Talent Show 2012

By Shane Roberts and Peter Scott, SHS Staff Writers
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On Friday, April 20, eleven amateur artists preformed at Springville High’s annual talent show. Matt Fitzgerald and Eric Young co-hosted as master of ceremonies.  

Performances included Mckenna Thomas and Ben Krutsh singing a duet, Brooklyn Hanks on the piano, Alan Barreda singing and playing the guitar, Gregory Butts juggling, Cami Sumsion singing and playing guitar, Elizabeth Elliot and Kristi Hatch playing a piano duet, Taylor Gervais rapping, Justina Quezada and Kaisa Goodman singing a duet, Brook Lange singing and playing the ukulele, The Peace group (Alejandro Rojas, Brent Standley, Landon Anderson, Amie Critchfield, Matt Fitzgerald, and Derek Mehl) dancing, Jantzen Dalley, Mitch Rose, and Kalin Snapp playing guitar and singing.

Girls Golf, putting their way to victory

By Jacob Malone and Justin Coplen, SHS Staff Writers
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Girls Golf Team
Abby Crandall
Ashley Crookston
Holly Pike
Jennifer Bate
Kaycie Jordan
Kelsi Simons
McKayla Munn
Sarah Patrick
Taylor Jordan

Girls Golf is currently fourth in region play and planning on taking third. Two players are expected to do exceptionally well; they are Madison McMullin (10th in region) and Kelsi Simons (9th in region). Team captains are Madison McMullin and Emmali Day.

“We plan to overtake third, it’s not impossible,” said Head Coach Brett Miller.

Overall, the team is doing great as the top five players will move on to state. State tournament
is coming up on May 16 at Wasatch Mountain State Park.

Team players include Madison McMullin, Emmali Day, Holly Pike, Sara Patrick, Jennifer Bate, Kaycie Jordan, Taylor Jordan, Abby Crandall, Ashley Crookston, Kelsi Simons, and Michaela Munn.

Aimee Wheeler signs Letter of Intent

By: Haylee Tischner, SHS Staff Writer
(left to right) Mike Brown, SHS Principal, Aimee Wheeler, and Girls Head Track Coach Corey Wales

Number one long jumper in the state and school record holder at 18' 3/4" is Aimee Wheeler. Wheeler is also second in state in 4A in the 100 and 200 meters.  Aimee recently signed her letter of intent with Utah Valley University

She chose UVU because it was the “one that fit her best!” Her scholarship is paying full tuition and part of housing. Wheeler does not know what she will study as a major, but is thinking about going into sports medicine.

Pictured:  Mike Brown, SHS Principal, Aimee Wheeler, and Girls Head Track Coach Corey Wales

Busy as a bee

By Shayne Bailey, SHS Staff Writer
McKenna Nuzman

McKenna Nuzman is a Junior attending Springville High School.  She is currently doing an internship at Art City Elementary. She enjoys children, for her long term goal she wants to work in the nursery. When she is interning she usually grades assignments, makes sure everyone is on task, and help them with their assignments.

McKenna loves to help kids but nursing is what she is headed towards. She did the intern because she thought it would be fun.

McKenna advises that if you love the field, you should intern while you are in high school. Even though this is not her ideal career she had enjoyed this adventure very much .

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, worked-based Learning Coordinator, Springville High, (801) 489-2870, or robyn.dunn@nebo.edu

Intern Helps Man’s Best Friend

By Raymond Jablonsky, SHS Staff Writer
Mosiah Rios

Mosiah Rios is working an internship at All About Pets in Provo.  Rios is very active with the animals.  He helps with animal checkups, exams, and dental aid.  Not all of Rios’s duties are so glamorous though.  He also has the responsibilities of cleaning up after surgeries, cleaning kennels, and cleaning up animal waste.

Rios’ love of animals is what led him to do this internship.  Not only does he love the animal part of this internship, he is fascinated by the medical side as well.  Rios had the amazing opportunity to watch a C-section and assisted in cleaning up the new born puppies.  His favorite part of that experience was seeing the mother interact with her newborns. 

“It has been beneficial.  I would recommend it because there is a lot of interactions and new experiences,” said Rios.

Rios is very interested in this line of work.  He plans on attending Southern Utah University and major in animal science in order to become a veterinarian.   Rios’ love of animals will help him become a great veterinarian that people will trust. 

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Worked-based Learning Coordinator, Springville High, (801) 489-2870, or robyn.dunn@nebo.edu.

Student Interns at Cherry Creek Elementary

By Haylee Tischner, SHS Staff Writer
Kinsley Foster

Springville High senior Kinsley Foster is currently interning at Cherry Creek Elementary.  Her duties at the school were to reteach concepts to the students who didn’t understand them the first time around.

Although she interned at the school, she thinks that she wants to go into the pharmacy area. After interning for a term, she realized that she never really wanted to teach, she just loves kids.

“I love when I get love letters and cool paper airplanes!” Foster said of her experience at Cherry Creek.

Foster plans on attending Utah Valley University and does not know what she wants to major in yet.

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Worked-based Learning Coordinator, Springville High, (801) 489-2870, or robyn.dunn@nebo.edu.

Colton Carroll Interns at Local Pet Hospital

By Hyrum Atkinson, SHS Staff Writers
Colton Carroll

Colton Carroll interns at Family Pet Hospital with the intention to eventually major in veterinary medicine at Utah State University. The reason Carroll wants to be a vet is, “Because I like working with my animals and keeping them in proper health,” said Carroll.

After working this internship for a term, Carroll is just as interested, if not more, in his internship and future career. Working as a vet is full of fun experiences for everyone, from clipping nails to performing surgeries.

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Worked-based Learning Coordinator, Springville High, (801) 489-2870, or robyn.dunn@nebo.edu.

Lady Red Devil helps at Hobble Creek Elementary

by Aaron Brown, SHS Staff Writer
Ariana Winegar

Ariana Winegar is currently working as a helper at Hobble Creek Elementary.  Some of her duties include working with the students to ensure that they accomplish their tasks and answer questions.

Winegar is interested in this type of work, she says, “Because I really like being around kids, and my sister and some of my friends are elementary school teachers, and they love it.  So, I wanted to see if I liked it.  Sometimes I get frustrated because the students only listen to us half of the time.  But, other than that, I love it,” said Winegar.

Winegar said that she has a lot of fun working with the students and enjoys being with them.

“Every day is different, fun and exciting,” said Winegar.  She also says that having worked at the elementary school has prepared her for a future job and career.

“I would recommend an internship to other students because I really love doing it,” said Winegar.

Winegar is planning on attending BYU Idaho after completing high school.

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Worked-based Learning Coordinator, Springville High, (801) 489-2870, or robyn.dunn@nebo.edu.

SHS Intern Studying to be a Teacher

By Shane Roberts, SHS Staff Writer
Christina Nolasco

Christina Nolasco, Junior at Springville High, is studying to be a teacher at Art City Elementary. After interning at Art City Elementary for a term, Nolasco said she was still interested in this line of work.

“Yes, I would still like to be a teacher. It is super fun going and helping students.  I don’t think I will teach elementary because it’s not really what I am looking for,” said Nolasco.

Nolasco has been interested in this line of work for quite a while; she has always been good at helping people understand concepts so it would be the perfect occupation for her.  Nolasco recommends this line of work to others as beneficial because “It’s awesome. I had the chance to actually teach some of the children and that allowed me to see how I teach,” said Nolasco.

Some of Nolasco’s duties include helping students, teaching lessons, and assisting the specialty classes if needed.

One fun experience Nolasco has had at her internship is, “I went to P.E. with them and we played with the parachute and had so much fun. All of the students loved me, and I had a really fun time. She plans on attending Brigham Young University to earn a degree and teaching certificate.

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Worked-based Learning Coordinator, Springville High, (801) 489-2870, or robyn.dunn@nebo.edu.

Ken Garff Assembly Winners

By Haylee Tischner and Rose Walker, SHS Staff Writers
Kaycie Jordan wins iPad and a chance to win a new car
Kaylee Wolfe receives $1,000 scholarship from UCCU for UVU tuition.jpg
Eric Bird receives $1,000 scholarship from US Synthetic.jpg
Shane Disbrow wins Name That Tune game.jpg
Nathan Israelsen and Taylor Gervais race in the squirrel cages
Jake Condie and Johnny Britt face off against teachers

Kaycie Jordan was this year’s Ken Garff Keys to Success winner of a brand new iPad donated by Morgan Jewelers. Jordan had two key cards earned being a T.A. in the counseling office and having a 4.0 GPA.  Jordan will represent Springville High and compete for new car on April
23, 2012, at 11:30 am on KUTV.

Jordan was the second finalists to turn the key. She was asked what her chances were; she responded in front of the student body, “100 percent!”

Jordan said, “I was really excited and wanted to win.”

Kaylee Wolfe won a $2,000 scholarship sponsored by Utah Community Credit Union and Utah Valley University. Wolfe earned her key card by cleaning out the dance room closet. She applied online for her scholarship, and felt awesome that she won.

Eric Bird won a $1,000 dollar scholarship from US Synthetic; he received his key card by having good grades. He applied for this scholarship through Mrs. Hullinger in the Springville High Counseling department.

Some of the other games the student body enjoyed at the assembly were “Name that Tune,” in
which Shane Disbrow won a set of headphones and “Squirrel Cage Races” between Taylor Gervais and Nathan Israelsen.

Students earn Key Cards by improving academically or setting goals with their teachers.

With their Key Cards, they log on to KenGarff.com/Keys to pick from a wide variety
of prizes.  Fifty finalists are randomly selected from qualifying Key Card recipients for the
Assembly Prize Giveaway.

One winner from each school will represent their school to see if they win the
brand-new car live on KUTV News!

For more information, go to Ken Garff
Keys to Success Program at:  http://www.kengarffkeys.com/.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />