Willkommen zu SHS, Frau Banks!

by Megan McConnell, SHS News Writer

Springville High School is excited to welcome Melinda Banks to our language department. Banks moved from Topeka, Kansas, to come to Utah and teach German. She has been teaching for the last five years at George Washington Academy in St. George, Utah.  During that time she has been a school librarian, a reading specialist, computer instructor, and an elementary school teacher.

Moving from such a beautiful and warm place, like St. George, to come and live in the cold and barren Utah County, Banks expresses some concern. “I like warm weather and lots of sunshine; I am nervous about living a Utah County winter,” said Banks.

Currently, Frau Banks is teaching here on A-days and then going over to our rival school, Maple Mountain, to teach on B-days.

Banks said, “My vision for German at SHS is to build the program so I can be here both A and B Days. So, sign up for German next year!”

Banks has three children. A daughter studying at Dixie State University and two boys in high school, a junior and a freshman.

Banks enjoys going to sporting events, musicals and plays, and just going out to the movies. She also plays the piano and loves to hike. The most unusual job she has ever had was working at a funeral home. 

We’re so excited to have you, Frau Banks!

What’s Hope Squad?

by Addie Provost, SHS News Writer
Wall of Hope
Wall of Hope

It’s Hope Week! Lots of you are probably wondering what the hope squad even is. Well, Hope Squad is a band of students at Springville high school who were nominated by the student body. They offer a smiling face all students who need a helping hand or just someone to come to for help. 

The Hope Squad has given the student body lots of activities to participate in.  This past Monday was the “Wall of Hope” during lunch.  Tuesday was a student body assembly with guest speaker Tommy Wells.  Thursday was “Thoughtful Note Thursday” during lunch.  Friday was “Friendship Friday,” and Saturday is the Sadie Hawkins dance.  

Hope week reminds everyone to come together as a school and unite to stop bullying and make sure that all students have a place, a purpose, and a meaning. Be kind, be thoughtful, and be a friend because high school is hard for everyone and it's a time that goes by quickly.  Make the most of it, be a face that people can come to when they need help or a smile. You don’t need to be in the Hope Squad to let people know that they can find hope.

Drama: We Have Guild

By: Addie Provost and Andrew Trevenen, SHS News Writers

“What's your favorite thing about drama guild?” “Just like everyone coming and laughing together and enjoying being around each other,” said Brynn Allred, Drama Guild President.

Drama Guild is a Springville High club in which students come together and enjoy themselves and expand their drama skills and be more comfortable with themselves and others. The Drama Guild has activities, parties, and the Drama Guild play. It’s an exciting atmosphere to work in and experience.

The Drama Guild presidency consists of:  Brynn Allred, Mandi Megeno, Sarah Emmett, Sally Wells, Spencer Smith, Becca Hammond, and Weston Murdock. 

“As a presidency we plan the activities so we make plans for the after school stuff and we do the opening Gallas for the musicals and for the Spring play. So we just kinda take everyone's great ideas and turn them into activities,” said Sally Wells.

Wells also said that an apple pie would beat a cherry pie in a fight to the death with street rules. “What do you do in the Drama Guild Presidency?” responded Becca Hammond, “I sit there and say go do cool stuff,” said Hammond.

“Yeah she’s really just there,” said Spencer Smith. “It’s awkwardly true though,” Hammond responded.

“It’s a communistic death trap!  We have our leaders who delegate the beatings to the lower members of the Drama Guild, and we just have to keep quiet,” said Noah A, a member of the Drama Guild.

All kidding aside, Noah said, “My overall experience in Drama Guild has been great; I’ve made a lot of new friends, and I have learned a lot of things that will help me later in life.”

Drama Guild is safe and cheerful atmosphere where students can be themselves and everyone goofs off with each other.

“It’s a place where you can go to just have fun and people are just themselves there,” said Mandi Megeno.

Members come and enjoy the company of everyone as they play fun games and normally get free food.­ If you are interested in drama or theater or just meeting some really wonderful people, you should check out Drama Guild activities or Improv which is every Wednesdays after school and all are invited.

FBLA students attend Herriman Competition

by Carey S. White, SHS News Adviser
FBLA students attend Herriman Competition
Jonathan Howes, Caleb Houtz
Matt Boel, Jared Coles

On Tuesday, October 6, nine Springville High FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) students participated in the Herriman Invitational Competition at Herriman High. 

Erick Vargas won 1st Place in Job Interview and Jared Coles earned a score of over 700 points on the Microsoft Office Specialist exam which was one of the highest scores at the competition.  

All participants included:  Garrett Lopshire (FBLA President), Janessa Lewis, Rafael Gonzalez, Erick Vargas, Jared Coles, Elwin Golding, Caleb Houtz, Jonathan Howes, and Matt Boel.   FBLA Advisers are Miss Tuttle and Mrs. White.

Hope Squad Assembly

photos by Carey S. White, SHS News Adviser

The Hope Squad sponsored a student body assembly today, Tuesday, October 6, in which they invited guest speaker, Tommy Wells.  Wells has been involved in the Hope Squad organization.  His presentation included why it's ok to fail, being positive, hope, and kindness/bullying.

More on Tommy Wells:

School Events for Oct. 5-Oct. 10


Monday, October 5:

  • Golf @ Soldier Hollow

Tuesday, October 6:

  • FFA @ Snow

  • Golf @ Soldier Hollow

  • Volleyball @ SHHS st 3:30 p.m.

Thursday, October 8:

  • All State Choir

  • Tennis State @ Liberty Park

  • Volleyball @ Uintah at 3:30 p.m.

Friday, October 9:

  • Cross Country Region Championship @ home at 4:00 p.m.

  • Football @ PHS at 7:00 p.m.

Saturday, October 10:

  • Kiwanis 5K run @ 6:30 a.m.

  • Sadie Hawkins Dance at 8:00 p.m. in the G Wing



The Hope Squad will be handing out Lifesavers before school to remind everyone that you can be a lifesaver! We will also have the Wall of Hope by the cafeteria during lunch.


Assembly with guest speaker Tommy Wells


Thursday is Thoughtful Note Thursday. We're inviting everyone to come see us during lunch by the cafeteria and write a kind note to a friend or teacher. We’ll deliver them if you'd like!


Friday is Friendship Friday. We'll be in the gym during lunch playing a game and giving out donuts to those that come play! We invite you to come join us as well!


Saturday is the dance. “Blast From the Past” we invite everyone to dress up as a favorite decade.


Lady Red Devils knock off local rival Golden Eagles

photos by Blanca Martinez, SHS News Photographer
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On Thursday, October 1, Springville High’s Lady Red Devil varsity volleyball team hosted local rival Maple Mountain Golden Eagles ending in a Red Devil victory, 3-1.

Amanda Schultz had 17 kills and 14 digs while Cassidy Bowers added 19 digs as Springville knocked off Maple Mountain in four sets. Courtney Mackay also contributed 36 assists while Carmen Payne had 13 digs for the home team. 

Mr. Brandon Arnold: Professional Film Maker

by Andrew Gallagher and Mason Kinney, SHS News Writers

Mr. Brandon Arnold is Springville High’s new animation teacher.  He also teaches digital media, audio production, and digital cinema at Nebo’s Advanced Learning Center.

His greatest accomplishments include making a feature-length film version of “Much Ado About Nothing” which premiered at the Tower Theatre in Salt Lake City and being lead guitarist in a thrash metal band.  Clearly, Arnold is a man of many talents.

Arnold attended San Francisco State University and Brigham Young University.  After his university education, he taught at East Hollywood High School in West Valley, Utah.  For a period of time he exclusively taught at the ALC.  He has taught for 11 years.

Arnold speaks on his vision of teaching, “There are lots of ways to teach kids critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, responsibility, creativity, leadership and confidence. I happen to like making movies and animation, so that’s what I use to teach them. It's fun to see what students come up with when they put their talents to work and learn new skills.”

Welcome to Springville High Mr. Brandon Arnold.

Fall Orchestra Concert

photos by Maddie Burns, SHS News Photographer
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On Wednesday, September 30, Springville High's superior-rated Orchestra performed for student body, parent, and community members.