Senior Interns at Mapleton Elementary School

by Laura Hutchings and Katie Hone, SHS News Writers

Springville High Senior Jena Murdock is working an internship at Mapleton Elementary School 5th Grade.  She helps with the students when they need it.  She also grades homework and helps with additional.  

Although she enjoys her internship, she does not consider this as a future career; instead, she is planning to attend Taylor Andrews Beauty College.  However, she has fun at her internship and learning the importance of patience and how much energy kids require.  


Christmas Choir Concert and Bazaar Fundraiser

photos and article by Amanda Lundquist and Taylor Ewing, SHS News Writers

On Saturday, December 6, Springville High School’s Choir, Hand Bell Choir, and select Orchestra members presented the community with a beautiful Christmas performance.  Christmas favorites were enjoyed including “It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas,” “Nutcracker Jingles,” and “Winter Wonderland of Snow.”

Jordann Wallentine, a member of the concert choir said, “We all had fun participating in this performance, a lot of time and effort was put into the practices.”

Before and after the show, a bazaar fundraiser was held in which trinkets and snacks made by the choir members were available for purchase.  Congratulations on a successful concert. 

Winter Dance Concert

by Andrew McDonald and Rebekah Faber (photos by Rebekah Faber), SHS News Writers
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Springville High’s Dance Company along with the Dance I and II classes performed an amazing at Winter Concert on Thursday, December 4.

Each dance was choreographed by members of the Dance Company.

They performed twelve dances that moved you in a way that expressed feeling and emotion.  Emotions that really hit home in your heart, mind and soul.  Their movements told a story that allowed you to feel as if you were part of the tale.   Congratulations on a successful concert. 

Red Devils come up short in 2nd pre-season game

By Teyler Hone and Tanner Gervais, SHS News Writers

On Tuesday, December 2, the Springville High boys’ basketball team traveled to Roy to play their second pre-season game.  With their first season game and win against Payson last week, the Red Devils went into the game hoping for another victory.

With a leading performance from Kaden Hillstead and outstanding effort from the team, Springville definitely had something to keep their heads up despite the 50-55 loss.

The Red Devils are looking forward to this basketball season with high hopes, determination, and perhaps a state championship appearance.

Lady Red Devils beat Packers at home

by Carey S. White, SHS News Adviser (photos by Mark Spencer)
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Down at halftime, the Springville Lady Red Devils used a strong third quarter to take the lead and then held on to beat the Fremont Packers, 54-46.  Olivia Park and Lydia Austin combined for 28 points to pace the Red Devils.  The game was played at Springville’s home court on Tuesday, November 25.

Photos by Mark Spencer

4A Quarterfinal ends the season for Red Devils

by Omar Garibay, SHS News Writer

After upsetting the Bonneville Braves in the first round of state football, the Springville Red Devils were set to face Corner Canyon for their second match-up; the two teams meet early in the season with Corner Canyon beating Springville at home by 10 points.  

The winner of this 4A quarterfinal game will continue to Rice Eccles stadium and one step closer to the state championships.

The game was tied up 7-7 in the 4th quarter with 2:45 remaining with Corner Canyon threatening to score with 3 and 15 yards to go.  The Red Devils force the Chargers to throw a bad pass, but somehow one of the Corner Canyon players got passed and scored.  The Red Devils tried everything to tie it up, but came up short with an interception.  

Teacher Spotlight, Whitney Lewis

by Hayden Mendivil and Chris Luther, SHS News Writers

There are many teachers new at Springville High this year; one of these amazing teachers is Whitney Lewis.  Lewis is bringing her passion for English and teaching into her first year.

“Teaching English is a blast because we talk a LOT and we write a LOT,” Lewis said when asked what are some of her favorite parts of teaching English.  Although she is fairly new to teaching (this is her first full year of teaching), Lewis finds watching her students grow and learn very rewarding.

“Watching them totally flourish and blossom has been priceless,” said Lewis.

Lewis seems to truly love what she does, partly because she has a love for English.

“English is such a powerful subject. If you can learn to use the right words in the right way, you can influence people… You can move them emotionally and you can persuade them to change the world!” said Lewis.

Beyond teaching English, Lewis finds time to be athletic.  Last year she nearly broke her leg falling off a cliff, but this hasn’t slowed her down at all.  There is seemingly no end to what she does outdoors. Everything from hiking, ultimate Frisbee, and basketball.  Being outdoors “energizes” her soul.

With her love of being active, she also (obviously) loves reading. A few of her favorites are The Book Thief, Unbroken, and Harry Potter. She made sure to defend one of her choices and said “[Harry Potter is a] cliché I know, but Rowling really is brilliant. Look at all of the Latin and mythology she uses almost in our subconscious! Genius!”

SHS is glad to have such amazing new teachers, welcome Ms. Lewis.

Welcome Ms. Janelle Frossard

by Cameron Church & Jonathan Haws, SHS News Writers

Ms. Janelle Frossard has been teaching for a total of two years; her first year she taught at Orem High and then transferred to Springville High for her second year.  She teaches English, and she likes to help students learn.  She hopes to cover everything she wants to do with the class, but at the same time make it fun.

Her most rewarding experience is seeing students start to enjoy English and improve. Her hobbies include reading, movies, music (mostly rock and roll), and hanging out with friends.  The most unusual job she ever had was when she would work while rollerblading at Sonic.

Hello Ms. Cox

By: Laura Hutchings & Katie Hone, SHS News Writers

Another new teacher here at Springville High School is Carrie Cox; her classroom is located in the G-Wing across from the dance room. 

Cox has been a teacher since 1999, only taking a break for graduate school. She has taught Drama and English classes, but is currently teaching German.  She’s taught at several high schools and middle schools in California, Alta High School, and now at Utah Valley University.

She believes that “education helps us be stronger, kinder people who can take better care of each other and the world we live in as we increase our knowledge and understanding and our communication and expression skills.”  Cox believes that teaching a language is a great skill opening up different cultures other than our own; she loves seeing students be more confident with themselves.

Some interesting facts about this Cox is her hero, Bruce Lee.  Cox said, “It’s inspiring to see the great things that have gone on in his life.”

Her hobbies include baking, basketball, riding her bike, playing her guitar. She’s also really great at movie trivia and she misses the ocean.  The most unusual job she had was working part-time at See’s Candies.

We welcome you Ms. Cox here to SHS and hope you have a wonderful time being one of our teachers.

New Special Education Teacher

by Cameron Church and Jonathan Haws, SHS News Writers

Springville High welcomes first year Special Education teacher, Olivia Ward.  Ward explains why she loves special education, “I love people who have disabilities and I love to help them.”

The most rewarding experience for her is when students know her name and come up to her to tell her what happened to them the night before.

She does not coach any sports, but she wants to.  She loves the mountains and yoga.