3 children.
Robin Bassett.
  • Graduated SHS: 1983
  • Graduated BYU (Electrical Engineering): 1990
  • Works Overseas in Singapore as an R&D Engineer for an electronics firm
  • E-mail contact: rbassett [at] aztech [dot] com [dot] sg

Steven Benjamin

  • Graduated SHS: 1982
  • Graduated from BYU with a BS in Political Science
  • Graduated from Delta State University with MBA and MS in Community Development
  • Married in 1995 to Sandra Phillips of Cleveland, MS
  • Presently living in Wiesbaden, Germany
  • Employment: Northrop Grumman as a Cybor Security Administrator
  • Have two children
  • Email contact:  steve [at] sbenjamin [dot] com
Kirk Bertelsen
  • Graduated SHS: 1982
  • Works as Public Safety Officer for Orem City, that includes police, fire and paramedic
  • Has wood floor business on the side called Kirk's Floors
  • Married Gena Carly formerly of Springville. They reside with their 2 daughters in Springville
  • E-mail contact: kgbrtlsn [at] enol [dot] com
Chadley J Bird
  • Graduated SHS: 1984
  • BA: in Computer Science
  • USAF Security Police Malmstrom Montana
  • I work for MAS Computers and have been a Computer tech for 16 years
  • I married Lisa Eden of Spring Lake (Payson)
  • I have 4 kids Two boys and two girls. I live in Spanish Fork now
  • Did not figure to ever have kids that are Dons but we both met in the middle.
  • Email contact: CLCEKDB [at] sfcn [dot] org
Walter Bird
  • Graduated SHS: 1987
  • BA, History: Brigham Young University 1994
  • JD: University of Nebraska College of Law 1999
  • LLM, Environmental & Natural Resource Law: Univ. of Utah College of Law 2000
  • Deputy San Juan County Attorney, Monticello, Utah
  • Married Becky Evans of Marshall, Michigan
  • E-mail contact: wbird [at] state [dot] ut [dot] us
Alisa (Roach) Black
  • Graduated SHS: 1985
  • Married Lex Black; SHS Class of 1981
  • Three children
  • BS from USU in Elementary Education
  • Currently teaching second grade
  • E-mail contact: alisablack@gmail [dot] comalisablack [at] gmail [dot] com (gmail.com )alisablack [at] gmail [dot] com ( )

Alice (Ellena) Blas

  • Graduated in 1987
  • Married Willie Blas from Peru
  • Have two children Brent 8 and Shelby 4
  • Live in Spanish Fork
  • Attended UVSC

Amy (Wiscombe) Bond

  • Graduated SHS: 1987
  • Married Evan Bond (Meadow,UT)
  • Two children - Mallory and Ethan
  • B.S. Utah State University - Educational Psychology
  • MAED Univerity of Phoenix - Educational Counseling
  • Live in Mapleton
  • Email contact: bamy [at] admn [dot] shs [dot] nebo [dot] edu
Collen (Birch) Bond
  • Graduated SHS:  1987
  • Married Gary Bond, have six children, 3 girls and 3 boys
  • Served six years in the Air Force as an Arabic Linguist
  • Currently live in Alamogordo, NM
  • BA in English from the University of Maryland
  • MA in Rhetoric and Composition from New Mexico State
  • Currently teach as an adjunct at community colleges in NM
  • Email contact: collenbond008 [at] gmail [dot] com
Gary Booth
  • Graduated SHS: 1983
  • Worked as a firefighter/paramedic for Vancouver Fire Dept. for 2 years
  • Worked for Intel as a program manager for 9 yars
  • Currently with KPMG LLP in Phoenix, AZ as an IT Corporate Auditor
  • Married Kathy Taylor of Milwaukee, WI
  • Have 2 daughters
  • Email address: gkbooth [at] kpmg [dot] com
Kyle Brady
  • Graduated SHS: 1988
  • BS: BYU in Mechanical Engineering 1994
  • Married Michele Miller (SHS graduate of 92)
  • Father of 3 children, two boys and 1 girl.
  • Serving in the US Navy as F/A-18 pilot with over 1000 hours.
  • Currently an instructor in the SuperHornet for VFA-122 at Naval Air Station Lemoore, California.
  • Email contact:  kandm [at] flybrady [dot] com 
  • Website: http://flybrady.com

Camille (Packard) Brown

  • Graduated SHS: 1988
  • Married to Todd Brown
  • Three children (Tyler 10; Sydney 8;and Cheyanne 3)
  • Living in Springville
  • Employment: Mapleton City Recorder
  • Email contact: cbrown [at] mapleton [dot] org
Forrest Buckallew
  • Should have Graduated SHS: 1986, but had to move.
  • Married with two daughters.
  • Runs the mailroom for the Washington State House of Representatives.
  • Lives in Tumwater WA
  • E-mail contact: buckalle_fo [at] leg [dot] wa [dot] gov

Lisa (Bona) Bullock

  • Graduated SHS: 1986
  • Married to Shawn Bullock, one son
  • Events coordinator and graphic designer
  • Currently live in Provo
  • And as my youngest sister continually teases me about...stuck in the 80s.
  • Email contact: lisabullock [at] sfcn [dot] org

Trina (Davis) Chase

  • Graduated SHS: 1983
  • Married Steve Chase (Timpvie)
  • Four children: Jessica (22, married to Eric Davies), Rachel (20), Stephen (17), Cathryn (13)
  • One grandson (Matthew, 6 months)
  • Living in Kennesaw, GA
  • Employment: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • E-mail Contact: trinachase [at] comcast [dot] net
Darin Christensen
  • Graduated SHS: 1985
  • B.S., Business Management, BYU 1991; J.D., BYU 1996; LL.M. (Taxation), University of Florida 1997
  • Served LDS Mission in Denmark, Copenhagen mission
  • Tax and business lawyer with Bullivant Houser Bailey, PC
  • Live in Portland, Oregon
  • Married Elizabeth Mathewson of Reno, NV
  • Four children: George (1997), Jane (1999), Anne (2002), Mary (2004)
  • E-mail Contact: christensen [at] bullivant [dot] com
Tiffany Cook
  • Graduated SHS: 1987
  • B.S. in Oral Communication and Education.
  • She has three children and is divorced.
  • E-mail contact: Ritney [at] hotmail [dot] com
Kelly J. Clark
  • Graduated: Class of 1981
  • Served LDS mission in Rome, Italy.
  • Works for AirSwitch, Corp (http://www.airswitch.com>www.airswitch.com)
  • Living in Springville with wife Wendy Naylor (of Monticello, Utah) and three children.
  • E-mail contact: jazzfan [at] airswitch [dot] net or kelly [at] airswitch [dot] com

Tom Clark

  • Barely graduated SHS: 1980
  • Repented - paid partial penance by knocking on doors in South Texas heat
  • Married Kathryn Holm (Springville '82) in 1985, the one great thing in my life
  • Two sons, neither of whom will dare disrupt seminary
  • BS: Utah State University, Biology
  • MS: University of Utah, Public Health
  • Have worked for Chevron Oil refinery, Hercules, Tooele Chemical Weapons Incinerator, and Micron
  • Currently not working due to health problems - still paying penance for high school years
  • Wife has been stalwart and supportive in the spirit of Dana Reeve
  • E-mail contact: taclark@networld [dot] comtaclark [at] networld [dot] com (networld.com )
Cyndi (Weaver) Clemesha
  • Graduated SHS: 1987.
  • Since graduating I married and english bloke and moved to Essex, England where we worked and I was able to travel and see Europe.
  • However there is no place like home and so we moved back to Utah and are now residing in Orem.
  • We have four children: James 10, Gwen 9, Autumn 8 and Bethany 6.
  • I was a stay at home mom while my children were at home but with my youngest in school fulltime I found employment with Alpine School district working at Lake Ridge Junior High.
  • Email contact: MyOrangeCap [at] hotmail [dot] com
Barry K. Cluff
  • Graduated SHS: 1981
  • Living in Henderson, Nevada for the last 8 years
  • Work for Expedia.com and also I sell Pampered Chef
  • E-mail contact: Iv_redrock [at] yahoo [dot] com
David Cluff
  • Graduated SHS: 1989
  • Served an LDS mission to Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Married Jessica Halversen from Salt Lake City, 1998
  • Two children: one girl and one boy
  • BAA: Radiologic Technology from Weber State University
  • BS: Health Administration from Weber State University
  • Living in Nashville, Tennessee
  • E-mail contact: dcluffster [at] comcast [dot] net
John Crandall
  • Graduated SHS: 1983.
  • Working for the LDS Church
  • Married in 1986 to Caryn
  • We have 5 beautiful children (4 girls, 1 boy)
  • Email me sometime, and we can go play tennis or something
  • E-mail contact:crandalljr [at] familysearch [dot] org

Kevin J. Crandall

  • Graduated SHS: 1989
  • BS, Business Management: UVU 2001
  • Regional Director of Sales, Shaklee Corporation
  • Married Jami Starcher of Ravenswood, WV (another Red Devil)
  • Three daughters (Lily, Autumn and Ivie)
  • Live in Nashville, TN
  • Email contact:  kcrandall37 [at] gmail [dot] com

Anna Creer

  • Graduated SHS: 1987
  • Divorced
  • Three dogs: Abbey, Tina, and Diesel
  • Insurance agent and financial planner
  • Living in Tennesse
  • I work also as a motivational speaker and a teen alcohol\drug rehabilitation counselor
  • Email contact: ACreer [at] unumprovident [dot] com
Ridena (Grossman) Crompton
  • Graduated SHS: 1982
  • Live in Springville
  • Have two daughters, one is 16 and the other 22. One two-year-old grandson
  • Have own cleaning business
  • E-mail contact: ridenac [at] yahoo [dot] com

Brent C Davis

  • Graduated SHS: 1981
  • Military Army from 81 to 86
  • Married with six children two currently living in Canada
  • Residing in West Wendover, Nevada
  • Working as a Supervisor at the Rainbow Hotel and Casino
  • Email contact: bmandvs1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Jason Davis

  • Graduated SHS: 1989
  • Served an LDS mission to Fresno, CA - Cambodian speaking
  • Married Karen Bartholomew (SHS Class of 1990)
  • Graduated from BYU in 1996 with BS in Family Science
  • 5 children (4 boys, 1 girl)
  • Partner at nutritional startup company, Code Nutrition. (www.codenutrition.com 
  • Living in Springville
  • E-mail contact: jdavis [at] codenutrition [dot] com
Michael Duffin
  • Graduated SHS: 1981
  • Work at Utah Valley State College as Director of Automation and Integration in the IT Department
  • Have Mobile DJ and Production business - Audio Visions
  • Married Camille Tekala, formerly of Zuni, New Mexico
  • Resides in Springville with son, Kyle
  • E-mail contact: duffinmi [at] uvu [dot] edu
Grant Eagar
  • Graduated SHS: 1980
  • Graduated from BYU in 1989 in Manufacturing Engineering Technology
  • Graduated from Friends University in Wichita Kansas in 1992 in MSManagement
  • Currently working for ATK in Layton, Utah as a Design Engineer
  • Married to Becky Valdez in 1983, have 8 children 1 girl, 7 boys.
  • Email contact: geagar [at] msn [dot] com 
Gary Ekker
  • Graduated SHS: 1989
  • BA at BYU: 1995
  • MA student at BYU in French Studies
  • Working as French 101 instructor at BYU
  • Home Page: EkkerG [at] humlabs [dot] byu [dot] edu
Brad Evans
  • Graduated SHS: 1984
  • Served an LDS mission in Calgary Alberta Canada
  • Married with 9 children (7 mine with 2 bonus kids!) ranging from 12 to 3
  • Manager for Cracker Barrell Old Country Stores
  • Live in Clearfield with my wife, Kim
  • E-mail contact: bradnkim11 [at] msn [dot] com

Justin Evans

  • Graduated SHS: 1987
  • Served in the army from 1988-1992, veteran of Desert Storm.
  • Attended college in Germany, UVSC, and Southern Utah University
  • Earned Bachelor of Science in History with a minor in English Education
  • Master's Degree in Literacy Studies from University of Nevada, Reno
  • Chapbook of poetry: Four Way Stop
  • Currently teaches English, and Creative Writing in West Wendover, NV
  • Married to Becky (Best), class of 1993, and have two boys---Kaelan and Alec
  • Email contact: evjustin [at] yahoo [dot] com

Kevin Evans

  • Graduated SHS: 1987
  • L.D.S. mission to Dallas TX
  • Married wonderful Heidi Meik, from Porterville CA, 2 beautiful girls, 6 1/2 and 2 1/2, as of summer '01
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, B.Y.U. '96
  • 747 Wing Tool Engineer, Boeing, Seattle, hired w/ 2500 people '96, laid off w/ 2500 '99.
  • Product Engineer for REHAU, German plastics company, radiant floor heat
  • Living in Las Vegas, NV
  • Website: www.kehd.com 
  • Email contact: kevinevans [at] bigplanet [dot] com 
Kathy (Taylor) Fernelius
  • Graduated SHS: 1981
  • Married to a wonderful husband K Neil Fernelius (Korky) for 20 years
  • Have one son 23 years old and two bonus daughters, 28 and 21. Also, 2 wonderful grandsons
  • I served in the Utah Air National Guard from 1989 to 1995
  • Reside in Layton
  • Work at RC Willey
  • E-mail contact: kathyfern [at] earthlink [dot] net

Glenn Fisk

  • Graduated SHS: 1980
  • Currently living in North Salt Lake, UT
  • Married a Southern California girl, Lynnette 1993
  • We have 5 kids between us with 1 on a Mission
  • I have been working in the Film and Video production business since High School
  • I own a Production company with many national and local clients
  • Lynnette works as an ER Trauma RN and is a federal evaluator for the WMD program for FEMA
  • E-mail: glennfisk [at] comcast [dot] net 
Vicki (Jackson) Frampton
  • Graduated SHS: 1987
  • Children: Kelsey 16, Rob 13 (As of 8/08)
  • Lived in Provo and Pleasant Grove since high school graduation
  • BA, Business Management from Provo College, 1997
  • BS, Business Management from University of Phoenix, 2007
  • Volunteer for Utah County Search and Rescue Mounted Possee
  • E-mail contact: kvframpton [at] netzero [dot] net   

Paul Giles

  • Graduated SHS: 1986
  • Married 10 years to wife Kari Yetter (of Prosser,WA)
  • 2 boys: Brady 5, Taylor 2
  • Served mission in Arequipa, Peru
  • Moved to Prosser, WA in 1991
  • Currently President/CEO/Owner/Operator of The Woodshop Inc. custom cabinetry
  • E-mail contact: giles [at] bentonrea [dot] com
Ken Girot
  • Graduated SHS: 1987
  • Lived in Vernal for last 8 years
  • Work for the Uintah School District and have my own business
  • Married Wendy Robertson of Mapleton in 2003
  • The best description of our family is the "Brady Bunch"
  • E-mail contact: kengirot [at] hotmail [dot] com 
Jeff Given
  • Graduated SHS: 1984
  • LDS Mission to Washington DC, 1985-87
  • BA Liberal Studies, University of New York
  • I work for the LDS Church Education System as Institute Director, Long Beach City College
  • Married Stephanie Dorman from Fort Walton Beach, Florida
  • We have seven children, three boys and four girls
  • Living in Los Alamitos, CA
  • E-mail contact: jtgiven [at] gmail [dot] com 
Jeff Goodman 
  • Graduated SHS: 1981
  • Graduated from Everest College with a degree in Accounting/Business Management in 1992, Currently attending Grand Canyon University (Christian based University) will graduate next year with a dual bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education (K-8)/Special Education (K-12).
  • Currently fulfilling my life’s purpose of making a difference in kids’ lives one student at a time as a teacher for special ed. high school students with behavioral issues at Bradshaw Mt. High School. Also work with troubled teen boys in a home on school breaks, Saturdays, and summers. “I love my job/s”. Thank you teachers of Springville High for having so much patience with a “hippy” kid who didn’t fit in the mainstream.
  • Married in 1983 to my soul mate of Phoenix, Arizona for 32 years.
  • Currently living in beautiful Prescott Valley, Arizona
  • Children: None except my students
  • Email contact: 2goodys4you [at] msn [dot] com 

Brent Haines

  • Graduated SHS: 1985
  • Graduated University of Utah, Chemical Engineering 1993
  • Married for nearly 14 years to Julia Haines
  • Four children Zacharia (9), Mariah (8), Tanner (2, very 2), and Madison (4 month, as of Dec 2002)
  • Currently VP of Business Development for Strategic Resources and executive search firm
  • Living in Bothell, WA
  • Email contact: brent [dot] haines [at] earthlink [dot] net

Christopher Haines

  • Graduated SHS: 1988
  • Graduated UVSC Associate of Science, Aviation Science, 1993
  • Graduated BYU BS in Physics, 1998
  • Graduated Grand Canyon University, MS in Organizational Leadership, 2009
  • Graduated Air Force Institute of Technology, MS in Operations Research, 2012
  • Married with four boys
  • Air Force Officer/Pilot
  • Living in Altus, Oklahoma
  • Email:  hainesusa [at] gmail [dot] com

Matthew S. Hambly

  • Graduated SHS: 1982
  • Graduated from University of Utah: 1988 with a BA in Psychology
  • Currently a fourth year Pharmacy student at University of New Mexico
  • Email contact: mhamby [at] unm [dot] edu
Ty Hatfield
  • Graduated SHS: 1986
  • Served LDS mission Arizona Tempe 1988-2000
  • BYU wrestling team 2000-2003 when BYU dropped wrestliing program
  • BYU Master's degree Entertainment Law/Minor Music
  • Never Married
  • Started my own business with my brother, Van - HFP Systems Sprinkler Company 2003
  • Started HFP Sprinkler Inspections 2004
  • Still live in Springville. Enjoy life... and everything that comes with it
  • 2nd dan Ju-jitsu, 1st dan Judo, have few other belts to hold pants up
  • Teach wrestling (Maple Freestyle Wrestling)
  • Currently working on Making CCG, story books with role-playing
  • Email address: tyhatfield [at] hotmail [dot] com 
Lisa Taylor Haws
  • Graduated SHS: 1984
  • Received a bachelors degree from BYU in 1988
  • Masters in Speech Language Pathology from BYU in 1989
  • Married Quinn Haws from Mesa, AZ in 1990
  • Have 2 beautiful sons and a daughter Branden (10), Alec (7) and Taylor (6)
  • I am a pediatric speech pathologist and have been working in private practice for 13 years
  • Email contact: qlhaws [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Samantha (Jensen) Haws

  • Graduated SHS: 1988
  • Email contact:  samejjensen [at] gmail [dot] com
Shane Holdaway
  • Graduated SHS: 1989
  • Served LDS mission to Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Married Ria Godi from Stockton, CA
  • Four children - three girls age 12, 10, 17 and one boy age 4
  • BA History Teaching from BYU, 1996
  • Masters in Human Resource Management/Business, Cornell University in 1999
  • Director, Human Resources, MetLife
  • Living in Clinton, NJ (the Garden State!)
  • Email address: s_holdaway [at] msn [dot] com 

Judy A. (Daley) Jacobson

  • Graduated SHS: 1980
  • Live in Goshen, Utah
  • Employed by Nebo School District (Bus Driver)
  • Email: judy2138 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Tom Jarman

  • Graduated SHS: 1989
  • BS 1997, MS 2000 in Chemical Engineering, BYU
  • Process engineer at Intel in New Mexico
  • Working on goal of being last member of Class of '89 to be married
  • E-mail contact: tom [dot] c [dot] jarman [at] intel [dot] com
Joan Jensen
  • Graduated SHS: 1981
  • Associate Degree from UVSC - Legal Secretary
  • Married Bryan Bills of Spanish Fork
  • Live in Mapleton with 4 children
  • Work for Nebo School District Food Service as a Lunch Clerk
  • E-Mail address: jbills [at] rfburst [dot] com 
Allyson Peay Johnson
  • Graduated SHS: 1983
  • Attended Weber State and UTC
  • Living in Renton, Washington (near Seattle)
  • Married to Carl Johnson
  • Mother of 3 (2 boys and 1 girl)
  • E- mail contact: allycow [at] aol [dot] com
Becky (Carlson) Johnson
  • Graduated SHS: 1987
  • Full-time mother of three
  • Lives in Northern Virginia
  • Email contact: carlsonk [at] erols [dot] com 

Dean Ray Johnson

  • Graduated SHS: 1982
  • Attended UVSC (Computer Science)
  • Married Angela Swenson of Orlando FL
  • Currently living in Springville, Utah.
  • Work as graphic artist at local Fortune 500 company
  • Enjoys Working, painting, sculpting, and drawing.
  • Email contact: djohnson [at] airswitch [dot] net 
  • Home page: www.aspengraphix.com
 Lance Jones
  • Graduated SHS: 1989
  • Married to Kimberlie Alger of San Bruno, CA
  • Have 3 Children, all boys
  • BS: BYU in Psychology
  • BS: San Jose State University in Civil Engineering
  • Currently Working as a civil engineer in Folsom, CA for HDR
  • Currently Living in Folsom, CA (www.folsom.ca.us)
  • E-mail contact: folsomjones [at] gmail [dot] com & lance [dot] jones [at] hdrinc [dot] com 

James (Lemmon) formerly Higginson

  • Graduated SHS:  1986
  • Attended UVSC as a music major.
  • Employed as senior software engineer/manager at Galton Technologies.
  • Married Shannon Barker, have three daughters.
  • Email contact:  JimVern [at] juno [dot] com
Jill (Strong) Lancaster
  • Graduated SHS: 1988
  • Married Steve Lancaster (Star Valley, Wyoming) 18 years as of 8/18/07
  • Graduated from BYU College of Nursing with BS in Nursing
  • Have worked part-time for the past 10 years as RN for Intermountain Orem Community Hospital
  • Work as L&D and NICU nurse, which I love and have delivered many babies including children of SHS alumni
  • I also teach prenatal classes for IHC
  • Five children (Ashley 16, Allison 12, Jacob 9, Easton 7, Dylan 3)
  • Have lived in Springville since 1993
  • E-mail contact: steve [at] nrefg [dot] com
Angela (Noyes) Lee
  • Graduated SHS: 1988
  • BS: 1992, Brigham Young University, Computer Science, minor in Mathematics
  • Worked as a software engineer 1992-1998 in Sunnyvale, CA (Silicon Valley)
  • Married Adrian Lee (Patent Attorney) of Media, PA in 1991
  • Six children: Trevor (1998), Ryan (2000), Megan (2003), Jacob (2006), Scottland (2009), Christopher (2013)
  • Resided in Provo, UT; Santa Clara, CA (San Francisco Bay Area 1992-1999); currently in Holladay, UT (1999-present)
  • E-mail contact: adrangelee [at] msn [dot] com

Marc Marx

  • Graduated SHS 1980.
  • Served in the United States Navy from 1988-2001.
  • Graduated form Utah Technical college in 1985 with an AS in Hotel/Motel/Restaurant Mangement.
  • Graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2003 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Mangement.
  • Currently live in Cedar City, Utah.
  • Married with 2 boys.
  • Email contact: Marmelmarx [at] aol [dot] com

Kami (Creer) Measom

  • Graduated SHS 1987
  • Attended U of Utah. Degree in Pharmacy 1994
  • Married Chris Creer (Class of '89)
  • 4 boys--Alex (7), Andrew (5), Nickolas (3), Benjamin (1)
  • Email contact: TophnBob [at] aol [dot] com
Richard Memory
  • Graduated SHS: 1985
  • Graduated BYU (Electrical/Computer Engineering): 1993
  • Works with Motorola Inc.
  • E-mail contact: P26906 [at] e-mail [dot] mot [dot] com 
Jonathan Miskin
  • Graduated SHS: 1986
  • Spent nine years in US Navy as a Nuclear Propulsion Engineer
  • Became a Computer Programmer while in the Navy
  • Married and living in Lehi. Two sons, one daughter
  • Working at Deseret Chemical Depot
  • E-mail contact: jonathan [at] miskin [dot] org

Bradley R Morgan

  • Graduated SHS: 1986
  • BS Information Systems UVSC
  • 5 kids; 2 boys and 3 girls
  • Currently working for Dentrix in American Fork
  • Email contact: bmorgan [at] dentrix [dot] com

Tod Morgan

  • Graduated SHS: 1989
  • Graduated from UVSC with a BS in Miliarty Science and Psychology
  • Married Susan Schlappy from North Idaho
  • We have 2 daughters and 1 son. 
  • Served in the Army for a few years, then became a police officer in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
  • Currently, back in the Army as a logistics officer for a Special Forces Battalion (Captain Morgan)
  • Email contact: tod [dot] morgan [at] us [dot] army [dot] mil 

Lesley Ann (Davis) Morrison

  • Graduated SHS: 1989
  • AA Business Communications University of Florida-Gainsville
  • BA Advertising/Marketing California State University-Fullerton
  • Marketing Coordinator-Ingram Micro, Santa Anna, California
  • Office Url: http://www.ingram.com 
  • Email contact: lesley [dot] morrison [at] ingram [dot] com 

Richard Nelson

  • Graduated SHS: 1987
  • Graduated in English from BYU in 1995
  • Graduated Harvard Law School in 1998
  • Served LDS mission: Las Vegas Nevada
  • Currently work for Dell on their Global Site Selection team
  • Live in Austin, TX
  • Wife: Diana (Mountain View, 1986)
  • 3 daughters: Lauren (11 yrs), Madelyn (7 yrs) and Jenna (1.5 yrs)
  • My address is 200 Broadway, Arlington, MA 02174.
  • Email contact: richspeaks [at] gmail [dot] com 
 Christy (Warren) Nemelka
  • Graduated SHS: 1989
  • Married Joseph Nemelka (see below)
  • Currently living in Alpine, UT--moving to London, England in March
  • Three and 1/2 children: Joseph 6; Matthew 4; Anna 2; new baby 7/2001
  • E-mail contact: christynemelka [at] hotmail [dot] com
Joseph Nemelka
  • Graduated SHS: 1987
  • BA: Brigham Young University 1993
  • JD: University of Kansas 1996
  • Vice-President/Asst. General Counsel-- National Information Consortium, Inc.(NIC)
  • Currently living in Alpine, UT--moving to London, England in March
  • Married to Christy (Warren) Nemelka (Class of 1989)
  • Three and 1/2 children: Joseph 6; Matthew 4; Anna 2; new baby 7/2001
  • E-mail contact: joe [at] nicusa [dot] com 

Jeff Nielson

  • Graduated 1989, BS USU in accounting
  • Working at Salem City as Finance Director/Recorder
  • Married Jana Peterson from Salem
  • Email contact: jeff_salem [at] qwest [dot] net

Leslie (Hardman) Nielsen

  • Graduated SHS: 1981
  • Currently living in Spanish Fork with husband Rod, and two daughters
  • Works at Springville Post Office as a letter carrier
  • Husband is foreman for Custom Drywall
  • Likes musical theater, the outdoors, softball, animals, and dance.
  • E-mail contact: UTFoxfire [at] aol [dot] com 
Rodney Norman
  • Graduated SHS: 1987
  • Married Theressa Rae Evans from the exotic land of Lehi and have five children
  • Almost graduated from UVSC in Philosophy
  • Served in the US Marine Corps from 1991-95
  • Currently a Stand-up comedian and actor in New York and Boston
  • Email contact: rodneydnorman [at] yahoo [dot] com 
Matt Ollerton
  • Graduated SHS: 1986
  • Graduated BYU (degree in Biology)
  • Finishing Podiatry School at The College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, Des Moines, Iowa (graduate 1997)
  • Email contact: IM4UTJAZZ [at] aol [dot] com
Wendy Nilsson Orr
  • Graduated SHS: 1982
  • Currently living in Southern California for 8 years now
  • Married Kevin Orr (California guy) , 5 very cute kids 2 girls 3 boys
  • I Teach Graphic Design at Palomar College
  • Owner/partner of Porr Boy Graphix and pARTners in Design
  • Email contact: wendy_orr [at] yahoo [dot] com 
Cindy Friel-Ovard
  • Lived in Springville until Junior year of High School (1982)
  • Attended BYU and Utah Valley
  • Currently writing children's books and freelance for children's magazines.
  • Incorporating a children's story about the background and history of Springville back in the 60's.
  • Married Kevin Ovard. (good ol' Idaho boy). live in Southern Cal with two wonderful children.
  • Email contact: cindy [at] idesignconcepts [dot] com 
  • Webpage: http://www.idesignconcepts.com/cindy 

Pamela (Sam) Packard

  • Graduated SHS 1985
  • Currently working on BA in English at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas with a secondary teaching certificate
  • Married Steven Packard (of Vidor Texas) in 1988
  • 5 children: Amber (14), Spencer (12), Sarah (10), Dallin (8), and Samuel (5)
  • Live in Vidor Texas (located 100 miles East of Houston)
  • Email contact: prspackard [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Paul Petersen

  • Graduated SHS 1985
  • AS: Utah Valley Community College
  • BS: Brigham Young University
  • Work: State of Utah - Technical Support Specialist
  • Married Lori Pratt
  • Five sons: Kody, Brandon, Brett, Taylor, Carter
  • Live in Springville
  • Email address: paulpetersen [at] utah [dot] gov 

Dan Price

  • Graduated SHS:  1987
  • BA:  Weber State University in Criminal Justice/Spanish
  • Currently in MBA program at the University of Utah
  • Living in Salt Lake City
  • Married, 1 daughter 19 months, expecting twins in March '03
  • Current employment with eBay.com as a Sr. Project Manager.
  • Email contact:  dprice [at] ebay [dot] com or bookumdanno [at] msn [dot] com

Cheri (Schmidt) Pugh

  • Graduated SHS: 1987
  • Married Drew Schmidt
  • Mother of four daughters
  • Works from home doing photography and photo editing
  • Web site: http://www.enchantingart.com 

David Quist

  • Graduated SHS: 1980
  • Graduated Weber State Registered Nurse 1988
  • Worked at Mt. View Hospital Payson, UT. in ICU/CCU for past eight years.
  • Currently working for new company, Life Mechanics Institute, Inc. Salem, UT as Clinical Executive.
  • Living in Salem, UT since 1990
  • Married Ellen Bouck from La Canada, CA, have four children
  • Email address: quist [at] burgoyne [dot] com 
Mark L. Reece
  • Graduated SHS: 1985
  • LDS mission to Paraguay, 1987-89
  • B.A. Journalism, 1995, Utah State University
  • As of 8/03: assistant editor, Deseret Morning News, online division deseretnews.com
  • Was a reporter, editor for Deseret News; Utah Outdoors Magazine; Idaho State Journal; Fox-13 News
  • Living in Fruit Heights, Utah
  • Married (second time's the charm!) to an outdoor nut named Heidi
  • One daughter, 6, Breanna Lyn
  • Email contact: mreece [at] desnews [dot] com 
Brad Reed
  • Graduated SHS 1983
  • BS at BYU 1989, MS BYU 1989, Ph.D. Univ. of Arizona 1995
  • Professor of Accounting at Southern Illinois
  • Univ.-Edwardsville
  • Email contact: Brreed [at] siue [dot] edu 
Matt Reed
  • Graduated SHS: 1988
  • Graduated from BYU in Mechanical Engineering
  • Employed by L-3 Communications in Salt Lake as a Design Engineer
  • Married to Gail Adams (California girl)
  • Have one daughter - Rebecca, age 2
  • Email contact: matthew [dot] r [dot] reed [at] L-3com [dot] com 
Jack Reeve
  • Graduated SHS: 1982
  • BS in Economics from Weber State 1988,MBA from BYU 1990.
  • Has sold WordPerfect and Novell products for the last six years
  • Directs Marketing and Sales activities for a start-up company based out of Orem, Utah.
  • Email contact: reeve [at] novell [dot] com 
Jennifer M. Rey
  • Graduated SHS: 1989
  • BA at BYU:1992, MA at BYU:1994, Phd student at NAU in Flagstaff, Az
  • Working as mangaing editor of -Network Professional Journal- in Provo, Utah
  • Email contact: jrey [at] eo [dot] npa [dot] org or jmn [at] nauvax [dot] ucc [dot] nau [dot] edu 

Roger Richardson

  • Graduated SHS: 1985
  • Served 26 years in the USAF
  • BS in Psychology, University of Maryland
  • MS in Leadership, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Currently employed with the Defense Contract Management Agency, St Louis
  • Email contact: basser185 [at] yahoo [dot] com
Robert Richey
  • Graduated SHS: 1982
  • Joined the Army in 1985 and served in US, Europe, and Somalia
  • Married Teri McDaris of Chattanooga, TN
  • Currently live in Ocala, Florida
  • Enjoy cars, motorcycles and outdoors
  • Work for Swift Transportation Company as Shop Service Manager, been with company for 10 years
  • Email contact: mustan54176 [at] earthlink [dot] net 
Ellen Bassett Riggi
  • Graduated SHS: 1986
  • Living in Merrimack, NH
  • Married Bryan Riggi of Merrimack in 2002
  • Have two daughters, Amouranda (born 1989) and Elisha (born 1994), from my previous marriage, and twins, Michael and Susan (born 2006)
  • Work at Fidelity Investments, since 1995, and currently a Leave of Absence Specialist in the Human Resources department
  • E-mail contact:  Ellen [dot] Riggi [at] fmr [dot] com 
Claudia Rodriquez
  • Graduated SHS: 1987
  • Received Bachelors degree from BYU in Business Administration
  • Live in Calgary, Canada
  • Work at the University of Calgary since 1999
  • Lived in Cuba for four years as part of work
  • Email:  cerevelasquez [at] gmail [dot] com
Clark Roundy
  • Graduated SHS: 1987
  • Served LDS mission to Argentina
  • BS from BYU
  • Have been in various marketing and sales positions within the high-tech industry since 1990
  • Currently VP of marketing & sales for Linux NetworX in Sandy, Utah.
  • Married Angela Jones of Reno, Nevada
  • Two boys (McKay and Mitchell)
  • Email contact: croundy [at] Inxi [dot] com

Chris A. Sanford

  • Graduated SHS: 1989
  • LDS Mission to Manchester England
  • Married to Kristin Haderlie of American Falls, ID
  • Four children Caleb 11, Anna 8, Elena 5, and Meridith 2
  • B.S. Audiology/Psychology, 1997; M.S. Audiology, 1999
  • Ph.D. in Hearing Science, University of Washington, 2006
  • Research Scientist, Boys Town National Research Hospital, Omaha, NE
  • Email contact: sanfordc [at] boystown [dot] org 
Kirk P. Sanford
  • Graduated SHS: 1986
  • Served LDS mission to Brazil
  • Married, two children
  • Director, Network Engineering at eBay (www.ebay.com)
  • Email contact: kirk [dot] sanford [at] ebay [dot] com 
Drew Schmidt
  • Graduated SHS: 1985
  • Married Cheri Pugh
  • Works for ProPay Inc
Marie (Haws) Sexton
  • Graduated SHS: 1983
  • BS: Human Service with minor in Management
  • Divorced with four children: Mykel, Joey, Dylan, Kyla
  • Currently living in Oregon
  • Working for Head Start of Lane County
  • Email contact: lethia27 [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Jeremy Skabelund

  • Graduated SHS: 1986
  • Graduated from BYU in 1995
  • Master's Degree from Mayo Clinic at Rochester, Minnisota in 1998
  • Served an LDS mission to Minnesota Minneapolis Mission 1987-1989
  • Married Maki Yamazaki (from Uji, Japan) in 1995
  • Employment: Lt Col in USAF as physical therapist for past 22 years
  • One daughter, Hikari, who is 22 years old
  • Currently resides in Tokyo, Japan
  • Email contact: jeremy [dot] skabelund [at] sbcglobal [dot] net
Kevin J. Smart
  • Graduated SHS: 1985
  • BS at BYU: 1992, MS at BYU: 1992 (Electrical Engineering)
  • Served LDS mission in the Japan Fukuoka Mission
  • Works at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Married to Jane Putnam of Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Three children: Alex (1992), Sarah (1996), Emily (2000)
  • Family homepage: http://family.smarts.us 
  • Email contact: kevin [at] smarts [dot] us or kjsmart [at] sandia [dot] gov 

Frank H. Smith

  • Graduated SHS: 1985
  • Served an LDS mission in Osaka, Japan
  • Married in 1988 to Kimberly Morse of Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Graduated from BYU with a Masters of Accounting in 1991
  • Have 6 boys
  • Live in Vienna, Virginia
  • Work in Washington DC as a tax partner for RAFFA, PC
  • Email contact:  fsmith [at] raffa [dot] com
Dan Snow
  • Graduated SHS: 1981
  • BS: Finance, University of Utah
  • National Association of Securities Dealers - Series 7,24 & 63
  • Married Dr. Lucy Anne Valencia of Medellin, Columbia (1994)
  • Moved to Albuquerque, NM in 1994 then El Dorado Hills, CA in 2001
  • Divorced 2003
  • No kids, 1 dog and lots of freedom
  • Home currently is Camino, CA
  • Working as a Controller and IT Manager in Sacramento, CA GO KINGS!
  • Email contact: madatterz [at] sbcglobal [dot] net 
Sydney (Roylance) Snow
  • Graduated SHS: 1981
  • Married 25 years to R. Mark Snow, class of 1979
  • Have 4 boys - Ryan 21, Derrick 16, Chazz 10, and Mitchell 8
  • Live in St. George, Utah for 21 years
  • Work for Dixie Regional Medical Center Admission Department
  • Love going to Disneyland
  • Email contact: syd [dot] snow [at] intermountainmail [dot] org 
John Sumsion
  • Graduated SHS: 1984
  • Worked for Valley Asphalt upon graduation
  • Married Amy Norman, 1986 with one son, Beau and one daughter, Alaynie
  • Married Tammy Humbert from Wyoming in 2000 with one daughter Josalyn
  • Live in St. George
  • Working for Goodfellow Corp (rock crusher sales) as purchasing agent
  • Enjoy boating, 4-wheelers and hanging out with the kids
  • Email contact: johns [at] goodfellowcrushers [dot] com 
Keri (Cook) Thompson
  • Graduated SHS:  1986
  • Divorced
  • I have two beautiful children
  • Still live in Utah
  • Graduated from Bon Losee Academy in 1991
  • I work in collections for a major check cashing firm
  • Email contact: leadfootsally [at] comcast [dot] net 
Brian L. Thorn
  • Graduated SHS: 1981
  • Graduated U of U: 1987, BA Psychology
  • Graduated Univ. of Texas at Austin: 1994, PhD Psychology
  • Current Employment: Staff Psychologist, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

Kelly (Brereton) Tucker

  • Graduated SHS: 1981
  • Indiana State University- Associate of Science in Nursing 1987
  • East Central University- Bachelor of Science in Nursing 2002
  • Divorced with Three daughters, One son, and a grandson
  • Working for the Oklahoma State Department of Health as the Lead Nurse for the Children First Program
  • Wanting to move back to Utah ASAP!
  • Email contact: playinurse [at] aol [dot] com 

Colleen (Ady) Warren

  • Graduated SHS:  1987
  • Worked for Central Bank
  • Finished a writing course at the Institute of Children's Literature
  • Married to Chad Warren of Mapleton (SHS class of '85)
  • Two girls, Chaleesa (10) and Casey (6)
  • I work in my home as a secretary for Mapleton Irrigation Company
  • Our family owns/operates Maple Mountain Pumpkins 1220 E 1200 N, Mapleton
  • Husband is a full-time farmer
  • (When I grow up) I would like to work in the medical field.
  • Over the last five years I have been diagnosed with a number of lifelong illnesses which keeps me in Dr.'s offices, hospitals etc.
  • I'm learning a lot and I have a desire to serve in some capacity of the medical field!
  • Email contact: fourcccc [at] uswest [dot] net 
Kirsten (Boyer) Weber
  • Graduated SHS: 1987
  • Attended UVSC
  • Married Richard Weber 1990
  • Two children
  • Managed rental properties in Salt Lake City for six years
  • Managed computer lab at a high school for two years, currently a high school librarian
  • Volunteer EMT
  • Email contact: kirsten [dot] weber [at] sevier [dot] k12 [dot] ut [dot] us 

Mike Whitlock

  • Graduated SHS: 1983
  • 1988 - Married Shannon Davies (of SLC)
  • 1990 - BS/Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University
  • 1999 - MS/Systems Engineering, George Washington University
  • 2002 - Working for Northrop Grumman as a Cyber Threat Analyst
  • Living in Ashburn, Virginia (just West of Washington, D.C.)
  • Three children: Scott 12; Kelly 10; Taylor 6
  • Email contact:  WhitlockMC [at] hotmail [dot] com 
Douglas R. Wing
  • Graduated SHS: 1983
  • Served LDS mission in the South Dakota Rapid City Mission 1983-1985
  • Married to Martha Barrett (Dayton, Ohio)
  • Son, Spencer Wing
  • Live in Nephi, Utah
  • Employment: Senior Vice-President at Wing Enterprises/Little Giant Ladder Systems
  • Email contact: dougwing [at] ladders [dot] com 

Melanie (Sebring) Yetter

  • GraduatedGraduated  in 1985 in Oklahoma; attended SHS during 1983-84 school year as a Junior.
  • Currently reside in Gilbert, AZ
  • Associates Degree from University of Phoenix
  • Married to David Yetter for one year; have two children Lauren (15)  & Sammy (9) from previous marriage. Have two stepdaughters.
  • Currently an Administrative Assistant for the Military Division at University of Phoenix Online in Tempe, AZ.
  • Piano teacher
  • Email contact: melspels [at] cox [dot] net 

Jim Young

  • Graduated SHS: 1984
  • Married to Suzanne Benson, of Draper, Ut
  • Four children (Felicia, Tyler, Nicolle and Kaylee).
  • Currently reside in Gilbert, Az
  • Employed by Waxie Sanitary Supply for 7 plus years as an Equipment Sales Representative
  • Email contact: JSandkyoung [at] aol [dot] com