New Girls Head Basketball Coach

Carey White, SHS Newspaper Adviser
Camie Oakey

Springville High School is pleased to announce the hiring of Camie Oakey as the Girls Head Basketball Coach. Coach Oakey spent the last two years as the Head Girls Coach at Mountain View High School.

From 2008-2011 she served as the JV Head Coach and the Varsity Assistant and helped coach Mountain View to at state title in 2009. She played high school basketball in Texas at Flower Mound Marcus High School and went on to receive a Division 1 scholarship to the University of Utah where she played for Coach Elaine Elliott. She played at the University of Utah for four years and served as team captain her senior year.

While at Utah, she played in two NCAA tournaments and helped Utah advance to the Elite 8 in 2006. She graduated from the U of U in 2008, receiving a Bachelors degree in Health Education.

“I am honored and excited be the next coach at SHS! This is an exciting opportunity for me and my family. It is my hope that I can build on the rich tradition that has defined Springville basketball over the past six years,” said Coach Oakey.

Principal Mike Brown said, “We are excited to be able to hire a coach of high character and who will be a great role model for our student/athletes. Mrs.Oakey has had success at all levels of basketball and will continue to build on the great tradition of excellence we have at Springville High School.”

New Lady Red Devil Drill Adviser

By Scott Wallentine and Nathanael Heggem, SHS Staff Writer
Breanne Anderson.jpg

Springville High’s new drill instructor is Breanne Anderson.    Anderson graduated from Springville High in 2009.  She was on the drill team while she was at SHS, and she was the president of the team during her senior year.  

Anderson said, “I love dancing, I enjoys helping people reach their goals which gets accomplished a lot when working with students, and I love seeing the girls come together to do something they love.”

This is Anderson’s first time coaching.   She’s attending Utah Valley University in which she is pursuing a degree in Special Education.  

Nathan Brush Wins a Key to Success

by Candice Lee and Casey Thobe, SHS Staff Writers
Mr. Lewis
Teacher's Dance
Nicole Vance receives scholarship from Utah Valley University
Teacher's Dance
Jordan Staheli wins Scholarship from US Synthetics
Teacher's Dance

On Friday, April 12, Springville High school had its Key Garff Keys to Success assembly to determine which student in the school would an iPad and a chance to win a car from Ken Garff. Selective students participated in a wheel-spinning contest to see which one of their numbers would be called. As soon as the selection was narrowed down, they were then given keys; and, if the key that they had set off the alarm, that meant that they won.

Nathan Brush won an iPad as well as a chance to win a car. Other students, as well as teachers, participated in activities and had the chance to win other items. In addition, scholarships to Nicole Vance from Utah Valley University and Jordan Staheli from US Synthetics were presented. At the end of the assembly, the teachers got together for a dance party which eventually led to an assembly-wide dance.

“Keys to Success” is a program created by The Ken Garff Automotive Group and was formed to enhance academic initiatives in school settings. They believe that by doing this they can change lives by motivating, recognizing, and rewarding students for their educational performance. Find out more about the Keys to Success program on the Ken Garff website at:

New Season of Girls Softball

by Natalie Shaw, Hyrum Atkinson, Tray Hill, and Moroni Dominguez
2013 Lady Red Devils Softball Team

Springville’s Lady Red Devils have hit the season running with a current record of 10 wins, 5 losses, and 1 tie. The girls are working hard to improve themselves every day in preparation to beat some of our local region rivals which include Salem Hills and Provo.

“I love my team, we get along great and they are amazing girls,” said Miranda Follette, a senior who is one of the team captains.”

The Lady Red Devils are positively focused, commenting of each other’s strengths and keeping positive attitudes.

“The season has been going very well so far. We have a great team of girls, led by a strong group of seniors. They are very experienced and have been playing together for a long time. Each player has high expectations. They are working hard each day to make themselves better,” said Jill Thackeray, Assistant Softball Coach.

Their next game will be on Thursday, April 18, at Maple Mountain High beginning at 3:30 pm.

Seniors: Amberley Austin, Ashli Averett, Sydney Brown, Miranda Follette, Sarah Meredith, Hannah Packard, Malia Peterson, Cami Sumsion

Juniors: Cheyanne Duke, Sadie Egbert, Jacque Kass, Katelyn Marshall, Kristy Snyder

Sophomores: Annie Anderson, Melanie Anderson, Addison Bowers, McKenzie Reidhead, Stacy Stapel

Aces for Lady Red Devils Golf

By Gage Karren, SHS Staff Writer
Ashley Crookston
Lydia Austin
Kelsi Simons
Lydia Austin

Springville High’s girls golf team is off to a great start; all the girls did a fantastic job, placing high at their last tournament.

Coach Miller said, “Even though they have only been in one tournament, I can tell that they are going to be a great team this year.”

Kelsi Simon took 2nd and Lydia Austin took 5th overall. Team members said that they have a strong team, and a lot of returning players from last year. Although the team has only eight players, they are very strong and will be a tough to compete against; it will be exciting to see how they do this season.

2013 team members include: Abby Crandall, Ashley Crookston, Haley Duncan, Courtney Lefevre, Kelsi Simons, Jennifer Bate, Lydia Austin, and Lauren Pickering

SHS Dance Company Receives Superior Ratings

by Carey S. White, SHS Newspaper Adviser
Dance Company Group Photo

On April 9 at the Covey Fine Arts Center, Springville High’s Dance Company participated in Festival Adjudication. Springville’s Dance Company performing students received superior ratings in all four of their dances. Madelyn Brunt's choreography in "Watch Your Back," along with her dancers in the piece, received a Judge's Favorite Award. The dance piece called "Broken Sky," performed by all the members, also received a Judge's Favorite Award.

Battle of wits #KnowledgeBowl

By: Gage Karren, SHS Staff Writer
Seth Daybell, Chris Taylor, Spencer Duncan

After a week-long battle over which student body team is the brightest, Seth Daybell, Chris Taylor, and Spencer Duncan were able to defeat last year’s reigning champions (Jordan Gage, Ethan Trunnell, Forest Markham, and Kyle Gashler).

Duncan said, “The main reason why we were able to beat them was because we had such good team communication; we would discuss each question, every time, before we buzzed in the answer.”

Although the team played one participant short and felt that they were somewhat weak in math, their overwhelming strength and synergy in history, trivia, and music proved victorious over a very tough team to beat.

FFA Donkey Basketball

by Moroni Dominguez, Hyrum Atkinson, and Trayton Hill, SHS Staff Writers
1 of 13
Mrs. Christina Hale
Officer, Travis Pope, Braden Peterson, Officer
Wesley billings defending against Mrs. Hale
Officers are number 1
Braden Peterson
Ms. Marie Condie
Ms. Angie Meacham
Jace Hartman
Wesley Billings
Lacey Hjorth
Mindy Stapel
Braden Peterson
Wesley Billings

On Wednesday, March 20, Springville FFA (Future Farmers Association) sponsored a game of donkey basketball to raise money for future activities.

Springville high patrons including police, fire fighters, students, and teachers engaged each other in an epic game of donkey basketball. Everyone rode a donkey and paraded up and down the main gym desperately trying to make a basket.

Although everyone played a tough and fun game, the Springville police department was victorious over all opponents. SHS students won second place, teachers placed third; and, finally, the Springville fire department put out the very last fire.

It was just as fun to watch as it was to play. Everyone got into the game. Watching people fall and the funny faces the teachers were making was hilarious. The commentary from Mr. Ostler was entertaining. He brought the game to life when it was slow.

In the students vs. police game, Travis Pope fell off of his donkey and got his foot stuck in the reigns; he was dragged for a bit but was able to get up and finish the game. The police won that round, but the memory of Travis’ fall will always be remembered.

Region One-Act Play Festival

By: Paige Davis, McKayla Anderson, and Sky Engelking, SHS Staff Writers
Lear Burton and Francesca Rotolo
Andre Parkinson, Angie Clyde, Lear Burton
Lear Burton, Francesca Rotolo
Angie Clyde, Francesca Rotolo
Francesca Rotolo, Andre Parkinson

Springville High drama students participated in the Region One-Act Play Festival hosted at SHS. Angie Clyde, Andre Parkinson, Francesca Rotolo and Lear Burton performed in the festival. The event was filled with entertaining acting that kept the crowd laughing. SHS has very talented actors; the audience was engaged in the one-act plays. Springville’s play was written by Christopher Durang, a parity of The Glass Menagerie.

“I recommend a drama class; it helps confidence and is applicable. You get to be other people and come out of your shell, experiencing different types of life. I started drama and acting in high school. I hope to continue my interest in acting after high school as a hobby,” said Burton.

“I get the chance to be other characters without actually leaving my body. I hope to continue drama depending on where my art goes,” said Rotolo.

Rotolo started acting in 7th grade and performed in productions outside of school. For students interested in acting, she gives some words of advice.

“When you rush through your lines, the judges can tell you are nervous. Say your lines confidently and clearly,” said Rotolo.

As a group SHS received an “excellent” judging score; in addition, Rotolo received the award for “Best Character Actress.” Springville took six entries to region and four of them have qualified to go to state. Devynn Shields and Maddie Joyner, Cari Grosland and Matt Barker, Amanda Nelson, and Katya Wagstaff were the participants. Wagstaff also received a “Straight Superior Ranking.” State will be held on April 20th at Timpview High School. A big thanks goes to Mr. Christian Cragun and the fine job he’s doing with the Drama program!

Lady Red Devils, a Home Run

By Jesus Beltran and Ezra Hopoate, SHS Staff Writers

Lady Red Devils, a Home Run
By Jesus Beltran and Ezra Hopoate

On Friday, March 22, the Springville Lady Red Devil softball team played a formidable game against the Provo Lady Bulldogs; sadly Springville suffered its first region loss with a close score of 7-5, in favor of Provo.

Springville had a total of 6 hits including 3 doubles by Ashley Everett, Hannah Packard, and Kristy Snyder.

The Lady Red Devils have 6 wins and only 2 losses to Snow Canyon and Provo. Their team goals are to take region, improve each day, and to play as a team. Many of the team members expressed that some of their favorite aspects of software are playing with friend, making great plays, hitting and/or getting a sweet hit, and base running. Salem Hills and Provo will continue to be some of the toughest region challengers.

Team captains are Ashli Averett, Hannah Packard, and Miranda Folette.

Seniors: Amberley Austin, Ashli Averett, Sydney Brown, Miranda Follette, Sarah Meredith, Hannah Packard, Malia Peterson, Cami Sumsion

Juniors: Cheyanne Duke, Sadie Egbert, Jacque Kass, Katelyn Marshall, Kristy Snyder

Sophomores: Annie Anderson, Melanie Anderson, Addison Bowers, McKenzie Reidhead, Stacy Stapel