Substitute and Retired Teacher, Mr. Richard Drollinger, receives Springville City “Citizen of the Year Award”

by Emma Hargett and Andrew Gallagher, SHS News Writers
Mr. D

For over thirty years Richard Drollinger (“Mr. D”) taught at Springville High School.   From 1962-1996 he filled the minds of thousands of students with knowledge and brought a fun and different learning experience to our school.

Since his retirement, he came back to Springville High School and has been substituting since 2000. Drollinger loves to teach and loves substituting classes. He said that his favorite part of teaching is that he loves to see students succeed in areas that they thought they originally could not.

“I think teaching should be fun,” said Drollinger, when asked why he has been teaching for so long.

Recently, Springville City awarded Drollinger with the “Citizen of the Year” award.  Drollinger never thought that he would be considered for this award, and he thinks that it is such an honor to win.  The city then held a dinner in Drollinger’s honor and presented him with a plaque for winning “Citizen of the Year.”

“Everyone who comes into contact with Mr. Drollinger instantly loves him; he has a personality that is contagious.  He makes you feel like you’re his best friend,” said Mrs. Carey S. White, SHS Teacher.

In his spare time, Drollinger loves to read.  But, when he is not reading, he is gardening and growing plants that he finds fun and different.

“I would read an aspirin bottle if I couldn’t find anything else,” said Drollinger.

Congratulations to Mr. Drollinger for winning this fantastic award and we thank him for everything he does for us at Springville High.

Dan Humble shares drawing of ASL and Astronomy

by Maddie Burns, SHS News Writer

Dan Humble, Senior at Springville high school, has been drawing his whole life.  Humble is a gifted artist and is now being recognized for it. The picture he drew with a “cheap black pencil” depicts a young girl looking at the moon as she produces the ASL sign for the moon.

He was researching deaf Astronomers.  He argued that deafness did not interfere with the work because “sound is not an element of astronomy."  He wanted to show that deaf people love and enjoy many of the same things hearing people do and that deafness in no way interferes with a person's ability to become an astronomer. 

ASL teacher, Mrs. Sarah Brough, says that she is so proud of Humble’s work in and outside of class.

Thank you Dan for sharing your artwork with SHS.



Cary Hylton presented with “Teacher Feature” award

by Carey S. White, SHS News Adviser (photo by Maddie Burns, SHS News Photographer)

KSL News Radio and Zion’s Bank present the “Teacher Feature Award” each week during the school year to a Utah teacher.  This week the honor was awarded to Mr. Cary Hylton, Physics and Science Teacher at Springville High. Hylton has been teaching at SHS for 28 years.

In addition to the public recognition at the Sweetheart’s assembly and the announcement on KSL radio, Hylton was given a dinner for two at the Roof Restaurant in Salt Lake, a night's stay at the Anniversary Inn, and a chance in a drawing for a two year lease on a new car from Burt Brother's Chevrolet.

Hylton said, “I was very surprised and honored to be recognized in this way especially since there are so many wonderful teachers here at Springville High School.  It really is a privilege to work with such a talented and dedicated group of professionals.  I really feel I have the dream job:  I love science and I love helping young people understand and appreciate the wonders of nature.  The students at Springville High bring a curiosity and enthusiasm that makes teaching fun and rewarding; I am thankful to be a part of directing and nurturing that.”

Fellow math teacher, Mr. Chris Frossard, nominated Hylton.

Frossard said, “I saw the opportunity by KSL Teacher Feature to nominate a deserving teacher last Fall. We have so many wonderful teachers here at Springville High School.  Immediately, I thought about Mr. Cary Hylton.  Cary has been an exemplary teacher and mentor of young people for 29 years--28 have been here in Springville at SHS.  He has taught all levels of students--often in very large classes. He keeps a positive attitude, is very friendly, and patient with students. He knows science very well. He has helped both students and other teachers throughout Utah to better understand and excel in science, especially Physics.  He has been Faculty Council Chair and is currently serving on the school Accreditation Committee.  He is a great and caring person and a wonderful teacher who cares so much about students progressing and learning science.  I have taught next to his classroom for over seventeen years, and I have seen how important teaching students has been to him.  He is always prepared to teach.  He is very deserving of this prestigious award.”

D'Males perform at last home game

photos by Maddie Burns, SHS News Photographer
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Springville's traditional "D'Males" drill team performed at the last boys varsity basketball game on Friday, February 19.  The crowd cheered to a unique, athletic choreographed routine.

Red Devils lose to Wasps, 73-60

photos by Mark Spencer

Although Springville outscored Wasatch in the last half of the game, it wasn’t enough to make up a big Wasp lead, 73-60.  The last Red Devil home game was played on Friday, February 19.

photos by Mark Spencer


Senior Basketball Players Honored

photos by Mark Spencer

On Friday, February 19, Senior varsity basketball players were honored during the last home game of the season.

School Events for Feb. 22-27

 Monday February 22nd:

  • State Girls BB at SLCC 7:30 p.m.

Tuesday February 23rd:

  • 9th grade tour of SHS

  • Boys BB at Spanish Fork High

  • Board SCC at Spanish Fork High

Wednesday February 24th:

  • 1/2 day of school (out at 11:15 a.m.)

  • Staff Development meeting

  • State Girls BB at SLCC

  • Region 8 Jazz Festival

Thursday February 25th:

  • Spring play in the auditorium: "Much Ado About Nothing, Eh?"

Friday February 26th:

  • Spring play in the auditorium: "Much Ado About Nothing, Eh?"

  • State Girls BB at SLCC

Saturday February 27th:

  • Spring play in the auditorium: "Much Ado About Nothing, Eh?"

  • State Girls BB at SLCC


Recap of this year's FFA activities

by Avarie Peterson, FFA Officer
pumpking carving contest
social -- line dancing
stock show
sub for santa
veterans breakfast
veterans assembly

Springville FFA hosts a pumpkin carving contest
On October 29, Springville FFA hosted a pumpkin carving contest. This took place in the Springville High School greenhouse. It started around 7 pm and lasted until around 9 pm.  The categories for the contest were scariest, most creative, FFA, and silliest.  Everyone was free to do their own thing and had nice country music playing. After the pumpkins were carved, they were set up to be judged. The winners received a pumpkin pie.  David Alborn made some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for everyone to enjoy. It was a fun night to pull everyone together. Members had a great night carving pumpkins and just hanging out with their FFA friends.

Springville FFA served breakfast to veterans
On November 10, Springville FFA teamed up with student council to help honor our veterans by serving them breakfast, and dedicating an assembly to them. We had a lot of veterans come to the breakfast and got to hear a lot of great stories, as well as share a meal with them.  We were honored to have Lieutenant Gabbitas share what he learned of his experience in the military. Lieutenant Gabbitas shared that he learned to be flexible in all situations and that is how he got through a lot of hardships throughout his career. He shared that he has not gone through as much as the rest of the veterans there, and thanked them for their service. It was great to hear all of his stories and explain how he got through all of these things on his own.

BYU ROTC presented a flag ceremony and the pledge of allegiance.  Aleah Morris sang the National Anthem. Two great videos were created and presented by the student council to show our support for our veterans.  Bailey Bird composed an original song and it was performed by Aspen Lambert and Bailey Bird in honor of Veteran’s day. The veterans were called up to the stage to thank them for their service. We held a moment of silence, and a brief history about Taps by David Alborn. We thanked the veterans and were very honored for them to come to the school.   

The veterans have gone through so much and sharing breakfast and honoring them was the least we could do. We loved sharing the breakfast with them and hope to keep this a tradition.

Springville FFA attends Utah Leadership Conference
On December 11 and 12, Springville FFA traveled to Ogden for the Utah Leadership Conference.  ULC is a two day event that teaches you about leadership and teamwork with others. The ULC is a high energy, personal and leadership skills development conference for FFA members. The goal is to help you better serve your local FFA.  

At ULC, members meet new friends from all over the state who have the same interests.  These friends may even last a lifetime.  It’s fun to attend ULC throughout the years and see friends you met before. There is a dance the first night; it’s so fun to just let loose and line dance, maybe even swing dance.  

For first year ULC attendees, you’re split into groups. The older members are in different groups of their own. Each group had its own leader for the whole weekend. It was really great to get to know them because they were either past state FFA officers or candidates for state office. Other than the main guest speaker, there were four workshops FFA members attended to learn about different skill sets. The weekend was fun and FFA members learned a lot.

Springville FFA brings Christmas to families (Sub-for-Santa)
Springville FFA alone bought and delivered Christmas for twenty students.  With the help of other clubs here at Springville High, we were able to bring Christmas to over fifty children. Delivering the presents was the most rewarding part of the experience. To see the parents cry and the children gleaming with joy, really made Christmas special for each FFA member.

Each FFA member who helped with Sub-for-Santa was assigned a child in need and was given money from Springville FFA to go buy the needs for them.  FFA helped support a lot of children and it was rewarding to see the children so happy just to receive a gift. Every year FFA supports children in need with the money from the cake decorating auction in the FFA Sweethearts competition.

FFA Christmas Party
On December 17, Springville FFA hosted a Christmas Party. The games played were giant twister, which was very fun, and Nintendo Wii on the projector screen.  Everyone had a blast. FFA members roped a practice dummy and taught others how to as well.  There was a lot of snacks for everyone to enjoy and some great company.  Springvilles advisors even sang long to Karaoke; it was great to hear their wonderful voices to help us all feel the holiday spirit.

Pigs come to Springville FFA
Want to raise an animal and sell it for money?  That’s what students in Springville FFA are doing. Students this year have bought pigs and are raising them for a stock show in April.  Every year Springville FFA raises animals to sell at the stock show in Spanish Fork. Each student is in charge of raising, cleaning, and training the pig.  This may sound like a lot, but it's really a fun experience to raise an animal and then show it at a stock show.  The students are always happy to show and sell their animal and look forward to it each year.

2016 Sweethearts Royalty

photos by Maddie Burns & Erin Call, SHS News Photographers
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Natalie Stevenson Sweetheart; Brynn Allred, 1st Attendant; Cally Bradshaw, 2nd Attendant

Winners in individual categories:
Pigs:  Natalie Stevenson, Cally Bradshaw, Ciara Snapp
Interviews:  Brynn Allred, Natalie  Stevenson, Tiana Ta'ala 
Cakes:  Sarah Rawle, Tiana Ta'ala, Brynn Allred, Kaitlyn  Howard

Contestants:   Halle Acor, Janessa Lewis, Maddi Taylor, Brynn Allred, Sierra Marshman, Cally Bradshaw, Sarah Rawle, Roxie Chambers, Ashlynn Seeley, Sally Wells, Kelty Cope, Olivia Davidson, Ciara Snapp, Amayrani Valencia, Natalie Stevenson, Tiana Ta'ala, Kayla Hansen, Kaitlyn Howard, and Katie Johnson