Springville High School’s New Rock'n Guitar Teacher

Submitted by carey.white on Wed, 09/20/2017 - 14:24
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Springville High has begun and we have welcomed a lot of students and new teachers, we are excited to welcome Mr. Jake Coleman to the Music Department. This is the beginning of Coleman’s third year of public school teaching and his 16th year of music teaching. Coleman taught at Lone Peak High School in Highland, Utah, and at Rockwell Charter High school.  Coleman teaches Guitar.  

Teaching Guitar isn’t the most unusual job Coleman has ever had.  Coleman’s worked at a telemarketing company, he disliked working at a desk and loathes pushing someone to buy a product he isn’t sure he would even buy.

He has been married nearly ten years to his wife Erica. They have two beautiful sons and a daughter due soon.  One of Coleman’s hobbies is the weather--he likes bad weather, it’s good weather to him. He also enjoys fishing, hunting, and wilderness survival.

One of Coleman’s teaching philosophies is, “Average teachers tell, good teachers show, and excellent teachers inspire.”

“Watching students realize they love something they just understood, or learned to do. This brings them confidence, and motivates them to move forward,” said Coleman.

He wishes every student would give their absolute best effort in high school and take the challenging classes that everyone says are difficult.  Coleman says that they will help you develop in so many ways.

by Savanna Wightman, SHS News Writer