Introducing the 2011- 2012 Red Devil Swim Team

By: Justin Coplen and Haylee Tischner, SHS Staff Writers
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Swimming is a sport that involves body and mind; it’s all about endurance.  It has the longest high school sport season beginning before basketball and ending the first week of February.

Springville High’s swim team has 51 members comprised of freshmen though seniors.

Girls Team: Payton Acor, Rebekah Brau, Lauren Brinton, Cindy Carrasco, Elissa Coral, Imihaa Cromar, Savannah Guinn, Kenzee Hargett, Alexia Martindale, Rebekah McClain, Melissa McQueen, Nichole Mertz, Megan Miles, Kaitlyn Nielson, Lauren Pilcher, Amy Tingey, Sarah Tomco, Sydney Wilcox, and Gina Young

Boys Team: Conner Anderson, Joseph Bowen, Nick Bringhurst, Dustin Brinton, Joshua Campbell, Trevon Galbraith, Kyle Gashler, Caleb Gray, Nathan Graham, Gabe Hargett, Thomas Irvine, Kidd Joshua, Jonathan Luther, Aleksander Maccabee, Nate Marrett, Christopher Mcclain, Will McQueen, Rylee Melgoza, Kohl Mertz, McKay Mertz, Jonathon Miller, John Morris, Kade Nackos, Noah Nilsson, Tyler Oman, Gavin Ottesen, Travis Pope, Aaron Stoddard, Bryson Stoker, Jordan Treasure, and Matthew Vaughan

SHS Teacher of the Month: Mr. Justin Snell

By: McKenzie Prothero and Tyler Condie, SHS Staff Writers
Mr. Justin Snell -- November Teacher of the Month

Mr. Justin Snell is Springville High’s November Teacher of the Month.   Snell is one of our special education teachers.  Snell graduated from Timpanogos High School and subsequently received a bachelor’s degree from Utah Valley University.  Snell earned his master’s degree at Grand Canyon University.

He says that he likes working in special education because the students are “fun and entertaining.”  In addition to teaching at Springville High, Snell is a Red Devil volleyball and basketball coach.

His favorite quote is, “Don’t suck,” by himself (Justin Snell).

His favorite movies are The Godfather and Tombstone. His favorite music genre is country.  One of the most unusual facts about him is that he collects shoes; he has 32 pairs of shoes that he has collected over the years.  

His favorite food is Italian and anything with pasta. If he could go anywhere in the world, he would travel to Athens, Greece, to observe and study history.


Springville High tops charts for scholarships

by Carey S. White, SHS Newspaper Advisor

Statistics for the 2011 Regents and New Century Scholarships were recently made available.  SHS once again tops the charts for both scholarships. 

Nebo District had a total number of 94 scholarship recipients; out of that number an impressive 43 scholarship recipients were from Springville High school.   Regents Scholarship award recipients must complete rigorous coursework while maintaining a 3.5 GPA and scoring a 26 on the ACT for the exemplary award and a 3.0 GPA for the base award.  

Students qualify for the New Century Scholarship by earning a cumulative minimum high school GPA of 3.5 and completing an associate’s degree by the time they graduate from high school.  In Nebo School District 12 applied for the New Century Scholarship and eight scholarships were awarded.  Of the eight awarded, four scholarship recipients were from Springville High school. 

Lady Red Devils soccer banquet

By Tayli Smallcomb and Aaron Brown, SHS Staff Writers

On Monday, November 7, a banquet was held to honor Springville High’s varsity girls soccer season.  At the banquet, players, parents, and coaches celebrated their senior year at Springville High.  After a touching slide show showcasing senior girls, the coaches presented awards to the best players in their respective position. Each one gratefully accepted; then, the players awarded their coaches with gifts to thank them for their dedication. 

At the banquet, All-State team awards were given announced.  Megan Marchbanks (Midfield) and Kaisa Goodman (Midfield) received First team, Brooke Lopshire (Defense) and Megan Walker (Defense) received Second team, and Danica Nusink (Keeper) received an Honorable Mention.

Don’t Drive Stupid

by Angela Black, SHS Staff Writer
Don't Drive Stupid Week--SHS Campaign

Stacy Johnson, manager of the Utah Traffic Safety Program “Zero Fatalities,” brought a powerful message to the students and parents of Springville High school in an after-school assembly on Wednesday, November 2.  Johnson told students that the top five behaviors killing teens on the roads today are driving drowsy, driving distracted, driving aggressively, driving impaired and driving unbuckled. 

Traffic accidents are the number one cause of over 32,000 teenager deaths each year. Johnson said that teens put their own twist on risky behavior, with the latest being reading and composing text messages while driving. She encourages every student to put their phone down while on the road.

SHS Runs Kissing Booth

By Angela Black and Forrest Adsit, SHS Staff Writers

This week at Springville High School, students are participating in the “Don’t Drive Stupid” campaign. Posters warning teens about the dangers of unsafe driving adorn the halls. Students are learning how to be safe on the road by signing pledges to not text and drive and to wear their seat belt. 

Springville High’s student council setup a “kissing booth” as part of this week’s activities.  The booth opened last Thursday and students came rushing to it to sign their newest pledge—to encourage others to wear their seatbelts in their cars, earning themselves a big fat Hershey’s kiss!  The students had a great time committing to their pledge and eating chocolate.

Springville City Library Grand Opening

By: McKenzie Prothero and Shayne Bailey, SHS Staff Writers

Last Saturday, Springville City held an open house for its new Library. On the outside it doesn’t look that big; but, on the inside, it’s huge.  The new library utilizes technology throughout the checkout and return process.

Patrons may check out five books at a time; a machine scans the library card and displays the names of all the checked books on the computer screen. 

After a book has been returned through the outside book drop, an underground conveyor belt transports the books to the library foshelving.

The library has invested in many new books.  City residents are invited to take a tour of this beautiful new city resource.

Haunted Hay Ride

Raymond Jablonsky and Justin Coplen, SHS Staff Writers and Photographers
Colton Carrol participates in the haunted hay ride

On October 26 and 27 Springville High school hosted a haunted hay ride to collect canned food for the Utah Food Bank.  Students paid $5 or 5 cans of food to ride into the zombie forest in which they would complete a zombie walk and then ride to the insane asylum.  Finally, students enjoyed hot chocolate and a donut.

Mustangs end Red Devil’s football season

By John Garfield and Tony Jiminez, SHS Staff Writers (Photos by Mark Spencer)
Red Devils vs Mustangs (Photo by Mark Spencer)
Red Devils vs Mustangs (Photo by Mark Spencer)
Red Devils vs Mustangs (Photo by Mark Spencer)

Tuesday, October 25, was an evening not to be forgotten when Herriman High and Springville High squared up on Herriman’s home grid iron for a state play-in game to determine who would advance into state playoffs.  It was a very physical game from the perspective of the fans who witnessed the Herriman High Mustangs win the game with a 44-22 victory over the Red Devils.

The game started with Mustangs taking the ball to the end zone with every possession; in defense, the Red Devils couldn’t seem to click as a team.  After the first quarter, Springville seemed to get a rhythm together cutting a Herriman 30-0 lead to a 30-14 score.

“This was definitely a physical game,” said John Tupou senior defensive tackle.

During the game, the real controversy included conflicts and penalties between the two teams.  

Mitch Paystrup senior running back for Springville said, “It was very physical game with unnecessary fights among the teams, for a second it didn’t even seem like it was a football game.”

This win for the Herriman launches the Mustangs into the first round of state play in which they will visit Logan High next Saturday; it also ended the season for the Red Devils.

“I just wish it wasn’t over,” said senior linebacker Steven Gueck as he walked off the field.

Photos by Mark Spencer

Make a Wish Carnival!

By Whitney Richmond and Haylee Tischner, SHS Staff Writers
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Make a Wish Carnival
Make a Wish Carnival
Make a Wish Carnival
Make a Wish Carnival
Make a Wish Carnival
Make a Wish Carnival
Make a Wish Carnival
Make a Wish Carnival
Make a Wish Carnival
Make a Wish Carnival

The annual Springville High school Make a Wish Carnival was held on Monday, October 17.  The entire Springville community was invited; everyone who attended had fun.  Many of Springville High’s clubs, athletics, and student council participated by sponsoring games. All proceeds went to Make a Wish Foundation.