Mr. Brian Rice, great addition to Springville High

By David Majers and Josue del Rosario, SHS Staff Writers
Mr Brian Rice.jpg

Mr. Brian Rice teaches math in Springville High’s special education department.   Rice has been teaching for over ten years, and also teaches and trains new ESL teachers at Brigham Young University.  

What is most rewarding for Rice is when his students or their parents come back to thank him for impacting their or other children’s lives.

Rice graduated from North Salinas High School in California, after which he attended Brigham Young University.

One of his hobbies is playing tennis.  Rice has been playing tennis all his life, in fact, he played varsity tennis as the number one ranked player beginning his freshman year in high school.

His most unusual jobs included modeling at a casino and playing the zither, guitar, and vocals in a Middle Eastern band.

Rice has been married for 10 years to Mary Rice who teaches at Springville Junior High School, and they have a 10-month old baby girl named Hannah. 

Boys golf accelerate into 6th place

by Candice Lee and Rob Jackson, SHS Staff Writers
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boys golf.jpg
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Last week the Springville boys golf team traveled to Sleepy Ridge in Orem, and in region play, finished sixth.

“They aren’t quite there yet, but are improving every week and are very much capable of playing well,” said head coach Brett Miller.

The Red Devils have already played in three golf tournaments and are striving to move up to fifth place by the end of the fourth tournament to qualify for the state tournament.

Lady Red Devils volleyball dominate 10-5 in preseason

by Gage Karren and Ezra Hopoate, SHS Staff Writers

Springville High’s Lady Red Devil volleyball team, led by head coach Justin Snell and varsity captains Malia Peterson and Broke Caswell, finished 6-1 in last week’s Bad to the Bone Tournament held at Provo High.  Springville narrowly lost in the tournament semifinals. Coach Snell said that Brooke Caswell and Emma Israelsen had outstanding performances

Varsity setter Stacy Staple said, “The team has great chemistry and works well together; we just need to work on “don’t shut down mentality.”

This team is expected to be in the top three in region with the team’s greatest competitor, Salem Hills.  Springville volleyball is also expected to compete for the state title at the end of the season.

“The girls have worked extremely hard and have come a very long way and even though we are still a very young team we are expected to be great,” said Snell.

Peterson and Caswell said, “If there’s anything this team needs, it is support.”

Head coach Justin Snell has been coaching for the last ten years and coached the sophomore team last year.

Come support our Lady Red Devils Volleyball team; their next home game will be Tuesday, September 18, at 6:30 p.m.

Lady Red Devils Volleyball Team 2012-2013

Volleyball Team 2012_13
Seniors from left to right: Malia Peterson, Brooke Caswell, Malia Nawahine, and Gina Young

Introducing the Lady Red Devils Volleyball Team for 2012-2013

Back Row:
Coach Megan Simpson. Coach Kristin Clark, Mikaylay Crystal, Amanda Schultz, Mckenzie Reidhead, Ashlyn Taylor, Katie Johnson, Brooke Caswell, Emma Israelsen, Malia Nawahine, Jacque Kass, Malia Peterson, Alexis DeLange, Courtney Mackay, Mariah White, Stacy Stapel, Coach Justin Snell, Coach Jill Thackeray

Front Row:
Allison Bailey, Ashlyn Ball, Analyse Fischio, Cassie Buhler, Caroline Erickson, Savannah Littleton, Hope Farish, Savannah Bowers, Cassidy Bowers, Bianca Caraveo, Carmen Payne, Addison Bowers, Gina Young

Hello Dance

photos by Moroni Dominguez
friends enjoy the hello dance
friends enjoy the hello dance
hello dance
hello dance
hello dance
hello dance
hello dance

After the game on Friday, August 24, students enjoyed reuniting with old friends and making new ones at the Hello Dance.

Dons top Devils

by Jake Condie and Aaron Brown, SHS Staff Writers (photos by Mark Spencer)
Springville vs Spanish Fork
Springville vs Spanish Fork
Springville vs Spanish Fork
Springville vs Spanish Fork
Springville vs Spanish Fork
Springville vs Spanish Fork
Springville vs Spanish Fork
Springville vs Spanish Fork

On Friday, August 24, Springville battled Spanish Fork in a feud as old as the Hatfields and McCoys.  Although the Dons took the game 24-12, the Red Devils played hard.  The team was “really focused and put forth effort,” said head coach Willy Child, who continued on to express that the hardest part of the game was losing.

The team put forth great effort with Jessie Noll being named the MVP of the game scoring an 87 yard touchdown.   Zac Hansen scored the other remaining touchdown pounding the ball in from the one yard line.

Photos by Mark Spencer

Hello Assembly: Unite to Ignite

by Kat Smith and DC Hollingshead, SHS Staff Writers and Photographers
Unite to Ignite--2012-2013 theme.jpg
Unite to Ignite.jpg
The Ghost.jpg
the crew.jpg
hello assembly.jpg

On Friday, August 24, Springville High hosted its annual back-to-school “Hello” assembly. The assembly was organized and conducted in the main gym.  As students shuffled through the tightly packed doors trying to find friends and peers, a spark of excitement settled over the student body. Student government helped ignite this “flame” by pumping students up and getting everyone into a great mood for the assembly.

The Hello Assembly was kicked off by Jen Bates singing a more than phenomenal version of our national anthem. Following her performance, student body government was sworn in by Principal Mike Brown.

Cami Sumsion, Brad Kitchen, and Jacob Simmons explained the new and improved “Devil Way.”  Four main points were presented:  honor, respect, unity, and Red Devil pride.

The assembly activities began with a class cheer off, led by the cheer team. Of course, the seniors blew off the roof with their spirited, prideful, and deafening roars. New this year is a sophomore and junior cheer.  Another new addition is a school-wide “flash dance” that is planned to be included at all school sporting events.

Following the cheer, and inducting a new way of introducing our new faculty, was a small, fun ping pong game.  Mr. Lister was among the new teachers participating in the event.  Overall, the seniors dominated the ping pong table.  After that, the lights darkened, and a movie introducing the school clubs and sports was shown.

All of these previous activities built up to the stunning revelation of the student council’s “flash-mob.” This dance brought about an infectious feeling of happiness and laughter to all in attendance. This feeling truly reflects student spirit at Springville High, along with faculty and parents, who were all able to “unite to ignite.” This phrase is our school’s spirit theme for the 2012-2013 year. At the end of the dance, the theme was “illuminated” by a ghost and student council in a dramatic flair of flashlights.

Unfortunately, assemblies can't last forever, and the student body was forced to return to second period.  But, not before singing the school song with the marching band. The marching band played the students out; and, many memories and experiences left the assembly, along with a general feeling that this school year is expected to be legendary and magnificent.

Fierce Lady Red Devil Soccer Team

By Natalie Shaw and Chet Kanzee, SHS Staff Writers (photos by Mark Spencer)
Genna Murray (left) McKayla Montgomery (right).jpg
Lindsey Johnson fights for possession.jpg
Nicole Mertz.jpg
Elsie Rowe.jpg
Lexi Rosenberg.jpg
Lindsey Johnson.jpg
Elsie Rowe (left).jpg
Natalie Sanchez.jpg

Springville High school is looking at a great year of soccer for the Lady Red Devils, with team captains Elsie Rowe, Mindy Staple, and Mashaela Farris leading them into a whole new year.  

Elsie Rowe has been playing soccer since she was five years old.  Her very first game was in Provo city at the recreation center.  She chose to play soccer to keep her in shape, and she loves how she learns a lot from it. She decided the best team to play against would be Timpanogos who they lost to by three points.  The team rivalry is Maple Mountain High as usual for most of our school teams.  Elise plays center mid and loves the girls she plays with.  She would compare the team this year to past teams as young and inexperienced, but they have a great amount of potential to bring them to the top.

Unlike Rowe, Natalie Sanchez has been playing soccer since her fifth grade year in school.  She wanted to play because it’s a fun sport and keeps her in good shape. She’s a great soccer player and is the stopper on the team.  Her first real game was with the city league team she was on as a child. She agrees that they are a young team, but this year will be a building year for them.

“If we play hard, we’ll be successful,” said Sanchez as she heading out the door for a home game. 

Show your school spirit by supporting our girls soccer team. Fans are encouraged to attend games and cheer our Lady Red Devils onto victory.  

photos by Mark Spencer

SHS seniors receive over $1.7 million in scholarship monies

Carey White, SHS Newspaper Adviser
1 of 67
4.0 Awards of Excellence.jpg
Alejandro Rojas receives Principal's Leadership Award.JPG
Aliza Allred receives Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Award.jpg
Ashley Eaton -- Salutatorian.JPG
Athletic Scholarships.jpg
Award of Excellence in Athletics.JPG
Brigham Young University Scholarship recipients.jpg
Brooklyn Hanks -- Valedictorian.jpg
Brooklyn Hanks receives the Patricia Kauffman Scholarship1.jpg
BYU -- Idaho Scholarship Recipients
Caleb McCray receives Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Award.jpg
Carli Sorensen receives Westminister College Scholarship.jpg
Cason Acor and Shanae Curtis receive SHS Alumni Scholarships.JPG
Cason Acor receives Brandon Curtis 'Forever Strong' Scholarship.JPG
Cason Acor receives Springville Chamber of Commerce Scholarship.JPG
Christina Metler receives the Family & Consumer Science Scholarship.JPG
Colton Bird receives Military Award.jpg
Courtney Middlebrook SHS Alumni Scholarship.jpg
Darian Elliott receives Nebo Credit Union Scholarship.jpg
Derik Mehl receives Brandon Curtis 'Forever Strong' Scholarship.jpg
Dixie State College.jpg
Emily Rawle receives PTSA Scholarship1.jpg
Emma Daybell receives Pacific Horizon Scholarship.JPG
Emmali Coral receives Class of 1945 Scholarship.JPG
Emmali Day receives Class of 1945 Scholarship.JPG
Eric Bird receives Mountain View Hospital.JPG
Eric Bird receives US Synthetics Scholarship.JPG
Hannah Nelson receives Wallace and Diane Carr Scholarship.jpg
Haylee Millett receives Military Award.jpg
James Humble receives Wallace and Dianne Carr Scholarship.jpg
Jaron Adamson receives Live wElle scholarship.JPG
Jaron Adamson receives Max Knight_Springville Kiwanis Scholarship.JPG
Justina Quezada receives Horatio Alger Scholarship.JPG
Justina Quezada receives the Max Knight_Springville Kiwanis Scholarship.JPG
Katelyn Burnett receives Intermountain Power Project Scholarship.JPG
Katrina Waugh receives Live wElle Scholarship.JPG
Katrina Waugh receives Music for Life Scholarship.JPG
Kaylee Wolfe receives Ken Garff Keys to Success Scholarship.JPG
Kaycie Jordan and Lesi Mortensen receive Springville Chamber of Commerce Scholarship.JPG
Lisa Nelson receives Broadview University scholarship.jpg
Matt Fitzgerald receives Live wElle Scholarship.jpg
McKay Murphy, Jenny Jones, and Allison Brown receive Live wElle Scholarship.jpg
Megan Marchbanks Athletic Award.jpg
Megan Walker receives Ray Newbury Scholarship.JPG
Michael Martinez receives Music for Life Scholarship.JPG
Military Awards--Branden Pinney, Haylee Millett, Colton Bird.jpg
Murphy Nadauld receives Brandon Curtis 'Forever Strong' Scholarship.jpg
Natalie Jo Jennings and Emily Rawle receive PTSA Service Award.jpg
Rhetta Shoemaker receives Wallace and Diane Carr Scholarship.jpg
Sarah Mortensen and Lauren Ridge receive SHS Alumni Scholarships.jpg
Sean Gordon receives Live wElle Scholarship.jpg
Senior Awards.JPG
Shanae Curtis receives Live wElle Scholarship.jpg
Shannon Acor receives PTA Service Award.JPG
Silver Presidential Academic Scholars.jpg
Snow College.JPG
Southern Utah University.JPG
Sterling Scholars 2011-2012.JPG
Synergy Award -- Allison Brown.JPG
Synergy Award -- Ben Krutsch.JPG
Synergy Award -- Kelly Clements.JPG
Synergy Award -- Vicki Moesinger.JPG
Ty Shields receives Live wElle Scholarship.jpg
Universtiy of Utah Scholarship Recipients.jpg
Utah State University Scholarship Recipients
Utah Valley University Scholarship Recipients
Weber State University Scholarship Recipients

On Thursday, May 15, the annual Senior Awards Ceremony was held at Springville High.  Altogether, graduating seniors received $1,772,782.76 in scholarship monies.