SHS Senior Interns at Art City Elementary

By McKenna Nuzman, SHS Staff Writer
KateLyn Burnett

Senior KateLyn Burnett is working an internship at Art City Elementary.

“I want to be a teacher because I love working with kids,” said Burnett.

Some of Burnett’s duties at Art City Elementary include helping the students catch up on their work and helping with projects around the room.  She thinks children are so cute and this experience has increased her excitement to become a teacher. She loves seeing the children improve. She says they are so smart, and she loves working with them.

Burnett exclaims that this internship has been beneficial to her, she said, “Yes! It has helped me to make sure that I want to go into education. I would highly recommend this to other students!”

After high school graduation, Burnett plans on attending Brigham Young University and majoring in Elementary Education. 

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Worked-Based Learning Coordinator, Springville High School, (801) 489-2870, or

FUN at Brookside Elementary

By McKenna Nuzman, SHS Staff Writer
Marlee Shepherd

Marlee Shepherd is a senior at Springville High School. She is currently working an internship at Brookside Elementary school.  After high school graduation, she plans on attending Dixie State College and majoring in Elementary Education.

“Teaching young kids and watching them grow and learn in an awesome thing,” said Shepherd.

Shephered loves getting hands on experience in a classroom setting.  This internship has inspired her even more to become a teacher. Some fun activities she has experienced while at her internship are, “Last year I worked with a boy who didn’t want anything to do with school. At first it was really rough; but, by the end of the year the boy was doing so much better! It was a great feeling,” said Shepherd.

She would recommend working an internship because you get hands on experience and you’ll be able to see if you really want that as a career.

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Worked-Based Learning Coordinator, Springville High School, (801) 489-2870, or

Intern Helps Man’s Best Friend

By Raymond Jablonsky, SHS Staff Writer
Mosiah Rios

Mosiah Rios is working an internship at All About Pets in Provo.  Rios is very active with the animals.  He helps with animal checkups, exams, and dental aid.  Not all of Rios’s duties are so glamorous though.  He also has the responsibilities of cleaning up after surgeries, cleaning kennels, and cleaning up animal waste.

Rios’ love of animals is what led him to do this internship.  Not only does he love the animal part of this internship, he is fascinated by the medical side as well.  Rios had the amazing opportunity to watch a C-section and assisted in cleaning up the newborn puppies.  His favorite part of that experience was seeing the mother interact with her newborns. 

“It has been beneficial.  I would recommend it because there is a lot of interactions and new experiences,” said Rios.

Rios is very interested in this line of work.  He plans on attending Southern Utah University and major in animal science in order to become a veterinarian.   Rios’ love of animals will help him become a great veterinarian that people will trust. 

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Worked-based Learning Coordinator, Springville High, (801) 489-2870, or

Lunch and an Artist

By Shane Roberts and Peter Scott, SHS Staff Writers (photos by Mr. Lou Crandall)
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Lunch and an Artist -- Kate Baxter
Lunch and an Artist -- Kate Baxter
Lunch and an Artist -- Kate Baxter
Lunch and an Artist -- Kate Baxter
Lunch and an Artist -- Kate Baxter
Lunch and an Artist -- Kate Baxter
Lunch and an Artist -- Kate Baxter
Lunch and an Artist -- Kate Baxter
Lunch and an Artist -- Kate Baxter
Lunch and an Artist -- Kate Baxter
Lunch and an Artist -- Kate Baxter
Lunch and an Artist -- Kate Baxter
Lunch and an Artist -- Kate Baxter

On Friday, May 4, the Springville High Art Department and Library sponsored “Lunch and an Artist” featuring SHS Art Sterling Scholar Kate Baxter.   Kate along with many other students assembled at lunch for music and a "conversation with the artist.”

“Lunch and an Artist” is a celebration featuring the accomplishments of some very talented young people.  Music was provided by the superior ranked SHS quintet, consisting of Jenny Jones, Kristy Hatch, Rebecca Wood, Raymundo Yazzie, and Aaron Stoddard, playing Antonín Dvořák’s Finale followed by a conversation with Kate Baxter.

While Kate talked punch and cookies were served.  Kate presented some of her fabulous art works consisting of her self-portrait, original mindset illustrations of popular books including Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, by Louise Rennison, Coraline by Neil Gaiman, and Batman’s own Joker and Harley Quinn all of which were drawn by Kate in amazing detail.

Kate’s inspiration comes from, “…books, trying to create illustrations from descriptions of a character”.

Kate commented on how long it usually takes her to create  a work of art, “It varies greatly on the idea and inspiration and utensils. Illustrations take six to nine days on average.”

Kate plans on attending Utah Valley University this Fall, where she has been awarded a scholarship to study art. She said, “I’m attending UVU on scholarship; art supplies and paper are expensive!”  

She has always wanted to be an artist; however, however,, it was during her sophomore year that she decided “ if she didn’t do art, she didn’t know what she would do.“  She also loves to write hoping to become a novelist or graphic novelist, where she can write and illustrate her own work.

“Kate is an amazing young artist,” said Mrs. Lanell Rabner, SHS Librarian. “She knows what she wants to do and has worked hard to perfect a style all her own. When looking into the faces of her characters, you feel like you want to get to know them. They all tell a story I am excited to hear. Kate is detail oriented, drawing and painting characters that literally pull you into their stories. I am confident that we will hear and see a lot more from Kate Baxter in the future”.

“Lunch and Artist” is here to stay at SHS. Look for monthly events beginning in August, celebrating the very talented students of Springville High School.

*photos by Lou Crandall, SHS Photography Teacher

Outstanding Results at FFA State Competition

By Jason Averett, SHS Staff Writer
Agricultural Communications team.jpg
Floricuture Team.jpg
Meats Team.jpg
VetTech team.jpg
FFA State Group Photo.jpg

Springville High’s FFA traveled to Logan, Utah, on April 24-25 to attend and compete in the FFA State Career Development Events.  This statewide event is held to test students’ skills in certain career areas including agricultural communications, meat judging, floriculture, vet tech, horse judging, poultry judging, and dairy.   Many hours of time and energy went into the preparation for these events.

Monica Giffing, Springville High FFA Adviser, said, “We prepared seven teams that worked extremely hard , these teams are self-driven and practice on their own time and work with many people in the community to prepare.”

Teams are run by the students with occasional suggestions from their adviser; the teams belong to the students and what they were able to achieve was all theirs.

FFA top ranks include gold, silver and bronze; also, the first place teams of each state have the opportunity to attend and compete at nationals next Fall.  Most excitingly our agricultural communications team won first in state, this is two years in a row. The team was comprised of three members--Amberly Bradford (1st Place Individual), Andalyn Hall (3rd Place Individual), and Autymn Schouten.

Our gold ranking team included meat judging which placed third overall with Payson and Maple Mountain placing first and second, showing that Nebo district is a great area to learn in this competition. The meats team was comprised of the following students: Darryl Barnes, Taylor Garrett, Chet Kanzee, and James Johnson.  Another gold ranking team was floriculture with team members Lauren Ridge, Christina Nolasco, Medine Dore, and Emily Merrill.  Vet tech did great as well scoring Springville a gold with team members Ashly Endicott, Colton Carroll, Rita Dominquez, and Caitlin Dinkel.

Springville had some silver ranking teams including horse, poultry, and dairy. The horse team was comprised of Dakoda Mower, Austin Weight, Howard Hutchings, and Caitlin Dinkel. The poultry team was Andalyn Hall, Kira Craig, Katie Biesinger, and Alex Valenzuela.  Finally, our dairy team members were Ashly Endicott, Colton Carroll, Rita Dominquez, and Ripley Tew.

Springville High’s FFA did an exceptional job this year; we can’t wait until next year to see what they have in store for us.  Good luck to our agricultural communications team at nationals this Fall.

Agricultural communications team left to right: Amberly Bradford, Autymn Schouten and Andalyn Hall

Floriculture Team: Lauren Ridge, Christina Nolasco, Emily Merrill and Medine Dore.

Meats Team left to right: James Johnson, Darryl Barnes, Taylor Garrett, and Chet Kanzee

Vet tech team from left to right: Ashly Endicott, Caitlin Dinkel ,Colton Carroll, Rita Dominquez

Drama Guild Play The Foreigner

By Rose Walker and Haylee Tischner, SHS Staff Writers
Dallin Droubay and Dallin Penrod.jpg
Carly Sorenson, Brandon Reagan, Lear Burton.jpg
Rose Walker, Carly Sorenson, Lear Burton, Dallin Penrod.jpg
Brandon Reagan, Dallin Penrod.jpg
Dallin Penrod and Brandon Reagan.jpg
Dallin Penrod, Brandon Reagan, Eric Mageno.jpg
Lear Burton, Dallin Penrod.jpg
Dallin Droubay1.jpg

This year’s annual play performed by Springville High’s Drama Guild is a hilarious comedy centered around a shy character named Charlie. Because he has an active fear of “talk,” he pretends that he’s unable to speak English. In his first few minutes on stage, he finds himself overhearing confidential matters. Everyone thinks that he can’t understand them; so, of course, the plot thickens. An old lady, an evil reverend, a dumb boy, and the KKK all end up in the mix and what you get is a masterpiece.

“The play was a joy to watch, I laughed from start to finish,” said senior Rosalie Swegle.

Full cast included:  Charlie:  Dallin Penrod,  Froggy:  Dallin Droubay,  Ellard: Lear Burton, Widow Meeks “Betty”:  Rose Walker,  Catherine:  Carly Sorenson,  Reverend David:  Eric Mageno, Owen:  Brandon Reagan.

The play was directed by seniors  Brennon Schow and Audrey Ruffell.

Springville High students attend DECA Nationals

By Kacie Jordan, DECA Officer
DECA Nationals
DECA Nationals
DECA Nationals

On April 28 - May 2, eight students from Springville High School had the opportunity to compete at the DECA International Career Development Conference in Salt Lake City.  These eight students competed with over 14,000 students from around the world.  Those who participated were Audri Petro, Kaycie Jordan, and Jehni Mcneil in the Learn and Earn Chapter Project; Lesli Mortensen in Restaurant and Food Service Management; Amy Tingey in Principles of Finance; Cody Zamora in Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan; Jack Setzer in Principles of Hospitality; and, Joe Parker in Chapter Management Academy. 

After competing, the students were able to participate in activities around the city such as Lagoon, shopping, playing Uno and Spoons in the elevator, sightseeing in Park City, and just having a great time together.

2012-2013 Student Council Announced

By Tayli Smallcomb and Aaron Brown, SHS Staff Writers

Student body officers for next year include President Stephen Nelson, Vice President Marie Terry, Secretary Caroline Erickson, Activities Chairman Cami Sumsion, Publicity Chairman Lauren Bird, Student Relations Loren Atherley, Historian Payton Acor, and Tech Director Elsie Rowe.

Senior class officers are President Dallin Penro, Vice President Sara Ripley, Treasurer Aaron Brown, and Secretary Natalie Sanchez.

Junior class President will be Nate Willmore, Vice President Seth Daybell, and Secretary Erin Thomas.

Sophomore class President will be Jamie Devinish, Vice President Jacob Rasmussen, andSecretary Katie Murray.


Springville students do well at state film festival

By: Shayne Bailey and McKenna Nuzman, SHS Staff Writers

The following students received awards in the Utah High School Film Festival:  Spencer Curtis and Riley Smith, 2nd Place Animation; Jason Haymond and Andrew Massimini, Honorable Mention in News Story; McKell Metcalf, Honorable Mention in News Story; McKell Metcalf, Andrew Massimini, and Grant Evans, Honorable Mention in PSA.

“My friends and I spent quite a bit of time working on that video, so I’m glad it paid off in the end,” said Spencer Curtis

“Considering there were 26 schools that came, which all entered a movie; and, for each category you get two honorable mentions and a first, second, and third place, Jason and I did pretty well,” said Andrew Massimini.

“This year was the best I've ever seen as far as quality content at the festival.  Our students went up against some pretty amazing work and did a fantastic job!  Additionally, this year's festival was one of the best teaching experiences I've had as a teacher.  The students who attended left the festival motivated, excited, and ready to be better.  It's great to work with such dedicated and passionate students.  I'm excited for the future of the video program here at SHS,” said Braden Boss, SHS Video Production Teacher.

“I was really happy with how we did. A lot of the other entries in the news category were made just for the fest. We just did what we do best,” said Jason Haymond.

Iconic Teacher Retires from Springville High School

By Justin Coplen and Jacob Malone, SHS Staff Writers
Mr. Kelly Clements

After 37 years of teaching and coaching at Springville High school, Mr. Kelly Clements will be retiring from his career of teaching; however, Clements will remain a Driver’s Education instructor here at Springville High. Over the years Clements has taught World History, American History, Government, Modern World Cultures, Current Issues, Utah History, Weight Lifting, Jogging, Financial Literacy, and Drivers Education. He was an assistant coach in basketball, football, and baseball.  He was also head baseball coach.  Clements was also activities director and advised the student council for six years.

Clements has always been a Red Devil.  His class was the first class to graduate from the “new” Springville High school located at its current address; meaning, he was a sophomore when the new school was built and first opened.  The original Springville High school was located by the art gallery, cherry creek, and the old middle School.

Clements attended high school with another Springville High colleague, Mr. Glenn Bird. 

“Glenn Bird was a really close friend of mine.  Glenn was our student body president here at Springville High. I always admired Glenn; he was so much smarter than I was. [Laugh] But, Glenn is the only one in the school who I attended Springville High with.”

Clements reflects on some of his best memories; he said, “I think the best memory is of all the students who are my friends.  I’ve coached a lot of great kids, I’ve been a teacher to a lot of great kids, I’ve cried with them, I’ve laughed with them, and I’ve received more from kids at this school than I ever gave back. I feel like I’m the luckiest man in the world; I feel like I have a lot of friends and those are the greatest memories anyone could ever have, the friends that they develop. The students and staff members are some of my closest friends here at the school.  I don’t know of how good of a teacher I was, I don’t know if I would have been considered a good teacher or a bad teacher, but I do know I was a better teacher because of the kids and the friends that I have here at the school. It’s gonna be hard for me to walk out of here; I’ve been here for a long time.”

To keep busy after retirement, Clements plans on doing a great deal of fishing and hunting as well as catching up on a lot of activities including hunting grizzly and sheep in Alaska and travel to Africa and bow hunt.

“I would like to do what Ernest Hemmingway did; sit in front of a walled tent and listen to lions roar at night,” said Clements.

As a final note Mr. Clements added, “I just want to say that I think Springville High is the best school in the state of Utah. I love it dearly, and I’m a red devil through and through. I just hope I was able to give back a small portion of what I received because I feel I was extremely lucky to have the job I had and be with the people and students here.  I know the students that graduate from here are the best in the state.”