Girls Golf, putting their way to victory

By Jacob Malone and Justin Coplen, SHS Staff Writers
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Girls Golf Team
Abby Crandall
Ashley Crookston
Holly Pike
Jennifer Bate
Kaycie Jordan
Kelsi Simons
McKayla Munn
Sarah Patrick
Taylor Jordan

Girls Golf is currently fourth in region play and planning on taking third. Two players are expected to do exceptionally well; they are Madison McMullin (10th in region) and Kelsi Simons (9th in region). Team captains are Madison McMullin and Emmali Day.

“We plan to overtake third, it’s not impossible,” said Head Coach Brett Miller.

Overall, the team is doing great as the top five players will move on to state. State tournament
is coming up on May 16 at Wasatch Mountain State Park.

Team players include Madison McMullin, Emmali Day, Holly Pike, Sara Patrick, Jennifer Bate, Kaycie Jordan, Taylor Jordan, Abby Crandall, Ashley Crookston, Kelsi Simons, and Michaela Munn.

Tennis loses to Timpview

by Raymond Jablonsky, SHS Staff Writer
Tyler Mousser
Tyson Standifird
Zach Nemelka
Tyler Mousser
Jordan Oakey
Nathan Jones

On Thursday, April 19, boys tennis had their first defeat of the season ending in a final score of 1-4 in favor of the T-birds. None of the players were upset about the final score, instead Springville displayed good sportsmanship after the crushing defeat.

“My match was a close hard fought match. I just ended up dropping some major points that cost me the game. This is only going to drive me to practice harder,” said Zach Nemelka.

“Timpview is a very competitive team. We had fun, played hard, but they came out on top,” said Riley Smith.

“Timpview is a good team, and they beat us fair and square,” said Ben Spencer.

Trevon Galberaith was the only player to beat his Timpview opponent. His final score was 6-0, 6-4.

“I was a lot more focused the first set. At the start of the second I got a little cocky so my opponent won a couple games. That caused me to focus more and before I knew it the second set was over and I had won,” said Trevon Galberaith.

Springville is now more motivated than ever to practice hard and improve. They now have a team that they want to beat more than any other in the future. With that in mind it would not be a surprise to see Springville do better against Timpview at the region tournament.

Photos by Raymond Jablonsky, SHS Staff Photographer

Baseball Update

by John Garfield, SHS Staff Writer
Gregg Davis, Sophomore, SHS vs Timpview_photo by Mark Spencer

The Springville High Baseball team is almost done with regular season play and much has happened from complete blow outs to nail-bitters. Currently, the Red Devils’ record is 11-10 with 7-3 in region only losing to Salem Hills, Maple Mountain, and Timpanogos.

Even though the Red Devils are slightly above .500 on their overall record, the players feel like they are having an outstanding season, specifically in region play. Springville began the season 5-0 in region play, but have had some struggles lately.

Pitcher Scott Dohner said, “Even though we had a rough start to the season, we feel like we’ve gotten stronger in region play and feel like we’re getting better.”

The team had strong wins against teams such as Orem, Maple Mountain, and Timpanogos. Provo and Mountain View are left on the schedule.

Outfielder Mitch Paystrup said, “These last few games can mean a lot for the season, and we’re looking forward for them.”

You can’t take the player out of the game

by Raymond Jablonsky, SHS Staff Writer
Nikki Kanzee

Nikki Kanzee, a senior at Springville High, is working an internship with the school’s athletic trainer Lisa Walker.  Kanzee spends her time taping athletes before games and helping treat those that have been injured.  Not all her time is spent with the athletes; she also does small, but important, tasks such as stocking medical kits and making sure that there is a plentiful supply of ice.

Kanzee has always loved sports; but has been injured multiple times.  Sadly, she is not able to play as much as she used to.  The expression “you can take the player out of the game, but you can’t take the game out of the player” has been proven true.  Even when Kanzee was taken out, she found another way into the game.  

Kanzee said, “I wanted to be able to help athletes return to play and prevent injuries.”

Without people like Nikki out on the side of the field or court, athletes would not be able to get back into the game after getting injured.

This internship has only made Kanzee more interested in this line of work.  The unpredictability that comes every day always keeps her excited.  Her days are never dull; if she is not helping someone, she is able to make new friends that are on the sports teams.  She loved standing on the sidelines joking around with other interns during football games.

Kanzee has loved learning everything about athletic training.  She said, “Lisa Walker has been an amazing teacher, I love learning from her.” 

Kanzee will be interning at Snow College this Fall and will be helping with the football team.  After Snow College, she plans on transferring to Brigham Young University to complete her college life. 

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Worked-based Learning Coordinator, Springville High, (801) 489-2870, or

Aimee Wheeler signs Letter of Intent

By: Haylee Tischner, SHS Staff Writer
(left to right) Mike Brown, SHS Principal, Aimee Wheeler, and Girls Head Track Coach Corey Wales

Number one long jumper in the state and school record holder at 18' 3/4" is Aimee Wheeler. Wheeler is also second in state in 4A in the 100 and 200 meters.  Aimee recently signed her letter of intent with Utah Valley University

She chose UVU because it was the “one that fit her best!” Her scholarship is paying full tuition and part of housing. Wheeler does not know what she will study as a major, but is thinking about going into sports medicine.

Pictured:  Mike Brown, SHS Principal, Aimee Wheeler, and Girls Head Track Coach Corey Wales

Student Intern in Radiology

by John Garfield, SHS Staff Writer
Jentry Howell

Senior Jentry Howell participates in Springville High’s internship program in which she has the opportunity to work at a local business.

Howell has an interest in medicine, and, in more clarity, radiology.  Radiology is the science of looking and observing the body without surgery.  Howell says she really loves and enjoys it.

Her duties on the job include watching and observing radiology.  She assists the doctor and the nurses in any way like setting up the tables or just pushing buttons.  Howell says that she really wants to pursue this field of work and is excited to receive more training about a career in radiology.

Howell encourages all students to work an internship because it can give you an idea of what you want to do in your life and to make sure you pick a career that you enjoy.

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Worked-based Learning Coordinator, Springville High, (801) 489-2870, or

Busy as a bee

By Shayne Bailey, SHS Staff Writer
McKenna Nuzman

McKenna Nuzman is a Junior attending Springville High School.  She is currently doing an internship at Art City Elementary. She enjoys children, for her long term goal she wants to work in the nursery. When she is interning she usually grades assignments, makes sure everyone is on task, and help them with their assignments.

McKenna loves to help kids but nursing is what she is headed towards. She did the intern because she thought it would be fun.

McKenna advises that if you love the field, you should intern while you are in high school. Even though this is not her ideal career she had enjoyed this adventure very much .

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, worked-based Learning Coordinator, Springville High, (801) 489-2870, or

Intern Helps Man’s Best Friend

By Raymond Jablonsky, SHS Staff Writer
Mosiah Rios

Mosiah Rios is working an internship at All About Pets in Provo.  Rios is very active with the animals.  He helps with animal checkups, exams, and dental aid.  Not all of Rios’s duties are so glamorous though.  He also has the responsibilities of cleaning up after surgeries, cleaning kennels, and cleaning up animal waste.

Rios’ love of animals is what led him to do this internship.  Not only does he love the animal part of this internship, he is fascinated by the medical side as well.  Rios had the amazing opportunity to watch a C-section and assisted in cleaning up the new born puppies.  His favorite part of that experience was seeing the mother interact with her newborns. 

“It has been beneficial.  I would recommend it because there is a lot of interactions and new experiences,” said Rios.

Rios is very interested in this line of work.  He plans on attending Southern Utah University and major in animal science in order to become a veterinarian.   Rios’ love of animals will help him become a great veterinarian that people will trust. 

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Worked-based Learning Coordinator, Springville High, (801) 489-2870, or

Student Interns at Cherry Creek Elementary

By Haylee Tischner, SHS Staff Writer
Kinsley Foster

Springville High senior Kinsley Foster is currently interning at Cherry Creek Elementary.  Her duties at the school were to reteach concepts to the students who didn’t understand them the first time around.

Although she interned at the school, she thinks that she wants to go into the pharmacy area. After interning for a term, she realized that she never really wanted to teach, she just loves kids.

“I love when I get love letters and cool paper airplanes!” Foster said of her experience at Cherry Creek.

Foster plans on attending Utah Valley University and does not know what she wants to major in yet.

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Worked-based Learning Coordinator, Springville High, (801) 489-2870, or

Colton Carroll Interns at Local Pet Hospital

By Hyrum Atkinson, SHS Staff Writers
Colton Carroll

Colton Carroll interns at Family Pet Hospital with the intention to eventually major in veterinary medicine at Utah State University. The reason Carroll wants to be a vet is, “Because I like working with my animals and keeping them in proper health,” said Carroll.

After working this internship for a term, Carroll is just as interested, if not more, in his internship and future career. Working as a vet is full of fun experiences for everyone, from clipping nails to performing surgeries.

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Worked-based Learning Coordinator, Springville High, (801) 489-2870, or