Student Spotlight, Rebecca Morrison

by Amanda Lundquist & Taylor Ewing, SHS News Writers
Rebecca Morrison

Rebecca Morrison was chosen for the Mayor’s Recognition Award from the city of Springville.  Morrison is the President of the National Honor Society and a senior here at Springville High.

Last November Morrison lead the NHS in a clothing drive that donated to children around the district. During this time Principal Mike Brown noticed her outstanding acts of kindness that he said was fit for this award, in which he nominated her.

Morrison is honored and excited to have received this award.

Morrison said, “Service is fun, more people should go out and do it.  SHS students—let’s go out and do service.”

Springville DECA does well at region competition

Springville DECA does well at region competition

In January, Springville DECA competed in the Utah DECA Southern Region Competition.  Springville placed 4th overall; nineteen schools attended.  The following students placed in their respective events:

- Mitch Miller took 3rd in Sports Marketing
- Brandon Merkley took 2nd in Business Finance
- Klade Smith took 1st in Quick Served Restaurant Management
- Sierra Marshman and James Johnson took 2nd in Business Law and Ethics
- Beau Barker and Jed Barker took 1st in Business Law and Ethics

Red Devils fall to Skyhawks

photos by Mark Spencer

On Friday, January 16, the Springville Red Devils traveled to Salem to face the Skyhawks in region play, ending in a loss for the Red Devils, 43-29.   Salem Hills built a nine-point lead in the first half and then broke the game open in the third quarter for the big win.  Salem Hill’s Porter Gustin led the way with 22 points and seven rebounds.

photos by Mark Spencer

Springville Mayor’s Recognition Awards

by Shannon Acor
Springville Mayor’s Recognition Awards

Daniel Salazar, Rebecca Morrison and Mallory Murdoch were all smiles Tuesday, January 20, as they received the Springville Mayor’s Recognition Award.  The three Springville students were recognized for their outstanding examples to other students and our community.  Danny’s peers nominated him for being a “great guy, always being courteous and knowing everyone’s name in the halls at Springville High.” Danny also plays saxophone in the Jazz Band and is a member of the suicide prevention club, Hope Squad.

Rebecca Morrison is a great example of being committed to service and striving for excellence.  She is the President of the National Honor Society and has a 4.0 GPA. SHS Principal Brown writes that Rebecca “makes the world a better place through her actions and the way she lives her life.” 

Springville Junior High Student, Mallory Murdoch, is described by Counselor Monica Linton as a “dynamic member of the Hope Squad, she has volunteered to go the extra mile many times, there is no doubt her enthusiasm and unselfish service has a positive effect on everyone around her.”   Mayor Wilford Clyde and the Springville City Council would like to offer a big congratulations and thank you to these amazing students and their parents for contributing positively to our community.

Nominate an outstanding Springville Student in K-12th grade today at:

Sunni Holmberg Interned at Intermountain Hospital

by Rebekah Faber and Andrew McDonald, SHS News Writers
Sunni Holmberg

Sunni Holmberg, 17 year old senior at Springville High, participated in an internship at Intermountain Hospital.  She studied and helped in the Radiology Technical department at the Hospital.  Holmberg was in charge of the x-rays that they took of patients. 

“. . . saw a lot of variety,” Holmberg said when she was asked what she liked about her internship.  “There were lots of patients not specific to a certain disease or symptom, and I saw a lot of the hospital,” said Holmberg.

Holmberg is planning on continuing to study radiology as a career.  She plans on attending the University of Utah and hopes to someday specialize in ultrasounds.

At her internship, Holmberg has seen x-rays of premature babies and a young girl who passed away in a car accident.  The girl was a donor.  About her time at the hospital, Holmberg says, “. . . simple accidents can affect people’s lives; there are things that they could have easily prevented.  People’s lives are crazy, it’s just interesting.”

To other people considering this pathway for a career, Holmberg advises, “It’s a good program.  You need to be open minded and work well with people.  It was crazy; I saw people lifeless.  It was a different experience, seeing the separation from body and spirit.  I think that people need to mentally prepare themselves because it’s kind of a shocker.”

SHS Senior Interns as Physical Therapy Assistant

by Molli McConnell and Taylor Johnson, SHS News Writers
Nick Noorda

Nick Noorda is a sports medicine intern at PSTS Physical Therapy in Springville.  His position is to assist the physical therapist.  He helps out with patients who are trying to recover from injury.  He'll work with the people in the gym and help by getting ice; he also cleans the office.  He enjoys this internship because, he says, “it’s better than class.” 

Noorda says, “It’s a lot of fun.”

Noorda is pretty sure he still wants to continue studying this field, but is open to experiences in other areas of work as well.  He’s still not sure where he would like to attend college.  

Noorda said, “It’s inspiring to see people come in from an injury and they are thinking there is no hope and no way they could get better.  Then, in the end, they come out doing better than they ever thought.  They become wonderful people and they help encourage others that are having the same problems.”

Noorda shared with us his favorite quote, "It's just a hill, get over it."

Noorda is on the SHS cross country team and is always smiling and laughing.  We are proud to have Nick Noorda representing our school, he’s truly a Red Devil.  

Dominic Edwards Interns at Art City Rehab

by Jonathan Haws and Cameron Church, SHS News Writers
Dominic Edwards

At Art City Rehab, Dominic Edwards interns as a nursing assistant. Her duties are to help the residents with their activities and daily living. What she likes about her internship is helping people and keeping them healthy.  She is considering this field as her career.  She plans to save money for a year and attend a college in Las Vegas.

Camilla Dunn, Intern Spotlight

by Alex Farrell, Tanner Gervais, and Teyler Hone, SHS News Writers
Camilla Dunn

Camilla Dunn inters at Art City Elementary school. Her position is assistant teacher. What does she do to help out?  She puts together packets for the class and helps grade papers. What does she like about this internship is that she gets to work with children and loves to see how they improve throughout the year. She is still considering this career for the future.  In fact, she plans to attend Brigham Young University and obtain a teaching degree.

Internship Spotlight: Bailey Ewing at Nance Family Dental

by Taylor Ewing and Amanda Lundquist, SHS News Writers
Bailey Ewing

Senior, Bailey Ewing, is ending her high school career in an extremely beneficial way, with an internship.

 At Nance Family Dental, she is beginning her career choice of going into the medical field. She helps around office sterilizing the dentists equipment and observing the dentists and hygienists.

Ewing said, “I love being at an internship with employees that are really nice and teach me a lot. This seems like something I would do in the future. I like how I get to see a new patient every day and how every day is new.”

While she was working the other day, she was working with a little girl who was getting a procedure done that isn’t too pleasant. The little girl soothed herself and sang ‘Frozen’ songs to herself while she cried.

Bailey is planning on continuing on with this career as she makes her way south to Southern Utah University for college after she graduates from SHS. She even is thinking about carrying on to medical school.

One quote that keeps Bailey going is, “The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.” –Anonymous

Senior Interns at Sage Creek Elementary

by Molli McConnell and Taylor Johnson, SHS News Writers
Addie Harmon

Addie Harmon is an Intern at Sage Creek Elementary; she helps Mrs. Giles with her second grade class. Harmon enjoys helping at Sage Creek Elementary. She actually attended Sage Creek when she was in elementary school and had Mrs. Giles as a 5th grade teacher. Some of her duties include helping to grade papers, reading to the students, and just helping with various classroom tasks. Harmon is still considering whether or not to pursue a career in elementary education, but she is still undecided.

Harmon is a happy, loving, and giving person. She loves children. Every time she goes to the school, the students give her a hug and call her Miss Addie which Harmon thinks is “really cute.” One time when the students were doing an art project, one of the students put paper in her hair and told her she had to have it in hair for the whole day; and, being her cute self, she did. Harmon is fun and a great friend. Springville High is proud to have Addie Harmon represents us well in the educational community.