School Musical "The Drowsy Chaperone" a smashing success

article and photos by Selendra Lewis

It’s always a surprise when something smashes through the wall of a set, especially when it’s an airplane. But this is exactly what happened. The airplane, constructed by Ethan Beach, was part of Springville High School’s production of The Drowsy Chaperone.

This was a fun musical about a love-struck showgirl, a monkey (well, not a real monkey), a worried producer, a couple of gangsters, and a host of other colorful characters. There was witty dialogue, humorous scenes, and lots of fun songs.

The music was provided by woodwinds, brass, percussion, and a bass that were part of Springville High School’s pit orchestra.  The upbeat, jazzy songs left you humming the melodies long after the show was over. Overall, everything was a smashing success.

Events for the Week of November 21, 2016


Monday, Nov 21:
(6pm) Kennedy Clement Track Signing in Cafeteria
(7pm) Musical Performance of The Drowsy Cafeteria, auditorium
(7pm) Softball Signings in Cafeteria

Tuesday, Nov 22:
UCAW Activity—wear college apparel to school for a treat from the Counseling Office, in celebration of Utah College Application Week

Wednesday, Nov 23:
Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, Nov 24:
Thanksgiving Break—Thanksgiving Day

Friday, Nov 25:
Thanksgiving Break

Saturday, Nov 26:
Thanksgiving Break

For more information, please visit the School Calendar

Senior Selendra Lewis wins poem contest

Selendra Lewis was the winner of the Veteran's Day Assembly Poem Contest. Lewis is the 2016-2017 Springville High English Sterling Scholar.  Her poem entitled, “Different Than You,” follows:

Different Than You

Do you hate me because I’m different than you?
Because my skin,
My clothes,
My talk
Are not exactly the same?

We see things differently
You say white,
I vote it’s red
Who’s to say what’s right?

We do things differently
You walk
I run
Who’s to say what’s better?

We think things differently
You insist it’s left
I believe it’s right
Who’s to decide which way to go?

But all these differences
Between you and me
Are not a cause for fights
And anger

You be you
And I’ll be me
Each in our own way
Together, but different

And I’ll care for you
And you be friends with me
Because we need each other
Together, but different


We’re all on a journey
It’s long
And bumpy
And hot
And we’re tired

But if we work together
We get pink
And we get there
The scenic way

Because peace is better
Than hate
We don’t need any more war

You don’t hate me because I’m different than you
Because my skin
My clothes
My talk
Are not exactly the same

Because you know that we have peace
Because I’m different than you

Sophomore sponsors anti-underage drinking seminar

by Shannon Acor

Springville High Sophomore Reed Gardner held a special Anti-Underage Drinking Seminar for students and community members on November 14 at Springville High School. Gardner planned and executed the event for his Boy Scout Eagle Project in partnership with the school, Springville City, and the Utah County Health Department.

Guest speaker, Mike Cottam, Utah State Office of Education, taught students the dangers of using alcohol before the age of 21. Cottam’s presentation had the students involved and engaged with demonstrations on how our brains receive and transfer messages.  

Gardner received donations and gave out prizes to the captive audience members. The grand prize of a mini-iPad went to an excited Cub Scout in attendance.  Good job Reed and good luck at your Scout Board of Review.

Red Devils shut down Hawks in 4A semifinal game, move on to championship game still undefeated

photos by Erin Call and Lynn Brereton, SHS News Photographers

No one expected Springville to shut down the typically high scoring Alta in the 4A semifinal state football game, ending 42-14, at Rice Eccles Stadium on Friday, November 11.   The Red Devils came to play and win with clean executions, zero turnovers, a disciplined defense, and very few penalties.

Payton Kelepolo had a huge game with 33 carries, 242 yards, and a TD.  Four 1-yard TDs from quarterback Jantsen Thorpe put the Red Devils over the top of the Hawks.   Viliami Kolomalu is credited with 8 tackles and 2 sacks.  Griffan Slavens also had 8 tackles.  Cole Bowers and Jackson Murphy each contributed 7 tackles with Bradley Nicol adding 5 tackles and a sack.

Springville needs just one more win to clench the state title.   The Red Devils will face East again this year, but now in the championship round.  The Red Devils lost to the Leopards in last year's 4A semifinals, 42-14 — the very same score they won by on Friday.  

The 4A championship game will be played at Rice Eccles Stadium on Friday, November 18, at 6:30 pm.

FFA and Student Council sponsor Veteran’s Day Assembly

On Veteran’s Day, Friday, November 11, Springville High’s FFA Chapter and Student Council members organized and produced an amazing Veteran’s Day celebration.   The morning began with a breakfast provided to local community veteran’s prepared and served by the FFA.

Eagle Scouts began the assembly with a color guard presentation of the flag.  Lieutenant Colonel John Darrington was the keynote speaker with the National Anthem sung by Aspen Lambert and God Bless America sung by McKenna Nixon.  Selendra Lewis and Bryn Sawnders delivered original written poems honoring Veteran’s Day.

Springville High’s Marching Band played a salute to America including “Taps” played by Jonathan Young on the trumpet.

All who attended were inspired by the patriotism and honor demonstrated by these cherished veterans.

Veteran's Week Activities


The week of November 7 - 11 was celebrated by Springville High student body with coordinated activities sponsored by the FFA and Student Council.  Monday included writing notes and letters to Veterans, Wednesday was assembling care packages, and Friday was celebrated with a best dress Veteran's Day assembly.

Springville advances to semis undefeated

photos by Erin Call and Lynn Brereton, SHS News Photographers

The Red Devils jumped out to a 21-0 lead after the first quarter and continued on to cruise to the victory over Woods Cross in the 4A Quarterfinals finishing with a 43-7 big win. Jantsen Thorpe connected with Brennen Rymer for three scores while teammate Payton Kelepolo had 16 carries for 70 yards adding two rushing touchdowns.  Bennett Hullinger added 46 rushing yards in the win.

Springville now faces Alta in the 4A semifinals at Rice Eccles stadium on Friday, November 11, 2:30pm. 

Fall Musical begins next week: The Drowsy Chaperone


It's that time of year again.  The school musical is coming up next week.  Springville High's Fine Arts Department will be performing The Drowsy Chaperone, and we would love to see you all there.

The show runs Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday (17th-21st) starting at 7pm. Tickets are $5 for students and $7 for adults.


Man in Chair, Brady Dolan
Robert, Simon Taylor
George, Weston Murdock
Feldzieg, Jonah Schmitz
Gangsters, Christian Small, Jared Israelsen
Underling, Elihu Brown
Aldolpho, Kaden Nissen
Janet Van de Graff, Emily Mason
Drowsy Chaperone, McKenna Hixson
Mrs. Tottendale, Lindsay Tuft
Kitty, Ireland Thomas
Trix, Samantha Sorensen
Superintendent, Becca Hammond

Featured Dancers: Samantha Sorensen, Rosie Durland, Tristan McAfee, Sadie Mangum, Kya Durrant, Hayley Herker, Audrey Kimball

Reporters: Becca Hammond, Ethan Averett, Emma Ferrin, Nicole Metler, Tanner Durrant, Elizabeth Setzer

Party Guests:

Abby Fales, Addie Provost, Adia Hunter, Alena Robison, Alyssa Gardiner,
Ashley Bartholomew, Brooke Child, Dezerae Robison, Eliza Austin,
Elizabeth Smith, Ellie Brenchley, Emily Beerli, Emily Donahue, Jessey Simons
John Andelin, Joslyn Morrison, Kaylynn Smith, Madalyn Jackson, Madi Fowler
Malie Niu, Marissa Roper, Miriam Hall, Morgan Black, Sarah Barker,
Savannah Harmon, Shayra Riches, Shelby Markham, Vanessa Goodman,
Wendy Gwilliam