Region One-Act Play Festival

By: Paige Davis, McKayla Anderson, and Sky Engelking, SHS Staff Writers
Lear Burton and Francesca Rotolo
Andre Parkinson, Angie Clyde, Lear Burton
Lear Burton, Francesca Rotolo
Angie Clyde, Francesca Rotolo
Francesca Rotolo, Andre Parkinson

Springville High drama students participated in the Region One-Act Play Festival hosted at SHS. Angie Clyde, Andre Parkinson, Francesca Rotolo and Lear Burton performed in the festival. The event was filled with entertaining acting that kept the crowd laughing. SHS has very talented actors; the audience was engaged in the one-act plays. Springville’s play was written by Christopher Durang, a parity of The Glass Menagerie.

“I recommend a drama class; it helps confidence and is applicable. You get to be other people and come out of your shell, experiencing different types of life. I started drama and acting in high school. I hope to continue my interest in acting after high school as a hobby,” said Burton.

“I get the chance to be other characters without actually leaving my body. I hope to continue drama depending on where my art goes,” said Rotolo.

Rotolo started acting in 7th grade and performed in productions outside of school. For students interested in acting, she gives some words of advice.

“When you rush through your lines, the judges can tell you are nervous. Say your lines confidently and clearly,” said Rotolo.

As a group SHS received an “excellent” judging score; in addition, Rotolo received the award for “Best Character Actress.” Springville took six entries to region and four of them have qualified to go to state. Devynn Shields and Maddie Joyner, Cari Grosland and Matt Barker, Amanda Nelson, and Katya Wagstaff were the participants. Wagstaff also received a “Straight Superior Ranking.” State will be held on April 20th at Timpview High School. A big thanks goes to Mr. Christian Cragun and the fine job he’s doing with the Drama program!

Lady Red Devils, a Home Run

By Jesus Beltran and Ezra Hopoate, SHS Staff Writers

Lady Red Devils, a Home Run
By Jesus Beltran and Ezra Hopoate

On Friday, March 22, the Springville Lady Red Devil softball team played a formidable game against the Provo Lady Bulldogs; sadly Springville suffered its first region loss with a close score of 7-5, in favor of Provo.

Springville had a total of 6 hits including 3 doubles by Ashley Everett, Hannah Packard, and Kristy Snyder.

The Lady Red Devils have 6 wins and only 2 losses to Snow Canyon and Provo. Their team goals are to take region, improve each day, and to play as a team. Many of the team members expressed that some of their favorite aspects of software are playing with friend, making great plays, hitting and/or getting a sweet hit, and base running. Salem Hills and Provo will continue to be some of the toughest region challengers.

Team captains are Ashli Averett, Hannah Packard, and Miranda Folette.

Seniors: Amberley Austin, Ashli Averett, Sydney Brown, Miranda Follette, Sarah Meredith, Hannah Packard, Malia Peterson, Cami Sumsion

Juniors: Cheyanne Duke, Sadie Egbert, Jacque Kass, Katelyn Marshall, Kristy Snyder

Sophomores: Annie Anderson, Melanie Anderson, Addison Bowers, McKenzie Reidhead, Stacy Stapel

Aces for Red Devil Boys Tennis

By Tayli Smallcomb and Aaron Brown, SHS Staff Writers

Boys tennis is now in full top spin. Pre-season contests have included North Sanpete, Payson, Mt. View, and Lehi. The Red Devil tennis players served Payson a defeat, Springville won 3-2. Both Ben Spencer and Trevon Galbraith have only lost one match.

“I play tennis to progress and get better. I like the aggressiveness and mentality on the court,” said Hank Eaton.

“I love playing matches,” said Trevon Galbraith.

“I enjoy it; I think it’s fun,” said Riley Smith.

2013 Springville Boys Tennis team members include: Ben Spencer, Brent Blackwell, Brock Randall, Christian Holmburg, Hank Eaton, Jordon Ockey, Joshua Thomson, Kaden Brooke, Kayden Korth, Nathan Jones, Nathaniel Mitchell, Nick Bringhust, Noah Nilsson, Reid Dwiggernaut, Riley Smith (Captain), Tanner White, Theodore Nemelka, Trevon Galbraith (Captain), and Tyler Mousser. They are coached by Mike Flood.

Agricultural Education at SHS

By: Chet Kanzee and Amanda Sly, SHS Staff Writers
Taylor Murphy
Austin Weight loves FFA
Mikayla Morgan Taylor Murphy and Derek Boyer
Derek Boyer chasing a chicken
Taylor Murphy and Derek Boyer
Nikki Vance

Mrs. Giffing and Mr. Allsup are Agricultural Education teachers at Springville High. Mr. Allsup teaches Bio Ag; this class is geared for sophomores and teaches you about animal systems and ecosystems as well as genetics. Mrs. Giffing teaches Animal Science (a class where you learn about the different body systems and care for animals.) Mrs. Giffing also teaches Floriculture and Greenhouse Management in which students learn the basic design elements for flower arrangements as well as how to grow and care for plants in the school’s greenhouse.

Being enrolled in an agricultural class at SHS includes eligibility to join the FFA (Future Farmers of America) organization. The FFA is an organization that anyone can enjoy. It teaches leadership and responsibility through experience. Some of these experiences include raising your own animal at the school, such as a pig or a lamb, to sell at a stock show (and hopefully make a profit). Students are also given the opportunity to compete in Career Development Events such as Livestock Judging, Meats Identification, Ag Mechanics, Floriculture, and Marketing. These events encompass many of the different areas of agricultural careers and there is always “something for everyone.” Career Development Events give students the chance to learn about different careers, as well as earn cash and scholarships. Students are also given the chance to meet members from across the nation, numbering over 550,000. All SHS students are encouraged to join FFA, even if they aren’t sure it’s for them.

TSA State Competition

By: Scott Wallentine and Nathanael Heggem, SHS Newspaper Staff Writers

On March 20, Springville High’s TSA (Technology Student Association) club traveled to JATC, Jordan Applied Technology Center, to compete in the Utah State TSA Competition.

The Technology Problem Solving test was completed by Mitchell Murray and Eric Harrison. The problem they had to solve was moving two marbles (that were two feet apart) so that they would switch positions, without touching the marbles. They were instructed to use ordinary objects that one might find on an average desk.

The Tech Sketching and Application competition was completed by Davis Agle who won 1st place and Spencer Duncan who took third. Davis says he was given different objects that he was supposed to draw; he won first place because his drawings looked the best.

Eric Harrison, Alexis Fisher, and Jack Setzer took 3rd place in the Technology Bowl which is much like Springville High’s Knowledge Bowl, but has to do with only technology including different kinds of technology, the history of technology, and the physics behind technology.

Spencer Duncan, who was our CAD 2D Architecture contestant (which is floor and building plans), was given a problem with a certain function, and he had to draw everything and measure it all to detail. Duncan took 3rd in this event.

Here are the final placements for our students at the competition:

- Technology Problem Solving, 3rd Place: Mitchell Murray (Senior) and Eric Harrison (Junior)

- Technical Sketching & Application: Davis Agle (Senior) – 1st Place (he has been invited to Nationals) and Spencer Duncan – 3rd Place

- CAD 2D Architecture: Spencer Duncan (Junior) – 3rd Place

- Technology Bowl, 3rd Place: Alexis Fisher (Junior), Eric Harrison (Junior), Jack Setzer (Junior)

Ame Uyema, new SHS math teacher

by McKayla Anderson, Sky Engelking, and Paige Smith, SHS Staff Writers
Ame Uyema, new SHS math teacher

Ms. Ame Uyema is our newest faculty member. Ms. Uyema’s favorite thing about Springville High is the support that everyone is willing to give to the students, faculty, and community. She started teaching math this past third term when she received her first teaching opportunity here at SHS.

“However, before coming to Springville High, I did a lot of tutoring and taught summer school to sixth graders after I graduated from college,” said Uyema.

Her favorite subject is math and enjoyed it very much while in high school. Before Uyema became a teacher at SHS, she was serving a full time LDS Church mission in Kobe, Japan.

“There are a lot of factors that influenced me to pursue teaching. A few of them were that I had really great teachers, I enjoyed the atmosphere of my school, and I discovered that I enjoyed working with youth,” said Uyema.

Uyema said, “I’m grateful to be part of Springville High. Go Red Devils!” All of Springville High faculty, staff, and student body welcome Ms. Ame Uyema.

Kelsi Simons receives girls golf scholarship

by Carey S. White, SHS Newspaper Adviser
Kelsi Simons (middle), Brett Miller (Head Girls Golf Coach), Principal Mike Brown

Springville High senior Kelsi Simons has accepted a full-ride athletic scholarship to play girls golf for Northern New Mexico College located in Espanola, New Mexico. Simons has played on the Lady Red Devil golf team for the past four years, served as team captain over the past two years, and was the number one SHS girls golf player her senior year. Simons finished this season sixth in region overall.

“She really worked for this scholarship,” said head coach Brett Miller.

Simons plans on studying criminal justice. She also received offers to play girls golf at the collegiate level from Westminister in Salt Lake City and Marshall Missouri. Her parents are Brent and Angie Simons.

Springville High FBLA attend state competition

by Carey S. White, Springville FBLA Adviser
Springville High FBLA
MIS Team (left to right)--Jordon Ockey, Bradley Borget, and Jack Setzer

On Wednesday, March 6 through Thursday, March 7, 11 students from Springville High attended the Utah State FBLA Leadership Conference and competition at the Davis Conference Center in Layton, Utah.

Bradley Borget, Springville High Chapter President, won 6th place in Future Business Leader and 8th place in Electronic Career Portfolio. Springville’s Management Information Systems team won 9th place, team members included Bradley Borget, Jack Setzer, and Jordon Ockey.

FBLA State competition is rewarding for all those students who attend whether or not they get on stage; the learning experience is one to last a lifetime,” said Carey White.

Students attending State Competition from Springville High included: Hayde Blanco, Bradley Borget, Joseph Bowen, J. Hank Eaton, Alexis Fisher, Trevon Galbraith, Nathan Jones, Jordon Ockey, Whitney Richmond, Jack Setzer, and Tanner White. Springville’s adviser is Carey S. White.

New Drama Teacher at SHS

by Amanda Sly and Chet Kanzee, SHS Staff Writers
Mr. Cragun, Drama

Mr. Christian Cragun has recently joined our Springville High school faculty as our new Drama and Tech Theater instructor. He received degrees in Theatre Arts and Psychology Education from Brigham Young University.

During his high school years Cragun described himself as “awkward,” however, he did participate in plays and musicals, was on swim team, joined in debate, and was the drum major in the band.

Cragun said, “High school was a blast! I had a close group of friends that all had similar interests. I was even voted Homecoming King! I had a really good high school experience and a lot of great memories.”

Mr. Cragun gained his desire to teach near the end of his senior year, after a close friend had died in a tragic accident.

“I knew my teachers cared about their students, but this was the moment when we felt their genuine love for us. It really impacted me, said Cragun.

But, the decision to pursue teaching didn’t come until his senior year when he went on a Spring break hiking trip in the Appalachian Mountains. This is when he met a man named Bones, staying at the same campsite, who told him stories about his father, a teacher, and the positive experiences he had.

Almost Maine is definitely not an almost, it’s fantastic!

by Candice Lee and Casey Thobe, SHS Staff Writers

Almost Maine is a love story of some sorts, written by John Cariani, directed by Christian Cragun, and presented by Springville High School on March 1, 2, and 4. The play contains scenes about what different couples go through and basically how to love.

In Cragun’s director’s note he stated, “…but in each scene there is always an element that doesn’t seem like it should be possible.”

Marie Terry, who played the role Sandrine said, “I loved it, I loved playing my character, but the worst part was rejecting Matt Niu.”

Terry played a young woman who was engaged; and, at her bachelorette party, she ran into her ex-boyfriend and had to reject his love once more.

Amanda Sly was an audience member who experienced this wonderful play first hand and remarked, “I liked the play. It was a cheesy, funny, and had a romantic plot.”

Over and above all, the play was well done and a remarkable play that was a must see. Springville High students did an outstanding job on producing this play; but it couldn’t have been accomplished without the help of the cast and Cragun’s tech theater class who designed and managed the set, lights, sound, and props.