1960-1969 ALUMNI

Ken P. Boyer (Grandpa Peter Koyote)

  • Graduate SHS:  1966
  • Married Susan Barney from Spanish Fork in 1966 (Divorced 1996)
  • Married Sandra Perkins, 2000  (Divorced 2002)
  • Married Karen McReynolds, 2005  (Divorced 2012)
  • Email: peterkoyote [at] gmail [dot] comtarget="_blank"
  • Snail mail: P.O. Box 492, Crestone, CO 81131

Michael Clyde

  • Graduated SHS: 1968
  • College and Law School at the University of Utah
  • Married Sharona Wolff (Austrailan), six children
  • Litigation partner at Perkins Coie LLP practicing in San Francisco Bay area, Silicon Valley and Phoenix, Arizona
  • Email: mclyde [at] perkinscoie [dot] comtarget="_blank"

Robyn Dale Hardy

  • Graduated SHS:  1969
  • Works for US West Communications as a design engineer.
  • Son Brandon currently attends SHS
  • Has lived in Price, Phoenix and now Denver.
  • Email contact:  rxhardy [at] uswest [dot] com
Sharon Lee Goodsell Johnson
  • Graduated SHS: 1960
  • Married: Roger L Johnson
  • Children: 5; Grandchildren 12 (9 biological)
  • Still loves to type.   Plays piano and organ.
  • Moved to Arizona in 1970.  Lived in Tempe, Lake Havasu City, and currently lives in Kingman, Arizona.
  • Email contact:  rogsha [at] ctaz [dot] com
Roger Judd
  • Graduated SHS: 1969
  • Graduated from BYU in 1975, attended Cal State LA in the early 70's
  • Worked in SID of LAPD during 70's
  • System Software Engineer @ Alliant TechSystems Inc. 80's @ 90's
  • Lived in Los Angeles, and Beach cities in the 70's, currently in Sandy Ut.
  • Coach Little League: Baseball & Football, Only missed 2 BYU home football games since 1980.
  • Email contact:  Roger_Judd [at] atk [dot] com
Hal Larsen
  • Graduated SHS: 1966
  • Graduated from BYU in 1970, 1973 (BS, MS in Microbiology)
  • Graduated from Univ. Nebraska Medical Center: 1980 (Ph.D. Medical Microbiology)
  • Currently: Professor and Chair, Department of Clinical Laboratory Science, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock, TX 79430
  • Married to JoAnn (a North Carolina Tarheel); 4 children
  • Email contact:  alhhsl [at] ttuhsc [dot] edu
Arnold Loveridge
  • Graduated SHS: 1962
  • Live in Long Beach, CA  from 1970 to 2001 and in Carmichael, CA since 2001
  • Retired from CFO/Director of Administration at Alta California Regional Center (social services agency for people with developmental disabilities)
  • Married Carolyn Baldwin from Taylor, AZ, and they have six children and 15 grandchildren
  • Email contact:  arnoldvl [at] surewest [dot] net
  • Blog URL:  Too-Old-to-Know-Better.blogspot.com
Scott Lowe
  • Graduated SHS: 1967
  • B.A. in Broadcast Journalism, University of Northern Colorado 1995
  • Currently Sports Information Director at Brigham Young University-Hawaii
  • Served LDS mission to New England 1969-71
  • Married Gwen Akerill in 1979, have five daughters and two sons ages 3 to 17 as of 10/2000 (four teenagers)
  • US Navy Electronics Technician 1972-78
  • Previous jobs include stockbroker, teacher, media relations, insurance
    adjustor, heart/lung machine technician, copy machine technician,
    roofer, television play-by-play, etc.  I still don't know what I want to
    be when I grow up.
  • Email contact:  lowes [at] byuh [dot] edu
Steven Lynn
  • Graduated SHS: 1969
  • Works at Duren Controls as floor supervisor and US Naval Reserve
  • Married with 3 daughters
  • Email contact:  Chieflynn [at] aol [dot] com
Mike Mason

Graduated SHS: 1965Graduated US in 1969Served four years in the US NavyWorked for the Army Corps of Engineers, retiring in 2003Married with four step children, seven grandchildrenCurrently resides in Bend, OR
Email contact:  elkhunter [dot] mason [at] gmail [dot] com

Allan Pennington
  • Graduated SHS: 1963
  • Email contact:  apen [at] burgoyne [dot] com
Ila Whiting Pennington
  • Graduated SHS: 1963
Deanna Hansen Ryan
  • Graduated SHS: 1968
  • Married Terry Ryan 1970
  • Moved first to Colorado, now living in Southern California
  • Email contact:  ryan [at] ivic [dot] net
Bob Schaugaard
  • Graduated SHS: 1967
  • Completed mission to Japan in 1971
  • Graduated from BYU in 1974 with a BS in Computer Science
  • Married with five children and living in Austin, Texas
  • Working at IBM
  • Email contact:  bobs [at] dev [dot] tivoli [dot] com

Richard Stevenson

  • Graduated SHS:  1962
  • Retired from the US Navy in 1983
  • Moved to Conroe, Texas in 1992
  • Have lived in California, England, Guam and Virginia
  • Have 4 Grandkids, Christopher and Kathleen in Conroe, and Collin and Zackery in Spanish Fork.
  • Email contact:  rich4725 [at] excite [dot] com

Alan Willes

  • Graduated SHS: 1967
  • Graduated from USU in '75 with a BS in Forest Range Management
  • Lives in Jackson Hole, Wy.
  • Self employed as a drum maker and a song keeper of ancient indigenous songs.
  • My web site is http://www.sacredmountaindrums.com
  • Email contact:  awilles [at] wyoming [dot] com