Rushing to Club Rush

By: Lance Tracy and Lexi Miller, SHS Staff Writers
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Ariel Club
Breakdance Club

Once again, school is altered as everyone rushes to join interesting clubs of their choice.  From Key Club to FFA, the clubs ranged far and wide this year at Club Rush.

“What’s my favorite thing about this club? They’re my friends’ man,” said Little Pony Club leader Nevyn Kew.

The “My Little Pony” club has been around the school for just over three years and continues to grow.  They meet each Tuesday after school in Mr. Stuart’s room.

“We started this club to spread the fandom and to show people how cool it can be,” said Kew.

Another club, “Drama Guild,” has taken part in several plays.  Some include “Dearly Departed,” and “The Foreigner.”  Activities included watching several Springville Playhouse plays and attending the annual Utah Theatre Association conference.

“The Drama Guild has been and always will be around for ever and ever,” said Katya Wagstaff.

The clubs range from just a few members to many.  Students can earn rewards or just have fun.

New Art Teacher Sculpts Creativity

by Mack Nicol and Mckaylee Hunt, SHS Staff Writers
Ms. Heidi Israelsen

Springville High School welcomes our newest art teacher, Ms. Heidi Israelsen. This is Israelsen’s first year teaching high school, however, she spent last year teaching English immersion in China. 

Israelsen is teaching many art classes including Art Foundations, Drawing, 3D Design, and AP Art. Her personal art specialty ceramics sculpting, glass work, and wheel thrown pottery.  Israelsen loves to play with clay and ride yaks through the Himalayas.

She envisions that students will someday realize how rich the arts are.

“Visual art isn’t just about a beautiful painting or sculpture; it’s about ideas and concepts, conversations, and inquiries that deal with topics we face every day in life.  It’s also an outlet for emotion, thoughts, ideas, and creativity,” said Israelsen.

SHS is excited to have this new talented art teacher.

From Student to Counselor

by Lexi Miller and Lance Tracy, SHS Staff Writers

Mrs. Aubrey Thornock, a veteran of Springville High school, has recently joined the ranks as one of our newest counselors.

For the past four years at SHS, she has filled the roles of tracker, secretary for special needs students, and counseling intern.

“I love the feel of the school. The students, staff, they all bring great school spirit,” said Thornock.

Thornock gained an undergraduate degree at Southern Utah University and is currently working on her Masters at Utah State University.   She enjoys helping the students of SHS.

“I originally wanted to be a professional counselor, but I gradually leaned toward high school after working here,” said Thornock.

However, the most rewarding experience for Thornock has been helping seniors who are falling behind and are at risk of not graduating.

Thornock said, “Some people branded them as dropouts; but, I stuck with them, and they worked to be able to graduate.”

Outside of school, however, she enjoys the company of her husband and her Australian shepherd Koda.   She also plays the bagpipes and loves to read books by her favorite author, Roald Dahl.

Returning Red Devil

By: Kimberly Graves and McKennah Pierce, SHS Staff Writers

Springville High school has many new teachers, including Ms. Allissa Huffaker, who actually is a returning Red Devil.  She teaches Child Development, Adult Roles, and Foods. She formally taught at Timberline Middle School in Alpine.

“I love Springville High so far; I love working with the students,” said Huffaker.

She hopes to teach in a way that is fun, yet provides essential life skills.

In her free time, she enjoys running, cooking, singing, sewing, and being in the outdoors.

Her worst job was at Brigham Young University cleaning after various sports teams.

She was inspired to become a teacher from her hands-on college classes and the fact that her mother is also a teacher.

Huffaker said, “I never saw myself coming back to high school.”

‘01 Red Devil Graduate Comes Back

By: Izabell Hight and Victor Magana, SHS Staff Writers
Mrs. Amber Whatcott

Mrs. Amber Whatcott, a former Springville High school graduate from the class of 2001 has come back to join our Red Devil staff as a new counselor. This is her first year as counselor, but has worked at SHS as a tracker for five years before leaving to have a baby and finish her master’s degree. Part of last year, Whatcott worked practicum counseling hours at Springville Junior High.     

“I hope to see students discovering things that they are interested in and excited about. I want to work hard to help students achieve their goals,” said Whatcott.

Whatcott has been married for seven years to Craig Whatcott, also a former Red Devil from 2001. She has an 18-month-old baby girl named Morgan. Her two favorites in the world, other than her family, are Disneyland and Diet Coke.  She loves to travel, attempts to be crafty, enjoys reading, likes sushi, makes treats, and plays with her family.

An interesting fact about Whatcott is that she worked at Disney World in Florida as a nacho cheese and sauerkraut attendant in the Pinocchio Village Haus Restaurant. She said it was one of the most unusual jobs she has ever had and the smell the restaurant (mostly the nacho cheese and the sauerkraut) still makes her sick to this day.

Springville High Welcomes a Familiar Face

by Jonathan Haws and Kelcie Collett, SHS Staff Writers
Mr. Trent Mikesell

Formerly an English teacher at Mount Nebo Jr. High, Pocatello High, and Springville Junior High, Mr. Trent Mikesell decided to teach his eighth year at Springville High.

“People can’t learn unless they feel comfortable.  I want students to feel comfortable in class and to have a fun time, then, learning can happen,” said Mikesell.

Mikesell said, “When people are laughing at something I have said, I know I’ve done something right.”

In his spare time he likes to ski, read, and play the piano.

Mikesell is married to his lovely wife, Kara.  They have two children and are expecting their third on September 11.  Congratulations, Mr. Mikesell.

Be sure to give him a warm Red Devil welcome.

Lady Red Devils Ace Opponents

By: Miriam Burrell and Austen Moon, SHS Staff Writers
SHS Girls Tennis
SHS Girls Tennis
SHS Girls Tennis
SHS Girls Tennis
SHS Girls Tennis
SHS Girls Tennis

This year’s girls tennis team is made up of 16 fantastic players:   Allyson Smith, Baylee Park, Britnee Jacobson, Ciara Snapp, Maddie Brenchley, Marynda Chipman, Medina Dore’, Mekinna Sokolowski, Melanie Anderson, Oliva Park, Sage Peterson, Stacy Aragon, Stephanie Aragon, and Victoria Ireland with Lily Girot, Taylor Murphy, and Savannah Park as captains.

The Lady Red Devils are on fire sweeping all three of their first season matches against Provo, Maple Mountain, and Spanish Fork.  Springville is looking forward to another exciting match this coming Tuesday against Carbon High school.  The Lady Red Devils are looking to keep their undefeated record alive.

 “I choose to join the team because I’ve been playing for a long time; tennis gives me a feeling of improvement,” said Ciara Snapp.

Marynda Chipman said, “How I prepare for games is that I think of things to improve on, what I can do better from the last game.”

Mekinna Sokolowski said, “What I like best about tennis is getting into the rhythm, moving the ball back and forth.”

photos by Mark Spencer

Lady Red Devils Volleyball enjoy early sweep

by Hope Farrish and Tiahna Petereit, SHS Staff Writers
2013 Lady Red Devil Volleyball Team
Jill Thackary, Kristin Clark (sophomore coach), LIzzy Fields, Justin Snell

Springville Lady Red Devil’s volleyball team is off to a winning start.  Last month, the Lady Red Devils swept the West High tournament, 9-0.  In the first three season games, the Lady Red Devils put forth extra effort to pull off wins against Timpanogos 3-1, West Jordan 3-1, and in region play, Spanish Fork 3-0.  In the match against Spanish Fork, Springville hit soundly all night and Jacque Kass recorded six kills in the win.

The many hours of summer practice and training, including weightlifting, have paid off.   Mental strength and positive attitudes have contributed greatly towards the team’s success.

Head coach Justin Snell spilled some of the secrets of his success as he encourages the girls to put every effort into each practice and game.

Snell said, “I enjoy seeing the girls grow and improve their skills.  Confidence and effort are major keys during game performance.”

Snell looks forward to facing a tough Timpview later in the season.   Mountain View and Salem Hills are also big rivals.

Savannah Bowers, Varsity Libero, is excited for the upcoming season.

Bowers said, “Jackie Kass’ warm ups get the team pumped for the game at hand.  Our team gets along on and off the court.”

Coaches photo from left to right:  Jill Thackary, Kristin Clark (sophomore coach), LIzzy Fields, Justin Snell

Varisty team members:  Allison Bailey, Amanda Schultz, Ana Fischio, Emma Israelsen, McKenzie Reidhead, Mikayla Crystal, Savannah Bowers, Cassidy Bowers, Stacy Stapel, Jacque Kass, Courtney Mackay

Red Devils’ fire starts the season 3-0

by Carey S. White, SHS News Adviser

Springville’s Friday night lights didn’t disappoint when the Red Devils secured their third consecutive win at home over the Stansbury Stallions, 27-14.  Red Devil quarterback Dylan Slavens threw for 343 yards including four touchdown passes.  Willie Child with 66 receiving yards caught a pair of TD receptions in the victory.  Rhett Clark had a big night with 93 yards, 7 receptions, and one TD.  Stallion’s Gage Manzione had two scores in the Stansbury loss.

Slavens marched the Red Devils down the field, and crowned the drive with a 26-yard TD pass to Justin Ollerton with :23 left in the half.

Springville lead 21-14 heading into the fourth quarter due to Slavens completed pass to Child, running 55 yards to the end zone.

In the fourth, Slavens found Rhett Clark down the sideline for a 34-yard TD to put the Red Devils up 27-14; Stansbury wasn't able to score the rest of the game.

Introducing 2013 Springville Girls Tennis Team

by Carey S. White, SHS News Adviser (photos by Mark Spencer)
Medina Dore’
Savannah Park
Lady Red Devil Tennis Team
Lady Red Devil Tennis Team
Lady Red Devil Tennis Team
Marynda Chipman
Lady Red Devil Tennis Team
Savannah Park
Savannah Park

1st Singles: Savannah Park; 2nd Singles: Taylor Murphy; 3rd Singles: Lily Giort; 1st Doubles: Baylee & Olivia Park; 2nd Doubles: Stacy & Stephanie Aragon

“This is a special team!  They are fun to coach and fun to watch for they never give up,” said head coach Mike Flood.

2013 Lady Red Devil Tennis Team members include:  Allyson Smith, Baylee Park, Britnee Jacobson, Ciara Snapp, Lily Girot, Maddie Brenchley, Marynda Chipman, Medina Dore’, Mekinna Sokolowski, Melanie Anderson, Oliva Park, Sage Peterson, Savannah Park, Stacy Aragon, Stephanie Aragon, Taylor Murphy, and Victoria Ireland.

photos by Mark Spencer