Articulation Club 

  • Advisor:  Mrs. Walker
  • Dues:  $20
  • Membership:  To promote accapella singing.
  • How to Join:  Pay dues at Finance Office and see Mrs. Walker.
  • Meetings:  TBA 

ASL Club

  • Advisor:  Mrs. Brough
  • Dues:  $10
  • Activities:  American Sign Language

Card Game Club

  • Advisor:  Ms. Frandsen
  • Dues:  None
  • Activities:  Build relationships through playing games

Chinese Club

  • Advisor:  Mrs. Wells
  • Dues:  $5.00
  • Activities:  Introduce Chinese culture.


  • Advisor:  Mrs. Beck
  • Dues:  $20
  • Membership:  Anyone enrolled in one or more business classes.
  • Activities:  Statewide competitions, Lagoon Day, dance, club socials, Park City Leadership Conference and National Competition.
  • How to Join:  Pay dues at Finance Office.
  • Meetings:  TBA

Drama Guild

  • Advisor:  Mr. Cragun 
  • Dues:  $5
  • Membership:  Anyone interested in drama and the theater.
  • Activities:  Sponsor a dance and other activites.
  • How to Join:  Club rush week or see Mr. Cragun

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)  

  • Advisor:  Ms. Beck
  • Dues:  $10
  • Membership:  Anyone enrolled in one or more business classes.
  • Activities:  State competitions in Salt Lake (March), National competition in July.
  • How to Join:  Pay dues in Finance Office and attend first meeting in September.

FCCLA (Family Career Community Leaders of America) 

  • Advisor:  Mrs. Crandall/Pearson/Huffaker
  • Dues:  $20
  • Membership:  Anyone interested in the welfare of future families and who is taking or has taken a course in Family and Consumer Science, and wants to have fun!
  • Activities:  Service projects, conventions, leadership training, pizza parties, etc.
  • How to Join:  Pay dues at Finance Office and complete application signed by parents.

FFA (Future Farmers of America) 

  • Advisor:  Mrs. Giffing 
  • Dues:  $20
  • Membership:  Be enrolled in Agriculture class.
  • Activities:  Sub for Santa, leadership contests, State and National FFA conventions, service projects, Sweethearts Week, livestock shows, county and state fairs, etc.
  • How to Join:  See Mrs. Giffing
  • Meetings:  TBA

Government Club

  • Advisor:  Mr. Douglas
  • Dues:  $5
  • Activities:  Forum about our republic government.

GSA Club

  • Advisor: Ms. Frossard
  • Dues:  None
  • Activities:  Gay-straight alliance-kindness, tolerance.

HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) 

  • Advisor:  Mr. Wadley 
  • Dues:  $20
  • Membership:  Registered or have taken pre-requisite classes.
  • Activities:  Blood drives, others to be determined.
  • How to Join:  See Mr. Wadley
  • Meetings:  TBA

Hope Squad

  • Advisor:  Mrs. Thornock
  • Dues:  None
  • Activities:  Prevention for students in crisis - leadership.

Jazz Improv Club

  • Advisor:  Mr. Major
  • Dues:  None
  • Activities:  To practice jazz improvisation

Kazoo Krew

  • Advisor:  Mr. Boss
  • Dues:  None
  • Activities:  To bring attention to the Kazoo.

Key Club 

  • Advisor:  Mrs. Hall
  • Dues:  $12
  • Membership:  Anyone interested in serving the school and community.
  • Activities:  Service projects, leadership experience, socials, dances.
  • Meetings:  TBA

Latinos in Action

  • Advisor:  Mr. Northcutt
  • Dues:  None
  • Activities:  Community service and leadership.

Lettuce Club

  • Advisor:  Ms. Ipson/Mr. Beardall
  • Dues:  None
  • Activities:  Promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise/nutrion.

National Honor Society 

  • Advisor:  Mr. Frossard, Mrs. Simmons 
  • Dues:  $7.00 (one-time $20.00 application fee - include with résumé)
  • Membership:  By invitation - letters distributed in April. Visit website or contact an advisor for detailed qualifications and requirements.
  • Activities:  Promoting character, service, leadership, and scholarship; Enhanced scholarship opportunities; Formal induction ceremony in May; Pendants worn with graduation attire.
  • Meetings: Monthly service projects; meetings as announced
  • Website:

Philosophy Club

  • Advisor:  Ms. Anderson
  • Dues:  None
  • Activities:  To discuss, debate, and learn about philosophy.
  • Meetings:  TBA

Photo Club

  • Advisor:  Ms. Hansen
  • Dues:  $10
  • Activities:  To learn and explore different types of photography.

Ping Pong Club

  • Advisor:  Mr. Mikesell
  • Dues:  None
  • Activities:  To bring students together while playing ping pong.

Polynesian Culture Club

  • Advisor:  Ms. Uyema
  • Dues:  None
  • Activities:  Share love for poly culture to all students.

Red Devil Ambassadors

  • Advisor:  Ms. Ipson
  • Dues:  $10
  • Activities:  Promote activities with student council.

SHS Book Club

  • Advisor:  Mrs. Rabner
  • Dues:  None
  • Activities:  Promote and encourage reading.

Spikeball Club

  • Advisor: Mr. Eaquinto
  • Dues:  None
  • Activities:  To unify students through spikeball.

SPN Club 

  • Advisor:   Mr. Mikesell
  • Dues:  None
  • Activities:  To bring together students with a love for the supernatural.

Tabletop Club

  • Advisor:  Mrs. Rabner
  • Dues:  None
  • Activities:  Build friendships by playing games

The Reel Deal

  • Advisor:  Mr. Lister
  • Dues:  None
  • Activities:  To gain a better knowledge of the history of film

Trombone Choir Club

  • Advisor:  Mr. Major
  • Dues:  None
  • Activities:  Celebrate the diversity of the trombone.

Ultimate Frizbee Club

  • Advisor: Mrs. Smith
  • Dues:  $10.00
  • Activities:  Create friendships and stay active by playing frizbee.