1970-1979 ALUMNI

Jeff Allison

  • Graduated SHS:  1978
  • Married Arlene Brierly in 1979 & we have 3 children
  • Our first child is now attending Utah State University
  • I went to Utah Technical College at Orem
  • I am living in Lapoint Utah
  • Email contact:  jeffallison [at] ubtanet [dot] com
Dennis Barker
  • Graduated SHS: 1974
  • Married Julie Trappett 1993 (second marriage)
  • Three children from first marriage
  • Lives in Elko, NV working for Newmont Gold as a truck driver
  • Email contact:  barker [at] sierra [dot] net

Steven Bartholomew

  • Graduated SHS: 1971
  • Married Susan Weight (1971) in 1974
  • Both attended BYU, Steven graduated with a degree in Agricultural Economics
  • Employed by US Dept of Agriculture since 1978
  • Parents of eight children (3 girls, 5 boys), all grads of SHS
  • Email:  bartzoo [at] msn [dot] com

Kerry Bird

  • Graduated SHS: 1970
  • Married with 5 children--Michael Bird is a '94 Grad, Kevin Bird will graduate in '97.
  • Teaches at Westside Elementary in Springville
  • Still living in Springville
  • Email contact:  bkerry [at] inst [dot] westside [dot] nebo [dot] edu

Robert Brown

  • Graduated SHS: 1971
  • Graduated BYU: 1977
  • Married with five children:  two boys, three girls and nine grandchildren
  • Live in Friendswood, Texas
  • Work at NASA, Johnson Space Center, Houston as a Systems/Software/Robotics Engineer
  • Email contact:  brownrobw [at] byu [dot] net">brownrobw [at] byu [dot] net

Mark Carpenter

  • Graduated SHS: 1979
  • Married(Cindy); 3 children (two boys, one girl)
  • Graduated from BYU in 1985 with degree in Communications
  • Worked in corporate public relations in the Phoenix area and Salt Lake City
  • Currently working as a trainer/consultant and teaching as an adjunct at BYU
  • Living in Sandy,Utah
  • Email contact:  markjc790 [at] msn [dot] com
Becky (Murray) Corbett
  • Graduated SHS: 1979
  • Married Donald Corbett
  • We have four children
  • Served an LDS mission to South Carolina
  • We live in Sammanish, Washington
  • Email contact:  corbettclan [at] mac [dot] com

Richard Cutler

  • Graduated SHS:  1975
  • Currently living in St. Louis, Mo.
  • Have lived in Missouri since 1999
  • Have 5 children and 6 grandkids
  • Territory sales manager for the Dairy Industry
  • Email contact:  richard [at] dfingredients [dot] com

Gilbert Hansen

  • Graduated SHS: 1975
  • Currently live at 2813 Redriver Creek Dr., San Antonio Texas 78259
  • I married in 1980 to Karen Paul of Niles Illinois
  • We have 5 children Oliver 15, Chris 13, Charlie 13, Jimmy 11, Beth 8
  • I am currently a Flight Surgeon in the Air Force
  • since graduation I have lived in Provo, Chicago, Knoxville, Japan, Germany, Oklahoma and now Texas.
  • Email contact: ghansen [at] flash [dot] net 
David Edwin Hewett
  • Graduated SHS: 1979
  • I Married Lorraine Guymon in 1997
  • We have 4 grown up children: Caleb (33), Joshua (28), Sarah (27) and Enoch (26)
  • Attended El Paso Community College (1980)
  • Was in the Army for training spring of 1981
  • Attended Broadcasting school Fall 1981(Television Production, Commercial Production)
  • Dixie College 1985-1986 (Radio Broadcasting, DJ 3 times a week)
  • UVSC in Orem Utah (2001)
  • Salt Lake Tooele ATC (2008)
  • Living in Provo, Utah
  • Email contact:  tp_dahewett [at] msn [dot] com
Brent Holmes
  • Graduated SHS: 1978
  • Occupation: Content Manager at Modus International
  • Spouse: Toneta M. Holmes
  • I had 4 children from my first marriage
  • Toneta had 3 children from her first marriage
  • Toneta's  kids that went to SHS. Stacie Steele (Lowe) Garrett Lowe and Stephanie Lowe who graduated in 2005
  • Email contact: btholmes [at] xmission [dot] com 
Rick Johnson
  • Graduated SHS: 1971
  • Graduated USU: 1980
  • Works for Viewpoint DataLabs International, Orem, Utah. Accountant.
  • Does 3D data objects for graphics. ie Movies-Batman, Apollo 13, Waterworld...
  • Email contact:  rlj [at] viewpoint [dot] com
Roger W. Kaufman
  • Graduated SHS: 1971
  • Served four year in the United States Navy, 1972-1975
  • Retired from the Phone company after 31 years
  • Currently, full-time Utah National Guard
  • Live in Santaquin, Utah
  • Email contact: roger [dot] kaufman [at] usarmy [dot] mil or roger [dot] kaufman [at] usarmy [dot] mil
Kathleen - Kathy (Diamond) Kendall
  • Graduated SHS: 1979
  • Currently living in Springville just two houses from where I grew up
  • Married to Todd Kendall (Bulldog/T-Bird)
  • We have three daughters: Mallory is 26, McKinley is 21 and Shelby is 19 . All are proud Red Devils!
  • Worked for CenturyLink Communications for 32 years as an operator, install and repair technician, splicer, frame attendant and currently, central office technician in the Springville office.
  • I love softball, fly fishing, quilting, sewing, metal detecting, and spending time with my family
  • I am currently on the SHS Alumni Association committee
  • Email contact: kathleen [dot] kendall [at] centurylink [dot] com ( )
Amy (Lowe) Knudsen
  • Graduated SHS: 1979
  • Served LDS Mission to New York Rochester Mission 83-85
  • Married Walt Knudsen 1986 (Walt works for Lockheed Martin in Owego, NY)
  • Living in Newark Valley, New York - 1986 to the present
  • 4 children: Debbie - NVHS 2005, now attending BYU-I; Walter Ryan - NVHS 2006, now attending BYU; Quinten 2008; Leslie 2011
  • Work at Newark Valley High School-LTA-Special Education, Drama advisor and History Club advisor
  • Love music, directing plays and musicals and spending time at our cabin in Moosehead Lake, Maine
  • Email contact: aknudsen [at] nvcs [dot] stier [dot] org  

Janine (Williams) Law

  • Graduated SHS:  1973
  • Married David Law who graduated from SHS in 1971
  • Six children:  Melody 26, graduated from Smoky Hill HS and BYU, Amy 23, graduated from SHS in 2000 and University of Utah, Katie 21, SHS in 2002, David 19, SHS in 2004, Daniel 17 and Michael 15, both current SHS students.
  • Lived in Glenwood Springs, Durango and Denver for 20 years, and moved back to Springville in 1996.
  • David is a retail development specialist with Purina Mills and I am studying to be an artist.
  • We love being back in Springville and associating with the good people that live here.
  • Email contact:  djlaw6 [at] msn [dot] com
Jo Lynn (Bott) Lee
  • Graduated SHS: 1978.
  • BS in Business Administration from the University of Utah 1997.
  • Masters in Public Administration from BYU in 2002.
  • Have worked for Intermountain Health Care (IHC) since1984.
  • Current occupation is Human Resources Business Consultant/Analyst in Salt Lake City.
  • Married Duane Lee in 1994. We have two wonderful boys -- Spencer (7) and Austin (4-1/2).
  • Love to golf, garden, cook, and travel.
  • Enjoy my family vacations as well as vacations with my friends.
  • Email Contact: jolynn [dot] lee [at] ihc [dot] com  

Renae (Robbins) Lee
  • Graduated SHS: 1979
  • Married John Jay of Spanish Fork
  • Live in Mt. Pleasant, Utah
  • Have nine children Jennifer, Andrew, Ryan, Becca, stephen, Jessica, Amanda, Jared, and Shinoahe
  • Email contact: lee [at] mourning-glory [dot] com

Michael Letson

  • Attended SHS:  1977
  • Web Developer for Cold Fusion
  • Lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with wife and two daughters
  • Email contact:  MichaelLetson [at] Spherion [dot] com

Susan (Snow) Manning

  • Graduated SHS: 1972
  • Married Ed Manning of Mapleton. Married for 33 years
  • Two children: Jonathon and Adrienne. Both married providing six grandchildren
  • Live in Salt Lake City
  • Manage the University of Utah post office
  • My husband and I are both pastors of a local Christian church
  • Lives have been dedicated to working with alcoholics and addicts for past 20 years
  • E-mail contact: smanning [at] adventurelibertypark [dot] org

Jaynie (Smith) Mitchell

  • Graduated SHS: 1976
  • Married Roger Leavitt Mitchell in 1980; have six children and one grandchild
  • Lived in Wendell and Preston (Idaho); John Day, McMinnville, Albany (Oregon)
  • Currently live in Hermiston, Oregon
  • Current career: College Instructor in Vocational Office Skills and Writing
  • Past careers: Loan Support Specialist, Grant Writer, Community Development Facilitator, Office Manager
  • Attended Ricks College, BYU, and Eastern Oregon University. BA in Liberal Studies (2005)
  • Working on Masters of Arts in Humanities from California State University
  • E-mail contact: jaynie007 [at] msn [dot] com  

Bill Mohler

  • Graduated SHS:  1979
  • Married with three boys.
  • Our first two boys are going to UVU to become Police Officers
  • I am living in Payson, Utah.
  • Email contact:  steelersafc876 [at] aol [dot] com

Kaye (Wheeler) Nelson

  • Graduated SHS:  1978
  • Attended USU; graduated from BYU in Dec 2007 with BA degree in Communications, emphasis in print journalism.
  • Joined BYU faculty summer 2008 in Print Journalism.
  • Married C. Riley Nelson, currently Professor of Biology at BYU.
  • We have three children -  Jason 28, graduated BYU April 2009.  He is married to Brandy who will graduate BYU in 2010; Andrea 25, graduated from BYU 2007 (with her mom); and Amy 22 is a senior at BYU in visual arts.
  • We've lived in Utah, California and recently spent 10 years in Austin, Texas, but moved back to Provo in 1999.
  • We love to travel and have been to Taiwain, Tahiti, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Sweden and Denmark, and will hopefully go to Africa in the summer for our 30th anniversary.
  • Email contact:  dorothyandtotokn [at] yahoo [dot] com (I love the Wizard of Oz)

Gary Nielsen

  • Class of 1978
  • Served LDS Mission in Tennessee
  • Graduated with Master of Arts in Community Education Administration from BYU in 1984
  • Faculty/Outdoor Education Director at Colgate University in New York 1985-1995
  • Professor of Recreation Education at Colorado Mountain College 1995-1998
  • Director of Adventure Travel Company in Four Corners Region 1998-2000
  • Faculty/Elderhostel Coordinator (leading educational/adventure tours around the state of Utah) for Utah Valley State College 2000 to present
  • Married Sandy Harmon from Green River, Wyoming
  • 4 children (mine)
  • Living in Highland, Utah
  • Love to travel all over country, camping, hiking, skiing, golfing, and spending time with family
  • E-mail contact: nielsega [at] uvsc [dot] edu 

Jo Noxon

  • Graduated SHS: 1974
  • Married to Tony Noxon (2nd marriage), first husband passed away in 2001
  • No Children
  • I started my work career in Salt Lake City after graduation
  • Have worked for the Utah National Guard for the past 16 years
  • Living in West Valley City
  • Email contact:  secure4ut [at] yahoo [dot] com

Lori O'Neal Pearson

  • Graduated SHS: 1978
  • Graduated UVSC: 1991 with Computer Science Degree
  • Have resided in Las Vegas, NV and Denver, CO
  • Travelled as Software Consultant throughout the U.S. as well as to Canada, Australia, and Barbados
  • Hobbies are baking, cooking, square foot gardening, horses, reading
  • Currently working in the web analytics industry
  • Single parent of one daughter, currently living in Orem
  • Email contact:  gimmeflowers [at] hotmail [dot] com  
Nina Beardall Peterson
  • Graduated SHS: 1972
  • Graduated 1976 BYU, Magna Cum Laude, BS Psychology & Child Development
  • Married Douglas L Peterson 1975 - BS Psychology 1977, MLS BYU 1987
  • Nine Children - Emily grad SHS 94, will grad BYU, BS Psychology 1998 (8 girls, 1 boy)
  • Stephanie grad SHS 95, April grad SHS 97, Kimberly grad SHS 98, Sara grad SHS 2000, Rachel grad SHS 2003, Andy grad SHS 2005, Melodie grad SHS 2007, Ariel grad SHS 2009
  • Returned to Springville in 1986 after 8 years in Arizona
  • Was Marketing Director and Project Manager of a Data Processing Company until it downsized 1/97 and moved offices out of state
  • Currently addicted to doing research on the Net!
  • Email contact:  nbp9a [at] hotmail [dot] com  

Chris Quarnberg

  • Graduated SHS: 1970
  • Married with 12 children. Nine are mine.
  • Retired US Army 30 years
  • Work for HP as IT manager
  • Hobbies:  grandkids, photography, sky diving, travel
  • Email contact:  chrisqberg [at] icloud [dot] com
Jim Quist
  • Graduated SHS: 1977
  • Attended BYU 1977-1988, English and Music
  • Married Anna-Marie Cox of San Francisco/Seattle in 1985
  • Four children: Candace, Mary, Ben, and Emma
  • Living in Bellingham, Washington area since 1989
  • Music teacher and music store owner ("Quist Violins")
  • Email contact: jim [at] quistviolins [dot] com

Kim Reid

  • Graduated SHS:  1976
  • Graduated BYU:  1980 in Rangeland/Wildlife Science
  • Resided in Vernal, UT; Worland, WY; Greybull, WY; Hamilton Dome, WY; Lovell, WY; Whitehall, MT; and Red Lodge, MT.
  • Works for US Forest Service as Supervisory Biological Scientist in Red Lodge, MT.
  • Email contact:  kreid [at] wtp [dot] net

Bradley A. Smith

  • Graduated SHS: 1978
  • Served an LDS mission to Japan Okayama Mission:  1979-1981
  • Graduated BYU:  1988
  • Married to Janine Hill, have three children:  Carlie 18 ('05 SHS, attending BYU); Tyler 15; and Devin 8.
  • We lived in Boise, ID; Grand Junction, CO; and now back in Springville.
  • Area Sales Director for Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals.
  • Email contact:  smithb7 [at] wyeth [dot] com

Richard Mark Snow

  • Graduated SHS:  1979
  • Married 25 years to Sydney Roylance (class of '81)
  • 2 years at BYU
  • 4 boys - Ryan 21, Derrick 16, Chazz 10, and Mitchell 8.
  • Have lived in St. George for 21 years.
  • Manager CarQuest, St. George.
  • Loves NASCAR and spending time at Lake Powell.
  • Email contact:  xbluewater96 [at] hotmail [dot] com 

Renee (Nedesky) Tuckett

  • Graduated SHS:  1978
  • Joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in 1979.
  • Married Jeff Pons 1983 (divorced 1989).  We have one daughter Rachel, 17.
  • Married Paul Tuckett 1991.  He had three children, and we had one together.
  • Currently raising the "Yours, Mine and Ours" gang!  Angie 18 (his), Landon 17 (his), Rachel 17 (mine), Steven 14 (his), and Hailey 9 (ours).
  • Reside in Spanish Fork, UT
  • Work at Utah Power as an administrative assistant.
  • Love to camp, boat (especially at Lake Powell), ride four-wheelers, snowmobile - basically we love to spend time with our family!
  • Email contact:  Renee [dot] Tuckett [at] PacificCorp [dot] com

Thom Thorn

  • Graduated SHS:  1978
  • Married with 6 children (3 mine, 3 hers)
  • Living in Phoenix, AZ
  • Working for SkyWest in Flight Ops department.
  • Email contact:  tthorn [at] cyberdude [dot] com

David Waite

  • Graduated SHS:  1979
  • Married with 4 children:  3 boys, 1 girl and 1 granddaughter
  • Retired from US Navy as an electronics tech in 2000.
  • Working for GE in Salt Lake City
  • Living in Eureka, UT
  • Email contact:  dgw84116 [at] gmail [dot] comdave [dot] waite [at] med [dot] ge [dot] com (

Tauni (Davis) Wells

  • Graduated SHS:  1978
  • Two children from first marriage
  • Married Ken Wells in 1994
  • Lived in Utah, Idaho, Missouri, Georgia and currently in Wisconsin.
  • Work in IT for an Army contractor.
  • Email contact:  tauni [dot] wells [at] us [dot] army [dot] mil

Annette Baker

  • Graduated SHS: 1978
  • Married for 42 years as of 4-19-21
  • 6 children, 14 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandsons
  • Love to travel - have visited all 50 states and 13 countries
  • Accounting and drafting courses at SHS have helped with current job
  • Have been at my current company for 22 years
  • Email contact: annettebaker1979 [at] gmail [dot] com