Over $2,124,013 in Scholarships Awarded to SHS Seniors

photos by Carey White, SHS Newspaper Adviser
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Brandon Curtis Forever Strong Scholarships (awarded to Aaron Brown, Holly Sumsion, Payton Thorpe).JPG
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Brittanye Messerly receives the Carl & Margaret Karcher Foundation Scholarship.JPG
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Heather Killpack (left) and Kristi Hatch (right) named Co-Salutatorians for the Class of 2013.JPG
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Jaden Young receives MATC CTE Scholarship.JPG
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Military Awards (Connor Hullinger, Ripley Tew, Ryan Cloward, Darryl Barnes).JPG
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Nebo School District Athletic Award of Excellence (Mindy Stapel, Malia Nawahine, Bradley Kitchen) .JPG
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On Tuesday evening, May 14, Springville High Seniors were honored for their academic, athletic, service, and leadership accomplishments at the Senior Awards Ceremony.

Sewing Teacher at Springville High Retires

By Tayli Smallcomb and Aaron Brown, SHS Staff Writers
Mrs. Ann Penrod

Mrs. Ann Penrod has been teaching at Springville High School for 22 years. Before Springville, she taught in Alpine School District. This year she will retire. She has taught clothing, sewing, foods, adult roles, and child development.

She is married to the Principal of Mapleton Mountain High School, has five children, and twelve grandchildren. After retirement, she plans to play with her grandchildren. Her most memorable experience when teaching was when she taught all of her children and one of her granddaughters.

 “We have the nicest students,” Penrod says.  Mrs. Penrod will miss many aspects of Springville High School, but most important she says she will miss the students.

 “I just love Springville High School, it’s the best,” said Penrod.

Retiring SHS Teacher, Mrs. Sue Davis

By: Paige Davis, SHS Staff Writer
Mrs. Sue Davis

Mrs. Sue Davis has been teaching a total of thirty four years, three of which were spent at Springville High.  She has taught all levels of English – sophomore to senior, honors classes, A.P. Language and Creative Writing.  After her retirement she plans to write, travel, garden, and live on Lopez Island and watch the sea. 

Davis is married with two daughters-- Camelia who is twenty five and Olivia who is nineteen.  What she will miss most at Springville High is her students and the English Department.  She feels as Thoreau did when he wrote “… it seemed to me that I had several more lives to live, and I could not spare any more time for this one.” Namaste, S.H.S!

SHS Orchestra Teacher wins top award

by Carey White, SHS Newspaper Adviser
Dr. Tsugawa

Congratulations to Sam Tsugawa, recipient of the 2013 Sorenson Legacy Award for Excellence in Arts Education.  The Beverly Taylor Sorenson Legacy Foundation will honor Dr. Tsugawa, six other music educators, and other accomplished arts educators from around Utah at a banquet on Tuesday, May 21.  Each award recipient will receive a $2500 grant from the Sorenson Legacy Foundation to be used in their respective arts programs.  

Mike Brown, principal of Springville High School, and other colleagues who nominated Dr. Tsugawa for the Sorenson Legacy Award wrote, “Dr. Tsugawa is a respected advocate for the arts.”  His involvement as a public school music educator, teacher mentor, and senior adult music advocate is “evidence of the lasting legacy of music education experiences Dr. Tsugawa has imparted for his students, his profession, and the community.  His contributions to music teaching and learning will ensure a tradition of quality music education for generations.”  

Congratulations, Dr. Tsugawa!

Senior Sunset

Senior Boys.jpg
Courtney, Ashley, Sarah, and Breanna .jpg
Holly Whirly and Aleks Newman.jpg
Senior Sunset1.jpg
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On Friday, May 10, Seniors celebrated the end of the year with an evening social.

SHS Talent Show

Jackson Averett and Erin Thomas
Annee and Brooke Lange
Ethan Knowlton and Cordon Farris
Caden Swenson
Cordon Farris
Men's Choir

On Friday, April 26, Springville High held it's annual student body talent show.  We have amazing talent at SHS!

Lunch and an Artist -- featuring Emma Graves

Carey White, SHS Newspaper Adviser
Emma Graves.jpg
Lunch and an Artist

On Wednesday, May 8, Springville High's library sponsored "Lunch and an Artist" featuring SHS's Art Sterling Scholar, Emma Graves. Emma showcased her art work and spoke with students and faculty celebrating her success as an artist and encouraging others to pursue their own passion in art. Emma's art teacher is Mr. Alan Lewis, who is retiring this year after teaching at Springville High for over 30+ years.

Don’t Text and Drive

by Casey Thobe and Candice Lee, SHS Staff Writers
Leslee Hensen

On Wednesday, April 24, Springville High sponsored an after school assembly, “Don’t Drive Stupid.” Keynote speaker was Leslee Hensen who related a personal story when she was injured and her husband killed by someone texting and driving. Driving and texting are not something to boast about. You might think it’s a talent; but it’s not. It will cause accidents, crashes, and lawsuits, and deaths.

Hensen told the student body about how she was in the Provo Hospital ICU (intensive care unit) for 15 days. She suffered from brain and head trauma that included more than 5,000 stiches with more surgery to come. She lost her husband to this accident because of someone texting and driving. At the assembly Leslee touched many students and teachers’ hearts with her story. She may have even convinced some people to stop texting and driving.

Although Henson had a hard time talking about it, she pulled through and told her story of why it is not safe to text and drive. According to Haley Warner, Leslee and Dave’s daughter, Dave pushed Leslee out of the way and took the impact himself. Because of Dave, Leslee is here today talking about her accident to teenagers, adults, and even the elderly.

Texting while driving is not a “skill” one wishes to acquire; it’s nothing you should even try to do, because if you do, it might just take someone’s life away or yours. Accidents can happen at any moment, even if you are not the one who is texting and driving, you could be the next one to get into a car accident because of it. Or, who knows, you could be the cause of an accident because you were the one texting and driving.

Springville Students attend DECA Nationals

By Codie Zamora

At the National DECA Competition held earlier this month in Anaheim, California, Codie Zamora, Caroline Krieger, and Elizabeth White participated in the Learn and Earn category. In this category, Springville High students wrote a thirty page paper about the DECA competition hosted by Springville High School, the “DECA Devil Invitational.” The paper consisted of the organization and implementation of the competition, the process of running the competition, and the business aspects that contributed to the success of the “DECA Devil Invitational.” A fifteen minute presentation was created to present Springville’s paper and the success of the learning and earning experience in hosting the “DECA Devil Invitational.”

Matt Niu also competed at nationals in the Principles of Marketing category. Matt was tested on his knowledge of business principles and marketing concepts. He was a finalist in his group category. Springville High students had an opportunity to represent the level of excellence that Springville High School strives to achieve. Students were able to experience opportunities to meet and interact with other DECA members across the nation and to represent our local community, school, and state of Utah.

Springville Struggles to Defend Home Territory

by Amanda Sly and Chet Kanzee, SHS Staff Writers
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SHS Boys Varsity Soccer
SHS Boys Varsity Soccer
SHS Boys Varsity Soccer
SHS Boys Varsity Soccer
SHS Boys Varsity Soccer
SHS Boys Varsity Soccer
SHS Boys Varsity Soccer
SHS Boys Varsity Soccer
SHS Boys Varsity Soccer
SHS Boys Varsity Soccer

On Tuesday, April 23, Springville Red Devils Varsity Soccer took a brutal loss to the Maple Mountain Golden Eagles, 0-3. The Red Devils tried their hardest to keep up with the Golden
Eagles, but Maple Mountain brought their own game to SHS territory.