A special teacher for special education

by Francesca Rotolo and Jackson Jarvis, SHS News Writers
Mr. Nic Rowley

Mr. Nic Rowley is new to Springville High School, but that doesn’t stop him from being a crazy and fun-loving teacher. Rowley loves what he does and puts amazing amounts of effort into it. His vision of this year is to have an amazing year without too many hiccups along the way.

Aside from being a book worm and a loving husband, Mr. Rowley has been teaching Special Education for seven years. He’s taught at Sage Creek Elementary, Oakridge, and Mapleton Jr. High. Now we’re privileged to have Mr. Rowley teaching for us here at Springville High School.  

One of Rowley’s favorite teaching experiences happened about four years ago. “I was able to help a student learn to walk [four years ago] and seeing them take their first step was an unforgettable experience,” said Rowley. “I have a fake knee from an old soccer injury and shattered my pelvis when I was 13.  We can only imagine how personal it was to get the privilege to give a student the strength to walk.”

The most unusual job Rowley has had in his life time was being a fire fighter for the forest service when he was fresh out of high school. Rowley recalls, “It was intense but very fun.”

Rowley loves what he does for Springville, but loves his home life a little bit more. Rowley and his wife, Taylor, live with their two dogs McGowan and Cohen, which take the spot of children in the family. He and Taylor will be coming up on their 7th year of marriage this January. Aside from his family, reading is one of his favorite things, Rowley said, “I am a huge nerd and proud of it.”

Springville High faculty and student body welcome Mr. Nic Rowley!

Fly Me to the Moon

by Eric Dominguez and Savannah Guinn (photos by Savannah Guinn)
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Saturday, September 27, was the night to fly to the moon at the Springville High homecoming dance.  Having a blast Friday night at the homecoming game in which the Red Devils were victorious, the following Saturday evening, 8pm – 11pm was a great time at the dance by all.

SHS students celebrated with close longtime friends and new friends.  Whether dancing to pumped up music or holding dates close to the slow songs, it was a night to remember. 

photos by Savannah Guinn

Homecoming Royalty 2014

photos by Marynda Chipman, SHS News Photographer
Queen – Annee Lange, escorted by Preston Adams
1st Attendant – Baylee Park, escorted by Ethan Knowlton
2nd Attendant – Peggy Sorenson, escorted by Hayden Smith
3rd Attendant – Stacy Stapel, escorted by Caden Swendsen
4th Attendant – Ali Eaton, escorted by Hayden Diede
Homecoming Royalty 2014

Queen – Annee Lange daughter of David and Janice Lange

             Escorted by....................................... Preston Adams

1st Attendant – Baylee Park daughter of Cliff & Mandi Park

             Escorted by....................................... Ethan Knowlton

2nd Attendant – Peggy Sorenson daughter of Jim and Dana Sorenson

             Escorted by ...................................... Hayden Smith

3rd Attendant – Stacy Stapel daughter of Gordon and Darla Stapel

             Escorted by....................................... Caden Swendsen

4th Attendant – Ali Eaton daughter of Eric and Tori Eaton

             Escorted by....................................... Hayden Diede

Springville High would like to thank Steiner Floral for donating the flowers.

UHSAA awards Directors’ Cup to Springville High


The Utah Interscholastic Athletic Administrators have announced that Springville High School has been awarded the Director’s Cup for 4A schools in the state of Utah for the 2013-2014 school year.  The Director's Cup is based on three components: How the school finishes in state competitions; the combined GPA for each program that competes at state competitions, and the UHSSA sportsmanship initiative.

"Congratulations to Springville High School!  Springville High School represents all of the positive outcomes that result from participation in interscholastic athletics. The “Director’s Cup” was awarded to Springville High School by the Utah Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (UIAAA) for achieving the highest cumulative point total in 4A based on state tournament results in all sports (boys and girls) and the successful implementation of the “Raise The Bar” sportsmanship initiative.   "This is an award that rewards excellence in the classroom, on the playing field, and in the way SHS treats others."      Rob Cuff, Director UHSAA

Principal Mike Brown credits the Utah High School Activities Association's (UHSAA) sportsmanship initiative “Raise the Bar” program, which focuses on building character through teaching, enforcing, awarding, and modeling appropriate and ethical behavior. Mr. Brown commented, “This award is a great honor.  It is a whole school/community award.  It should be celebrated by every student, teacher, coach, parent, and community member.  It shows what we have known all along, Springville High School is a great place where we engage, empower, and collaborate with our students for success.”  Springville High School is truly a community centered school.

Principal Brown wants to recognize the contributions of SHS AD, Cathi Jarvis and AP, Scott Johnson, and of course all of our faculty and coaches for putting so much time and effort in our athletic teams and an emphasis on sportsmanship and academics with our student body and athletic teams. 

The Cup will be presented to the school, District, and community representatives at an upcoming school function. The Cup will be on display both at SHS and the UHSAA offices in Salt Lake City.

Red Devil runners start fast

by Taylor Johnson and Molli McConnell, SHS News Writers

Springville High Cross Country boys team is off to a great start this year completing their first race on August 30 at the Grass Relays hosted by American Fork High. 

Josh Ornelas said, “The race was good until I tripped on the last hay bale.”

Although Josh broke his arm on the hay bale, he finished the race and demonstrated endurance to never give up.

Haden Penrod said, “It was great race; it was really exciting and different.   You get to jump over hay bales and having it be like two miles.”

Penrod finished the race in 13th place and had a great time running.

Nick Noorda said, “It was ‘funnest’ race ever. The relay part is fun, but also kind of weird.  You’re not running yet, just watching your team until they reach you.   Then, you run and when you’re out there it’s like you’re the only one until you get to your goal.”

Nathan Karren said that he felt good at the race and had a good strong pace during the race. He felt pretty comfortable but should have pushed himself to go faster.  

Dallan Endicott adds he should have also pushed himself to do better.  He also said he had a good time even talking to the other teams while he was running.

These boys had a great time at the meet and can’t wait for the rest of the season.  Way to go Red Devil runners!

Spring Showcase Projects

photos by Austen Moon and Jonathan Haws, SHS News Staff
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On Thursday evening, May 22, Springville High showcased students' work.

Devils Play Catch

By Lance Tracy and Garett Spencer, SHS News Writers (photos by Mark Spencer)
Ricky Garrido
Rhett Clark
Ian Earley After Home Run
Gregg Davis
Parker Johnston
Travis Mosley
Trevor Kinross
Willy Child

The Red Devils baseball team predicts a great remainder of the season. With an even number of wins and losses, the Red Devils are ready to play their best games of the season.

Travis Mosely, a member of the team, predicts an “undefeated” rest of the season.

Mosely said, “I have loved this game ever since I was a kid. It’s my special place.”

Mosely loves to hit and is a great member of the team.

When asked what his personal best game was, Mosely said, “Spanish Fork was my best game. I got a double and a walk.”

The hardest part of playing on a team, Mosely said, “is dealing with failure.”

One of the team captains, Willy Child, foresees a strong season finish.

Child said, “I love hanging with people I am friends with and competing with them. My best game was against Salem, I went 3 for 4.” 

Child loves the game and is proud to be a team captain.

photos by Mark Spencer

Track and Field is in Full Stride

by Austen Moon & Brynlee Crouch, SHS News Writers

As winter comes to an end at Springville High, Spring sports are starting up again.  The Track and Field team has had a successful year so far, winning numerous events at regionals.  The team will head to the BYU Invite on May 2nd and 3rd.  Region championships will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, May 7-8.

Track Team Members: Preston Adams, Josue Aguirre, Ty Averett, Tyler Bartholomew, Helaman Burrows, Juan Canedo, Taylor Cannon, Shay Church, Hayden Diede, Keaton Draper, Dallan Endicott, Devin Freeman, Owen Gardner, Nik Grosland, Jonny Hanks, Zach Hansen, Johathan Houtz, Dylan Howell, Christian Jensen, Austin Johnson, Jake Johnson, Taylor Johnson, Tyler Johnson , Nathan Karren, Eric Lee, Braedon Leslie, Josh Lewis, Jared Lopez, Sean McQueen, Mitchel Murdock, Jessi Noll, Nick Noorda, Justin Ollerton, Alex Palmer, Dylan Slavens, Alberto Valdez, Tyler Werner, Daniel Yanamaka, Payton Acor, Michelle Ashcraft, Allison Bailey, Mesa Bake, Allison Barrett, Claire Bunnell, Bianca Caraveo, Samantha Child, Emilee Christensen, Alexis Dalenge, Eme Earl, Witney Ercanbarack, Morgan Fulkerson, Elis Goodrich, Sydney Heister, Kate Hullinger, Abby Magum, Kourtney Martin, Olivia Monney, Mckayla Montgomery, Delanie Mortensen, Jena Murdock, Genna Murray, Abby Nielson, Audrey Penrod, Nicole Robbins, Megan Robinson, Teija Rosenberg, Michaela Schmidt, Naomi Snyder, and Andrea Villalobos.

Springville High FBLA students do well in state competition

by Carey S. White, FBLA Adviser

The following students attended FBLA State Competition last week and won in their respective events:

1st Place  -- Jordan Ockey in Help Desk

3rd Place  -- Matt Nui  in Impromptu Speech

3rd Place --  team of:  Dylan Larsen, Jordon Ockey, and Jack Setzer  in Management Information Systems

4th Place  -- team of:  Matt Nui, Hayden Diede, and Hank Eaton in Marketing

6th Place  -- team of:  Hayde Blanco, Alexis Fisher, and Jack Setzer in Banking & Financial Systems

6th Place  – team of:  Aaron Bird and Spencer Gwilliam in Network Design

8th Place -- team of:  Hayden Diede, Jordon Ockey, and Tanner White in Entrepreneurship

8th Place -- Dylan Larsen in Computer Problem Solving

Participants:  Nathan Jones, Jesica Morrison, and Brescia Eppley

Marie Condie receives Crystal Apple Teacher Award

by Evelyn Benz and Jonathan Haws, SHS News Writers
Miss Marie Condie receives Crystal Apple Teacher Award

Marie Condie, math teacher here at Springville High, recently received the Crystal Apple Teacher Award.  Condie was very surprised and excited that she won.  Condie was nominated by fellow Springville High colleagues to receive the award.  She has been teaching for 17 years.  Her favorite classes to teach are geometry, calculus, and statistics.  Unfortunately, she no longer gets to teach geometry. Her advice to students is “learn how to work hard.”  She decided to teach math due to a love of mathematics.  She had many other career options, but she noticed that her friends were really struggling in math and that she was able to help them understand problems. Her favorite part about teaching at SHS is that she is still a Red Devil since she also graduated from Springville High and is now a proud teacher.

Her favorite quote is by Marianne Williamson, called “Our Deepest Fear.” 

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?  Actually, who are you not to be?  You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others,” by Marianne Williamson.