Boys Cross Country Top Ten at State

By Tyler Ercanbrack, Team Captain
State XC 2012 Boys State

Springville High’s Boys Cross Country finished another successful season by placing 10th at the State Championships on October 19th. Leading the team was junior Owen Gardner who finished 16th overall and senior Tyler Ercanbrack who was 27th.

This was one of the fastest years ever at the very demanding three mile course at Sugar House Park in Salt Lake City. Owen’s time of 16:09 would have placed in the top five any other year and was the fourth fastest time run by a SHS runner.

This was the team’s seventh appearance in the last eight years at state. Other members of the team competing included senior Jantzen Dalley, juniors Griffin Park, Helaman Burrows, Brenn Manwaring, and sophomore Stephen Dangerfield. Eight of the top ten runners from this year’s
team will be returning next season.

State Picture: left to right--Owen Gardner, Griffin Park, Helaman Burrows, Tyler Ercanbrack, Jantzen Dalley, Brenn Manwaring, and Stephen Dangerfield.

SHS Student Body Celebrates Halloween

photos by McKayla Anderson, SHS Staff Photographer
SHS Students Dress Up for Halloween1.jpg
SHS Students Dress Up for Halloween2.jpg
SHS Students Dress Up for Halloween3.jpg
SHS Students Dress Up for Halloween4.jpg
SHS Students Dress Up for Halloween5.jpg

FFA Club Sponsors "Haunted Hay Ride"

photos by Colton Carroll, SHS Staff Photographer
Springville High FFA collect cans as payment for Haunted Hay Ride.jpg
FFA Club sponsors Halloween Haunted Hay Ride1.jpg
FFA Club Sponsors Haunted Hay Ride2.jpg
FFA Haunted Hay Ride.jpg

FFA club collects cans of food as entry into the Haunted Hay Ride.

FBLA Fall Leadership Conference

by Carey S. White, Springville High FBLA Adviser
FBLA Fall Leadership Conference

On Thursday, October 26 and Friday, October 27, six students from the Springville High FBLA Chapter attended the Utah State FBLA Leadership Conference in Salt Lake City. 

Pictured from left to right:  Nathan Jones, Tanner White, Joseph Bowen, Bradley Borget, Zack Petersen, and Theo Berriel.  Their adviser is Carey White.

Emergency Management Guest Speaker

by Dj Majers and Josue del Rosario, SHS Staff Writers
Kate Smith
Kate Smith

On Tuesday, October 23, the monthly Window on the Workplace seminar series invited Kate Smith, Geographic Information Systems/Emergency Management Specialist for the Unified Fire Authority in Salt Lake City, to speak to students about her diverse career.  She is the person who compiles all the maps for Salt Lake County Emergency Management Services. She talked about the importance of mapping and geography.

Part of her focus was to motivate youth to pursue a career in emergency management and engineering. The first topic she covered was how she uses geography through maps; she mostly uses a “bird’s eye” view of maps.  She also talked about how she coordinates fire fighters and their firehouse locations in relation to responding to an emergency call.   She also submits maps to the media in the event of emergency evacuations.

Window on the Workplace is sponsored by our Work-based Learning Coordinator, Robyn Dunn.

Make-A-Wish Assembly

by Kat Smith and DC Hollingshead, SHS Staff Writers
Make-A-Wish Assembly
Make-A-Wish Assembly
Make-A-Wish Assembly
Make-A-Wish Assembly
Make-A-Wish Assembly

On Tuesday, October 16, students were met with a surprising, tear-jerking, and heartwarming “Make-A-Wish Assembly.” This assembly, which was split into two periods to incorporate our large student body, was stunning to say the least. There was an overview and a story projected about Ryker Foxx.  Ryker Foxx was a young boy whose wish was to meet the Blaze™, a basketball team in Salt Lake City.  Ryker was granted that, and so much more thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation; who, with the help of Springville high school, has granted over 11 wishes in the school’s history.

Our student council then introduced this year’s Make-A-Wish participant, Connor.   The student body was given a brief overview of his history. Connor suffers from A.L.L. Leukemia and has been fighting it for the past two years.  Also, we were informed about his wish. Connor’s simple wish is to acquire a hot-tub with lights for him and his family. Afterwards, the student council presented a past participant in the Make-A-Wish foundation from Springville High with a gift from our school, wishing him well.

Overall; the assembly was extraordinary.  It made some cry and allowed others to see the good in life. All in all, it was amazing.  

Since the assembly, Springville High student clubs sponsored a Make-A-Wish carnival; and, with personal donations, our student body has raised just over $3,000 towards Connor’s wish. Donations, no matter how small, are appreciated.

Lady Red Devils in Region Play

by Anthony Adams and Nathaniel Heggem, SHS Staff Writers
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Melanie Anderson
Aubrey Wadsen
Baylee Park
Victoria Ireland
Caryn Crandall
Lily Girot
Baylee Park
Stephanie Aragon
Lily Girot
Caryn Crandall

On September 27-28, Springville High Lady Red Devils traveled to Mountain View High to participate in the region tennis matchup. Congratulations to Brittany Jacobson, Carina Hutchins, Elizabeth Slack, Aubrey Wasden, Holly Sumsion, Maryanne Allen, Medina Dore, Melanie Anderson, Stacy Aragon, and Victoria Ireland for their participation in regions.

Carina Hutchins said, “This year’s team is one of the greatest that I’ve ever been on. Everyone supported each other and all go along very well. We all could relate to each other. We were truly a ‘team’ this year.”

“When we were all younger, our parents always told us before a sporting game, ‘Have fun.’ That is exactly what all the girls tennis team did this year. We had fun, but we still worked hard at practice to improve our strokes and serves. Our hard work payed off as we improved and we
had a lot of fun with each other this season,” said Maryann Allen.

Head Start in Culinary Arts

By Amanda Sly and Janelle Hernandez, SHS Staff Writers
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Prostart -- Culinary Arts at Springville High
Anthony Adams (center) and partners
McKenzie Prothero (left) and partner
Trent Best.jpg

Springville High is offering a few new classes this year. One new class is Prostart taught by Mrs. Jill Hansen.

“Prostart is a class that helps kids get a head start in culinary arts. It also helps them with management, communication, cooking skills and food safety,” said Hansen.

The class teaches students how to use different techniques in food preparation, how to prepare nutritional meals and how to cook diverse cuisines from other countries. In addition, the course helps students prepare to work in a restaurant environment. Some of the various foods students prepare are soups, sauces, cakes, dumplings, drinks and food from different time periods. Students also participate in cooking contests. In March, students will attend the Utah State Prostart competition in which students will cook an appetizer, main dish and desert while being timed and judged.

To enroll in this class, a student must have had Foods I and II and have an interest in the culinary arts. Upon completion of this class, students receive their Utah State Food Handler’s permit. In addition, students enrolled in Prostart have a good chance of landing an internship at a restaurant.

Hansen said, “I like teaching this class because food nutrition is important to me. But, the excitement I see in my students as they challenge themselves and then complete that challenge with a huge smile and satisfaction, is so exciting to see.”

Willkommen Yasmin!

By DJ Majers and Josue Del Rosario, SHS Staff Writers
Yasmin Fischer

Yasmin Fischer is one of our new foreign exchange students from Frankfurt, Germany. She’s been in the United States for about one month and will stay for the remainder of the school year. Her expectations are to make new friends and have lots of fun.

In Germany she loves to ride horses; she’s been riding horses for over eight years.
Also, she likes to draw and has been drawing for five years. Her favorite type of art to draw is abstract art. She also likes going to the movies with friends.

Her German school name is IGS Nordland. She said it’s very different than Springville High.

She has a brother named Benjamin, and her favorite colors are red and pink. Her favorite subject is art and her favorite sports are horseback riding and dancing.

Red Devils win at home over Bulldogs

photos by Hyrum Atkinson, SHS Staff Photographer
Drill Team Performs1.jpg
Band performs1.jpg
Cheer performs2.jpg
Band performs2.jpg
Drill Team Performs2.jpg
Cheer performs1.jpg
SHS vs Provo_football2.jpg
SHS football.jpg

On Thursday, October 4, Springville Red Devils varsity football took on the Provo Bulldogs at home and clinched the victory, 35-10. Halftime performances included the SHS Band, D'Velles Drill team, and SHS Cheerleaders.