Homecoming Light Parade

photos by Kallie Powell, SHS News Photographer
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Springville High students, staff, and community members celebrate homecoming in a night "light" parade.

"Devil Cakes" for Lunch

photos by Carey S. White, SHS News Adviser

Student Council members cook and serve "Devil Cakes" to the student body at lunch on Wednesday, September 23, as part of homecoming week celebration.

Scoring big in Math with new teacher Janessa Lee

by Addison Provost and Andrew Trevenen, SHS News Writers

Janessa Lee, Springville High's new math teacher, makes Math fun and interesting as she tells students how a cherry pie would beat an apple pie in a fight to the death.   Lee’s height is 6’3” and, as her height suggests, she sets up students to score big as she explains how she played volleyball before becoming a teacher.

Lee is happy to be teaching at Springville, “I just hope that my kids can learn to enjoy math and it’s not a subject they come in fearing; and, I hope they can enjoy it as much as I do,” said Lee.

Springville High is fortunate to have Ms. Janessa Lee and we are excited to welcome her to our Red Devil family.

A picture of our new SHS photographer teacher

by Austen Moon and Tyler Lewis, SHS News Writers

When Mr. Lou Crandall left Springville High School at the end of the 2014-2015 school year to teach photography at Saint George’s Desert Hills High School, administration found a replacement in a young teacher from Logan, Utah.  Her name is Ms. Beth Hansen and this is her first year teaching at a high school.  Previously, she taught photography at Utah State University, but moved here over the summer after three years of working with college students.  According to Hansen, moving was something she grew accustomed to during her childhood.

“When I was a kid, my dad was in the Air Force, so we moved a lot,” she said.

Hansen graduated from Satellite High School in Florida and then attended BYU-Idaho and Utah State University.  According to Hansen, she became a teacher because she likes helping students learn in a fun way.  Her most rewarding teaching experience has been helping students to find creativity and improve. 
While she is only a month into her first year of teaching at SHS, the school has already left an impression on her.

“It seems like a good school,” said Hansen, “There are a lot of opportunities for extracurricular activities and everyone seems pretty friendly.”

Some of her hobbies include soccer, hiking, watching movies, and, of course, photography.  Her students may also be interested to learn that she is allergic to both apples and mangoes.

Spotlight on Mr. Spencer Eaquinto

by Blanca Martinez and Julio Nolasco, SHS News Writers

Mr. Spencer Eaquinto is one of our many new teachers here at Springville High.  Eaquinto teaches US Studies and Honors US History, Eaquinto said. What he wants most for his classroom is to foster an academic setting to prepare students.

“My most rewarding teaching experiences include seeing growth of the students and their learning relationships,” said Eaquinto.

“The most unusual job I had was when I used to fight forest fires for three years,” said Eaquinto.

“Yes, I’m married and I have two kids,” Eaquinto said about his personal life.

He also loves doing anything outdoors like gardening and hiking; just anything that will keep him outside.  Knowing he loves outdoor activities, it’s no surprise he would be a fan of baseball.

“My favorite baseball team is the Oakland A’s, said Eaquinto.  

Welcome Mr. Spencer Eaquinto to Springville High.

A Basic Sketch: Our New Art Teacher at a Glance

by Alex Farrell and Megan McConnell, SHS News Writers
Kimberly Ipson with nephew Jack

SHS is welcoming a new creative mind this year to our Fine Arts Department, Ms. Kimberly Ipson.  This is Ipson’s first year teaching drawing, painting, and design.  Ipson hopes to help students explore the variety of art medium and styles.  

Her primary goal is “to teach students that there is no right or wrong way to be an artist. I want all of my students to leave my class feeling successful,” said Ipson.

Ipson said, “The most rewarding part of teaching has been the students.  I love my students, I love how creative they are, and I love how they have individual voices and styles.  Student relationships has definitely been the highlight.”

Outside of teaching art she enjoys hula-hooping, Harry Potter, tennis, and painting.  She says her most unusual job was changing the clothes on the Macy’s department store manikins.

Ipson graduated from Utah Valley University last April and is lives in Provo.

Ipson has four brothers, three nieces, and two nephews.   

“I love going home to Centerville to be with my family!” said Ipson.

Pictured:   Ipson and her nephew, Jack.  

New Principal’s focus is on student learning

by Christian Jones and Brett Perkins, SHS News Writers
Principal Kelepolo

Dr. Everett Kelepolo is our new principal here at Springville High School.  He has taught and has been a principal for the past 24 years at three different schools.

He has taught economics, accounting, marketing, physical education and weight training.  His years of teaching included assignments at Lehi High and Spanish Fork High.  He was also principal of Springville Jr. High.  For the past eight years, he was in a supervisory position at Nebo District office.  While he was with the district office, he worked in athletics and student services.

Kelepolo commented on what his focus will be as our new school principal.

Kelepolo said, “Our main focus is on student learning.”  

He said that preparing students for college is also an emphasis.

Kelepolo reflected on his observations of Springville High in regard to academics and school spirit.

“We are working on the vision to have the discipline of West Point, the academic rigors of Harvard, and the fun of Disneyland,” said Kelepolo.

Kelepolo said that his most rewarding experience while being a principal and teaching is the interaction he has with the students.

Kelepolo also coached many sports during his 24 years of teaching.  He has coached football, wrestling, and track at both Lehi and Spanish Fork High.

Former Lady Red Devil soccer player back to coach

by Megan McConnell and Alex Farrell, SHS News Writers
Natalie Baker, Head Girls Soccer Coach

The Springville High Lady Red Devil soccer team is up and kicking it under the direction of their new head coach, Mrs. Natalie Baker. Baker is planning for a big year by building on the team’s successes last year. She’s making the team is work harder than ever to make it further in the state tournament. She hopes to help the girls improve on the skills they already have and come closer as a team. Most importantly, she wants the girls to have fun playing the sport they love.

Although we don’t win every game, Baker wants the girls to know that the score of the game doesn’t always reflect how successfully the team played.

The best part, Baker said, “is seeing the girls give everything they have to the game and never giving up. The most important thing a team can do to be successful, is to be fully engaged in the goals and vision of the coach and team.”

Baker loves soccer, she herself was once a Lady Red Devil soccer player. She then continued on to play for the University of Utah and Utah Valley University. Now she’s back on the home turf and she’s determined to start a SHS soccer legacy.

Baker said, “I really have just wanted to bring the tradition back to Springville High. I want to bring the winning tradition back to the school and make people excited to come to our games and support these girls who work so hard. I want people to see that there is still good, competitive soccer being played at the high school level.”

Baker is married and has an eleven month old daughter named Maylie. She enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and staying active. She loves any sport, but of course her passion lies with soccer.